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Chapter 476: Agitating the Capital! (II)

Chapter 476: Agitating the Capital! (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


One carrier pigeon after another flew to various places in the capital. All of the great clans, noble houses, and rich merchant families that had been established in the capital for at least several decades received Wang Chong's letter, regardless of whether they even knew Wang Chong or the Wang Clan.

"Father, what do you think the Wang Clan is up to?"

In the remote Duke Liu Estate, Li Bing gripped the messily written letter in his hand, his brow deeply creased.

"It would be fine if it were someone else, but we've had conflict him before, with Su Hanshan… Just what is he thinking?"

The Duke Liu lineage had retreated from the Imperial Court long ago and could be said to possess no influence whatsoever, only enjoying the status of Duke. It couldn't even be compared to the likes of the Wang Clan.

One could even say that there was nothing the Duke Liu lineage could do to help the Wang Clan, and besides, the two had once come into conflict over Su Hanshan.

Although both sides ended up making peace, such a matter was not so easily put aside.

The hall was quiet. Duke Liu was quiet, his brow even more tightly creased than Li Bing's.

If the Li Clan and the Wang Clan were extremely close, then they would have to agree to Wang Chong's request no matter what it was.

But in truth, Wang Chong's sudden request for experts had felt all too sudden for both Duke Liu and his son Li Bing.

"Bing-er, the Wang Clan is no normal clan, and Wang Chong is a golden-scaled fish, not bound to the confines of the lake. No matter what he plans to do, since we've received his letter, send a few people to go and see what he wants. And besides, this is a good chance to form a relationship with the Wang Clan. Just remember, that Su Hanshan… do your utmost to avoid meeting him!"

"Yes, your child understands and will do this now."

Li Bing lowered his head and then left.


"What does that Qilin son of the Wang Clan want?"

If Duke Liu was said to be caught by surprise, one could say that Duke Su found it somewhat hard to understand why he was now holding a letter from Wang Chong.

"If I remember correctly, didn't His Highness King Song recently repress the Court of Judicial Review and Chamberlain of Dependencies to get Wang Chong released? At this time, what is he up to, asking to borrow guards from me?"

Duke Su was over forty, and his bearded face gave off a rather dignified aura.

Before Duke Su could continue, Su Bai immediately began to shout. "Father, ignore him! That Wang Chong is nobody good. Last time, he inflicted a terrible humiliation on us, and now he's asking to borrow guards? Ignore him. Bastard! He's definitely up to no good. “另外,爹爹,你忘了吗?上次我可是差点被他害的死在牢里!”

"And also, Father, did you forget? I almost ended up dying in prison because of him!"

Duke Su suddenly turned around and berated his son. "Bastard! I didn't even mention you yet! Speak! Did you make trouble for me yet again?"

"Father, I'm innocent! I haven't done anything!"

Su Bai's plea of innocence was true. He had just been messing around in a tea house when his father's guards tied him up and brought him back.

In truth, Su Bai had been frightened half to death by the fact that Wang Chong had sent a letter to the Duke Su Residence, and was even more shocked than his father.

"You've done nothing? Then why did he send a letter to our Duke Su Residence? Evil son, remember this for me. We can disregard any other person in the capital, but for Wang Chong, no matter how much of a grudge you hold against him, you had better keep far, far away," Duke Su harshly scolded.

"Why? Didn't that brat need King Song's help? Otherwise, given his crime, he was dead for sure!" Su Bai angrily replied.

"Hmph, you also know that the trouble he caused would have ended in death. Then why don't you think about why he's not dead? Who are Zhang Shougui and An Sishun? One is Andong Protector-General and other is the Beiting Vice Protector-General, and both are Great Generals of the empire. You couldn't even afford to provoke one, much less both of them.

"Perhaps other people might stay quiet if King Song released Wang Chong, but do you think Zhang Shougui and An Sishun would be cowed? Although an Imperial Great General might be inferior in status to an Imperial Prince of the Great Tang, they also don't have much to fear. So why didn't they say anything?"


Su Bai's mouth was open, but he couldn't find a retort.

It was true. Other people might stay quiet, but why didn't Zhang Shougui or An Sishun say anything about King Song releasing Wang Chong?

Other people might fear King Song, but why would they?

If his father hadn't mentioned it, Su Bai would have never contemplated this question.

Su Bai looked at his father and uncertainly said, "Father, your meaning is…"

"Hmph, if this wasn't His Majesty's will, do you think Zhang Shougui and An Sishun would just leave the matter at that? Even the massive ruckus caused by the Regional Commanders incident wasn't able to do anything against him, and all he did this time was kill a few of Zhang Shougui's and An Sishun's subordinates. Did you really think anything would happen to him?

"Zhang Shougui has always been praised as a quick-witted person. If he didn't perceive His Majesty's will, he wouldn't have taken this matter lying down. As for An Sishun, he might be a Hu and not have a lot going on in his head, but he is devotedly loyal to His Majesty. Did you think that he ended up as Vice Protector-General of Beiting by luck? He might not know what other people are up to, but he clearly understands His Majesty's intentions.

"An Sishun must have received a message from His Majesty. This was why King Song was able to so smoothly ensure Wang Chong's release," Duke Su indifferently said.

There was no way he would have let Wang Chong go so easily, but as a longtime servant of the court, he had gained the ability to see where the political currents were flowing.

One needed this sort of sharp sense to remain in political circles.

"This, this…"

Su Bai was dumbstruck, his eyes wide open and mouth agape. He only knew that King Song had saved Wang Chong, but nothing about what was going on behind the curtains.

The internal politics of the court were far more complex than he had imagined.

"Go with a few people and see what he wants first…" Duke Su said with a wave of his hand.

Similar events were taking place at around the same time all over the capital. It wasn't merely clans Wang Chong had good relationships with like the Bai Clan or the Xu Clan, but also places like the Duke Su Residence, which the Wang Clan had few interactions with. Even great clans that had no connection with the Wang Clan had received an invitation.

Other than the Yao Clan and King Qi, these rivals of the Wang Clan, all the great clans of the capital received this invitation.

Wang Chong's letters began to move the entire capital.

No one knew what Wang Chong wanted, but there was no question that the letters Wang Chong wrote on his carriage home were stirring up the entire capital.