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Chapter 79: Wang Chong’s Ambitions

“Hahaha, I won’t hide anything from you two. Your Hyderabad ore has brought me much profit this time. In gratitude, I decided to increase the payment to 400 gold taels per jun from 300!”

Wang Chong laughed heartily.


The duo was taken aback.

“I know that Sindhu needs the money urgently, so feel free to take it. As for the excess, take it as the deposit for the next batch. Of course, this is just the price for the first batch. The price may still rise higher in the future along with our partnership.”

Wang Chong said.


They were both astonished and moved. Often, many business partners only spoke of strictly business and don’t interact on a personal basis. As such, the relationship between both sides was shallow and mainly revolved around profits.

The condition in Sindhu was severe, and no amount of money was too much for them. If they could, they would plead for aid. However, who would be willing to lend the sum of money to them?

There was no need for Wang Chong to pay them an additional sum after earning a fortune. This was no longer just business.

“Gongzi, we will remember this gratitude. We thank you on behalf of Sindhu. Gongzi, rest assured, we will definitely return this favor in the future.”

Ablonodan and Arloja lowered their heads and spoke earnestly.

Wang Chong chuckled.

Before the two Sindhi monks said anything, Wang Chong raised the price of the Hyderabad ore by a third, from 300 gold taels per jun to 400 gold taels per jun.

Wang Chong wasn’t a fool. It wasn’t because he didn’t have any other use for the money, but rather, he was considering deeper into the matter.

Wang Chong’s first thought after obtaining the 600,000 gold taels deposit from the thirty plus Imperial Army commander was to ensure and increase his supply of Hyderabad ores.

A single Wootz steel sword was insignificant in a war. Three hundred Wootz steel sword was only useful in a small skirmish. Without sufficient of it, it was impossible for the Wootz steel sword to bring about strategic purpose.

If Wang Chong desired to bring out the fearsome strength of the Wootz steel sword to determine the tides of a war, as he has witnessed in his previous life, he had to equip at least an entire army. Meaning, he had to equip soldiers in units of ten thousand, and only then would the might of the Wootz steel weapons show through.

Only then would it be of use for Wang Chong to accomplish his dream and mission!

Thus, from the very start, Wang Chong wasn’t content with just the 300 jun of Hyderabad ore. What he wanted was the entire Hyderabad mine! If he could, he would even buy the entire mine down!

And that 600,000 gold taels had given him the strength to accomplish his ambitions.

Sindhu was a far distance away from the Central Plains. In contrast, it was much closer to the Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu. This was a factor that Wang Chong had to take into account when competing against them for the rights to the Hyderabad ore.

‘The one in the lakeside pavilion obtains the moon first’. Given the difference in distance, it was impossible Sindhu to neglect the closer Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu for the faraway Central Plains.

If Wang Chong wanted to triumph against the Abbasid Caliphate and the Charax Spasinu in the fight for the Hyderabad ore, he could only do so in a price war.

Even though Arloja and Ablonodan didn’t say it explicitly, it was clear that 300 gold taels per jun was the lowest price Sindhu could accept. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go to the extent of breaking down the negotiations immediately when a lower price was offered.

Thus, the Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu must have been offered the same price as well.

‘The earliest bird gets the worm’, if Sindhu felt that they could obtain more profits from the Central Plains, they would give priority to the faraway Central Plains instead of Charax Spasinu or Abbasid Caliphate.

At the same time, this would raise Sindhu’s expectations for the Abbasid Caliphate and the Charax Spasinu. However, the two countries would definitely find it hard to accept the abrupt rise in price.

Wang Chong would benefit as the conflict between the both sides worsened.

This was what Wang Chong was aiming for!

Tens of thousand of gold taels meant nothing to him. His priority was to maximize the supply of Hyderabad ores to the Central Plains!

Stepping out from the White Agate Jewelry Store, Wang Chong couldn’t help but laugh heartily. Then, he drove the carriage to the Ghost Tree District.

After Su Bai was captured by the Court of Judicial Review and jailed, the matter before the Wang Clan spread as though the wind, reaching the ears of all of the nobility throughout the capital.

“What? Su Bai is in jail? The one who sold the sword at the Bluebottle Pavilion was Wang Chong?”

When the news reached the Yao Clan, Yao Feng smacked the table. Astonishment reflected in his eyes. He has been waiting in anticipation for news of Su Bai’s victory, but unexpectedly, what welcomed him was this instead.

“Yes, gongzi. Upon hearing of the matter, Duke of Su quickly left the royal court to save Su gongzi. As for Wang Chong… We have witnessed the Imperial Army commanders bringing carriages of gold and jewels to visit the Wang Family Residence. Every single one of them addressed Wang Chong as the number one swordsmith in the world!”

Kneeling on the floor, Gao Fei reported. When the matter happened, Gao Fei was within the crowd as well. Knowing that Wang Chong knew of his identity, he made sure to proceed carefully to escape his notice.

Yao Feng found it hard to believe that Su Bai would be jailed, and Wang Chong was the ‘Bluebottle Pavilion’s’ number one swordsmith in the world. He was completely astounded by the turn of events.

“What kind of sword could be worth 40000 gold taels? How could a brat like him possess such capability?”

Yao Feng spat through gritted teeth. It wasn’t long ago when Wang Chong was just a profligate scion in the capital, and his target for revenge against the Wang Clan. In fact, even a mere Ma Zhou was able to play him in his palms.

But in an instant, Wang Chong suddenly turned into the number one swordsmith in the world!

The abrupt change was so shocking that Yao Feng couldn’t believe it, needless to say, accept it.

“We’ve no idea as well, but it is impossible for the Imperial Army to be mistaken. Su gongzi has asked them whether they have made a mistake, but all he received as their ridicule.”

Gao Fei reported.

This wasn’t the only residence that was shocked by Wang Chong’s hidden identity. The truth was that all of the scions at the scene back then were completely flabbergasted by the matter.

While Gao Fei was on the road to the Yao Residence, a large group of scions has gathered at the Eight Gods Pavilion to discuss this matter. Through this incident, Wang Chong’s standing amidst the other scions has grown significantly, reaching an unthinkable level.

The Wang Clan was a family of generals and ministers. It was in no way inferior to the Yao Clan. While the Old Master Yao had connections all over the empire, Duke Jiu’s students and acquaintances were scattered around the Central Plains as well.

The Yao Clan has the backing of King Qi, the Wang Clan has the backing of King Song.

However, the Wang Clan was sorely lacking in its commercial abilities. However, if it could make up for this fatal flaw, it would be inferior in no way to the Yao Clan.

Thus privately, everyone talked about Wang Chong, saying that he was an ascending figure in the capital, and that he didn’t pale in comparison to Yao Feng. Amidst their words, fear could be heard.

However, Gao Fei didn’t dare to speak of all these to Yao Feng.

The entire room was silent.

Yao Feng stood quietly in the room. His face was unreadable.

“I have wasted so much time on a Su Bai. Looks like I should carry out that plan of mine.”

Yao Feng thought.

“You can leave now. Tell Duke of Su that I will try to get my father to cooperate with him to save Su Bai.”

Yao Feng said.

“Thank you, gongzi.”

Delighted, Gao Fei took his leave.

Watching Gao Fei’s back, Yao Feng sneered coldly. Even though Gao Fei didn’t point out the matter explicitly, Yao Feng could immediately tell Duke of Su’s purpose of sending him over.

“Falsely accusing an important official of the royal court… Wang Chong, you sure are impressive!”

Yao Feng sneered.

Wang Chong and Su Bai were just fifteen-year-old and seventeen-year-old youngsters, and usually, the Court of Judicial Review wouldn’t interfere in such matters.

However, Su Bai’s inept has given Wang Chong a handle over him. Even though the crime of slandering an important official of the royal court wasn’t sufficient to do him in, it was more than enough to have him suffer a fair bit in the jail.

Duke of Su may wield immense authority, but he just happened to have no connections whatsoever in the Bureau of Punishments, so he could only plead with the Yao Clan for help!

Leaving the room, Yao Feng soon reached the inner quarters of the residence.

At the same time, he released a letter pigeon from his embrace, and it flew straight from the Yao Clan Residence, through the vast skies, toward a tavern sided toward the east of the city.


At several chi away from the windows, before the pigeon could land, peng, the windows opened and a black shadow flickered. In an instant, the pigeon was snatched into the room.

“Hmph, it’s finally starting…”

A cold voice echoed in the room. Then, everything went silent, and even the pigeon seemed to have disappeared from the room.


As though a thin layer of water, the moonlight scattered over the ground, cloaking the ground, walls, and roofs with a layer reminiscent of white frost.

Beneath the moonlight, several black-clothed masked figures crept about on a roof not too far away from the Wang Family Residence. They were all well-built, and there was a sharp machete in their hands. Their gazes were fixated on the faraway Wang Family Residence.

“Do you all understand the purpose behind our operation? Regardless of the cost, we must obtain one of the top sword of the Central Plains! Also, we must try to avoid killing anyone. The Wang Clan is a prestigious clan of general and ministers in the Central Plains, and if a huge amount of casualties were to occur, the royal court would definitely investigate the matter stringently. This isn’t a good thing for us Western Region merchants.”

The masked man standing at the very front said. Without anyone else speaking a word, the person has already revealed his background. In fact, their physique was far different from those of the Central Plains, and even their dark clothes did nothing to conceal their identity. It was far too easy to identify their background.

“Yes, boss!”

The group of people lowered their head, not bothering to speak any excessive words. With a single look, it was clear that they have gone through strict training and were extremely disciplined.

“Good! These are sleeping gas pellets, everyone will bring five of it with them. If you all see any members of the Wang Clan, just throw it on the floor, they will pass out soon enough. Remember, there are many guards in the Wang Clan, and as a clan of generals and ministers, members of the Imperial Army would patrol this area. Our purpose isn’t to fight with them or to slaughter the Wang Clan, but to swiftly obtain the sword and pass it to our lord. This is our main priority, so don’t get stalled by anyone. Understand?”

The leading black-clothed man said.

“Yes, boss!”

The rest of the group replied.

“Alright! Move out!”

As such, the group of black-clothed men stretched out their hands and leaped to the ground nimbly. Stepping across the roofs and sneaking in between walls, they moved to the Wang Family Residence with astonishing swiftness.

‘The one in the lakeside pavilion obtains the moon first’
Imagine a pavilion in the middle of the lake, and the moon is reflected on the surface of the lake.
It means that those who are in proximity are in a better position to obtain what they want.