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The Human Emperor

Author:Huangfu Qi

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Wang Chong was on the verge of death staring down the horde of mysterious soldiers. He put his final effort into killing his most hated enemy. His country, his people, everyone he loved were all gone… He died with regret. However, destiny has given him a second chance at life. —————————————————– 17k’s Synopsis:
I cannot hand this world over to those who I disdain! Thus, Wang Chong stepped over mountains of bones and rivers of blood to ascend to the throne of the Human Emperor. With his might, he reversed the fall of the Great Tang and brought it to the pinnacle of the world, thus becoming an unsurpassable legend!
《The Human Emperor》 Text
Chapter 1: The Downfall of the Central Plains
Chapter 2: Reincarnated to a Human
Chapter 3: Changing Myself
Chapter 4: Crisis of the Wang Clan
Chapter 5: Number One Expert of the Wang Clan
Chapter 6: Vengeance of a Gentlemen
Chapter 7: Taunting Yao Feng
Chapter 8: Wrecking Havoc at Vast Crane Pavilion
Chapter 9: Escalating Chaos
Chapter 10: Teaching Yao Feng a Lesson
Chapter 11: Wang Chong Persuades His Father
Chapter 12: Discerning
Chapter 13: Yao Guang Yi’s Doubt
Chapter 14: Lu Ting’s Words
Chapter 15: Opportunity to Strike it Rich
Chapter 16: Uproar
Chapter 17: Wang Chong’s Discovery
Chapter 18: Foreign Sindhi Monks
Chapter 19: Hyderabad Ore
Chapter 20: The Unconventional Right to Distribution
Chapter 21: An Astonishing 90 000 Taels!
Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan
Chapter 23: Cousins Playing Out a Show
Chapter 24: Eight Gods Pavilion
Chapter 25: Wang Chong’s Childhood Playmate
Chapter 26: Borrowing a Chicken to Lay Eggs
Chapter 27: Su Bai’s Scheme
Chapter 28: 1700 Gold Taels
Chapter 29: Madam Wang’s Discipline
Chapter 30: King Song’s Bestowment
Chapter 31: The Capital’s Zhang Clan
Chapter 32: Wang Chong’s Self Confidence
Chapter 33: Dragon Bone Art
Chapter 34: Wei Clan’s Forge
Chapter 35: Pioneering Cold Forging
Chapter 36: Outburst in the Capital
Chapter 37: The Furious King Qi
Chapter 38: Acknowledged By the Clan
Chapter 39: Revealing One’s Edge
Chapter 40: An Act of Wonderment
Chapter 41: Yao Clan’s Old Master
Chapter 42: Stone of Destiny
Chapter 43: 5 Rewards
Chapter 44: Secret Exposed
Chapter 45: The Futuristic Tempering Technology
Chapter 46: The World’s First Wootz Steel Weapon
Chapter 47: Wang Chong’s Plan
Chapter 48: The Four Great Swordsmithing Clan’s Contempt
Chapter 49: Zhang Cong and Zhang Jian’s Unease
Chapter 50: Placating the Sindhu Monks
Chapter 51: Charax Spasinu Merchant, Mosaide
Chapter 52: Gamble on the Sword Duel
Chapter 53: The Appearance of the Imperial Army!
Chapter 54: The Future Imperial Army Marshal
Chapter 55: Rejection!
Chapter 56: The Final Day!
Chapter 57: In the Bluebottle Pavilion!
Chapter 58: Astounding Skills
Chapter 59: Powerful!
Chapter 60: Fiery Competition!
Chapter 61: Double Rejection!
Chapter 62: The Future
Chapter 63: Clan Head of Cheng Clan
Chapter 64: Center of Attention
Chapter 65: Su Zhengchen!
Chapter 66: Military Chess Formation
Chapter 67: Wang Chong Accepts a Disciple?
Chapter 68: Tuoba Guiyuan!
Chapter 69: Yao Feng’s Killing Intent!
Chapter 70: Zhang Munian
Chapter 71: Su Bai Is Treating!
Chapter 72: Aides of the Court of Judicial Review
Chapter 73: Loaded!
Chapter 74: Palace Aide of the Censor-in-chief
Chapter 75: World’s Number One Swordsmith
Chapter 76: Su Bai Gets Jailed!
Chapter 77: Rich!
Chapter 78: News on Zhao Fengchen!
Chapter 79: Wang Chong’s Ambitions
Chapter 80: Assassins from Charax Spasinu!
Chapter 81: Assassination in the Middle of the Night!
Chapter 82: Assassin in the Study!
Chapter 83: Spectre Steps
Chapter 84: The First World Constraint!
Chapter 85: Consort Taizhen
Chapter 86: Four Quarters Embassy!
Chapter 87: Obnoxious Big Aunt!
Chapter 88: The Wang Clan!
Chapter 89: The Old Master’s Secret!
Chapter 90: Patriot!
Chapter 91: Taboo of the Wang Clan!
Chapter 92: The Imperial Army Instructor Plan!
Chapter 93: Test!
Chapter 94: Circumstances (1)
Chapter 95: Circumstances (2)
Chapter 96: Circumstances (3)
Chapter 97: Tariffs!
Chapter 98: Humility!
Chapter 99: Regional Commanders!
Chapter 100: Autonomous Military District!
Chapter 101: Elders’ Recognition!
Chapter 102: Love for the Country!
Chapter 103: Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 104: Xu Shao!
Chapter 105: Bone Forging Pill!
Chapter 106: Subduing the Enemy With a Single Move!
Chapter 107: Capturing a Sparrow!
Chapter 108: King Song Offers His Blessings!
Chapter 109: Wang Chong Pays Respect to King Song!
Chapter 110: Another Angle!
Chapter 111: Yao Clan’s Father and Son!
Chapter 112: Ire of the Barbaric God
Chapter 113: Mysterious Alchemist Organization!
Chapter 114: Six-fingered Zhang!
Chapter 115: True Progress!
Chapter 116: Change in the Royal Court!
Chapter 117: King Song Loses Influence!
Chapter 118: Mister Yin Shan!
Chapter 119: Origin Energy Might
Chapter 120: Second Persuasion to King Song
Chapter 121: Convincing King Song!
Chapter 122: Recruiting Experts!
Chapter 123: Home of the Adventurers!
Chapter 124: Change in the Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 125: Song of Purity and Peace!
Chapter 126: Lord, Why Has Modesty Replaced Your Arrogance?
Chapter 127: I Wasn’t Aware of Your Highness’s Beauty!
Chapter 128: The Truth Exposed!
Chapter 129: The Future 【Training Base】
Chapter 130: Origin Energy Tier 7!
Chapter 131: The Powerful Li Zhuxin!
Chapter 132: Back Thrust!
Chapter 133: Take Down!
Chapter 134: Miyasame Ayaka’s Submission!
Chapter 135: Descending From the Mountains!
Chapter 136: Teacher?
Chapter 137: Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!
Chapter 138: Progress in the Chess Match!
Chapter 139: The Pinnacle Technology, Tempering!
Chapter 140: Uncle Grooming Log!
Chapter 141: Great Saber: Death’s Abyss!
Chapter 142: Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 143: Perilous Circumstances!
Chapter 144: Su Zhengchen Appears!
Chapter 145: The Clash Between the Old And New Grand Marshal!
Chapter 146: Wang Chong’s Wish!
Chapter 147: Clue to the Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 148: Zhou Wen!
Chapter 149: Preparations!
Chapter 150: Investing in the Zhang Clan (1)
Chapter 151: Investing in the Zhang Clan (2)
Chapter 152: Bizarre Happenings!
Chapter 153: Demonic Emperor Old Man?
Chapter 154: Trial of Life and Death!
Chapter 155: Wang Chong Acknowledges a Teacher!
Chapter 156: Bone Perceiving!
Chapter 157: Underlying Dangers!
Chapter 158: Myriad Spirit Sea Art!
Chapter 159: Face Off Between Su Zhengchen and Demonic Emperor Old Man!
Chapter 160: A Gale Blows!
Chapter 161: Wang Chong Faces the Emperor!
Chapter 162: Taiji Palace!
Chapter 163: Uproar Throughout the Entire Court!
Chapter 164: Placeholder
Chapter 165: Wang Chong Is Imprisoned!
Chapter 166: Wrath of the Han
Chapter 167: Imperial Prison!
Chapter 168: Rattling the World!
Chapter 169: War God of the Current Era
Chapter 170: Wang Chong’s Unexpected Discovery!
Chapter 171: The Sage Emperor’s Intentions
Chapter 172: Eunuch Gao!
Chapter 173: The Sage Emperor’s Verdict!
Chapter 174: The Mysterious Prisoner!
Chapter 175: Gift From the Mysterious Prisoner!
Chapter 176: Wang Chong Is Released (1)
Chapter 177: Wang Chong Is Released (2)
Chapter 178: Yang Zhao Requests For Poem!
Chapter 179: Wang Chong’s Sworn Brother
Chapter 180: A White Stone!
Chapter 181: Treading on Water, White-hoofed Shadow!
Chapter 182: Iron Meteorites on the Islands Overseas!
Chapter 183: Wang Chong’s Future Followers!
Chapter 184: Zhang Munian’s Secret!
Chapter 185: The Greatest Arrangement of His Current Life!
Chapter 186: Second Brother, Wang Bei!
Chapter 187: Set Off, The Three Great Training Camps!
Chapter 188: Kunwu Training Camp
Chapter 189: Marchioness Yi!
Chapter 190: Marchioness Yi’s Warning!
Chapter 191: The Hidden Instructor
Chapter 192: Future Great General!
Chapter 193: Changing Fate!
Chapter 194: Challenge
Chapter 195: Ten Directional Lightning Fingers
Chapter 196: Passed!
Chapter 197: Chen Burang
Chapter 198: Su Hanshan!
Chapter 199: The Three Great Troops of Great Tang
Chapter 200: Zhuang shi and Chi Clan!
Chapter 201: Hexad Arms Technique!
Chapter 202: The Best Future Marshal!
Chapter 203: Assault in the Middle of the Night!
Chapter 204: Zhao Qianqiu’s Way of Teaching!
Chapter 205: True Enemy Invasion!
Chapter 206: The Turk Master Archers!
Chapter 207: Countermeasure!
Chapter 208: Hope!
Chapter 209: Retaliation!
Chapter 210: Snowball!
Chapter 211: Impetus!
Chapter 212: True Martial Realm Halo!
Chapter 213: Danger!
Chapter 214: Halo: Bane of the Battlefield
Chapter 215: Defeat of the Goguryeons!
Chapter 216: Aiding Vermilion Bird Peak
Chapter 217: Expanding the Fruits of Success!
Chapter 218: Exchanging Fists
Chapter 219: Do You Dare to Accept Our Challenge?
Chapter 220: The White Stone’s Secret!
Chapter 221: Art of God and Demon Obliteration!
Chapter 222: Cleaning Up the Aftermath
Chapter 223: Guo Feng and Chai Zhiyi!
Chapter 224: Letters
Chapter 225: The Vexed Zheng Xuan!
Chapter 226: Deng Mingxin’s Deal!
Chapter 227: Basic Swordsmanship Training
Chapter 228: Big Uncle Requests a Meeting
Chapter 229: Zhangchou Jianqiong Comes to the Capital!
Chapter 230: The Unchangeable Tides!
Chapter 231: Progress On All Sides!
Chapter 232: Sword Qi of Slaughter
Chapter 233: Yang Zhao Arrives!
Chapter 234: Unsolvable Mystery
Chapter 235: Miyasame Ayaka’s Return!
Chapter 236: Target Found!
Chapter 237: Assembly Point of the Goguryeons
Chapter 238: The Assassination that was Brought Forward Half a Year
Chapter 239: Little Yinyang Art, Assassination!
Chapter 240: Steady Rise in Cultivation!
Chapter 241: Phantom Steps!
Chapter 242: One-eyed Fatty, Halo of Bog
Chapter 243: First Blood of True Martial Realm Expert!
Chapter 244: Zhangchou Jianqiong's Ambitions!
Chapter 245: Continuous Breakthroughs!
Chapter 246: Origin Energy Tier 9, Hundred Steps Divine Fist!
Chapter 247: Royal Jade Pavilion!
Chapter 248: The Legend of the Bureau of Punishments, Ma Yinlong!
Chapter 249: Yet Another Helper!
Chapter 250: The Goguryeon's Secret Tunnel!
Chapter 251: The Expert of the Bureau of Military Personnel and Bureau of Punishments Back Then!
Chapter 252: Huge Harvest
Chapter 253: The Goguryeon's Treasure
Chapter 254: Huge Merit!
Chapter 255: Plotting in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 256: Scouting!
Chapter 257: Encirclement of the Monastery
Chapter 258: Collapse!
Chapter 259: Battle of the Profound Martial
Chapter 260: An Arrow!
Chapter 261: Old Woodsman
Chapter 262: King Sosurim!, Part One
Chapter 263: King Sosurim!, Part Two
Chapter 264: King Sosurim!, Part Three
Chapter 265: The Unfathomable Old Butler!
Chapter 266: Three Followers!
Chapter 267: Little Sister's Secret!
Chapter 268: Elder Xiang!
Chapter 269: Zhangchou Jianqiong's Banquet Invitation!
Chapter 270: A Heavyweight of the Empire, Zhangchou Jianqiong!
Chapter 271: The Banquet Starts!
Chapter 272: Big Uncle's Wisdom!
Chapter 273: The Crux, Xianyu Zhongtong!
Chapter 274: Warning the Protectorate!
Chapter 275: The Respect Of The Jiannan Commanders
Chapter 276: Blood Banquet!
Chapter 277: Wang Chong's Goal!
Chapter 278: Xi'an Strategist, Zhi An!
Chapter 279: Bureau of Works, Zhang Shouzhi!
Chapter 280: The Royal Court's Logistical Officer, Li Qingyou!
Chapter 281: Imperial Army Supplies Purchase
Chapter 282: True Martial Small Dipper
Chapter 283: The Criminal of Great Tang, Zhang Wentuo
Chapter 284: Probing Zhang Wentuo!
Chapter 285: Bulk Purchase From the Royal Court!
Chapter 286: Wang Chong's Ambitions
Chapter 287: The Masked Man Outside Duke of Liu’s Residence
Chapter 288: A Trap!
Chapter 289: Killing Intent!
Chapter 290: Su Hanshan!
Chapter 291: Confrontation!
Chapter 292: Saving Su Hanshan!
Chapter 293: Su Hanshan's Secret!
Chapter 294: Returning to Kunwu Training Camp
Chapter 295: Wang Chong's Followers!
Chapter 296: Deflecting Blade Manor
Chapter 297: Zheng Xuan's Plan!
Chapter 298: Dusong Mangpoje!
Chapter 299: The Hostile Hu!
Chapter 300: Duel Between the Two Tigers!
Chapter 301: Tongluo Secret Art!
Chapter 302: Eight Steps of the Furious Flood Dragon!
Chapter 303: Hung On a Flagpole!
Chapter 304: Mister Taijia!
Chapter 305: Revelation of the Spirit Vein!
Chapter 306: Chaos At the Deflecting Blade Manor!
Chapter 307: War of the Princes!
Chapter 308: Princess Ni Huang!
Chapter 309: Coercion!
Chapter 310: Retaliation!
Chapter 311: The Future Emperor of Great Tang!
Chapter 312: The Future Corrupted Minister!
Chapter 313: Reshaping Li Heng!
Chapter 314: Blood Reformation!
Chapter 315: The Changes in Li Heng!
Chapter 316: Deep Night!
Chapter 317: Meeting Big Uncle!
Chapter 318: Persuasion!
Chapter 319: New Winds!
Chapter 320: New Winds (2)
Chapter 321: Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 322: Halo of Dusk Stallion!
Chapter 323: Trial
Chapter 324: Official From the Chamberlain of Dependencies
Chapter 325: The First Assembly Point
Chapter 326: Drill Training!
Chapter 327: Start of the Operation
Chapter 328: The Sharp Bai Siling!
Chapter 329: Conflict!
Chapter 330: The Stunned Xu Gan and Huang Yongtu!
Chapter 331: Spying!
Chapter 332: Superior!
Chapter 333: Red-Eyed!
Chapter 334: Bai Siling's Insight!
Chapter 335: Assassin!
Chapter 336: Bai Siling's Astonishing Strength!
Chapter 337: Hidden Secret!
Chapter 338: Iron Cloak Technique!
Chapter 339: Danger!
Chapter 340: Great Danger! (1)
Chapter 341: Great Danger! (2)
Chapter 342: Fight!
Chapter 343: Charge!
Chapter 344: Wang Chong's Edge!, Part One
Chapter 345: Wang Chong's Edge!, Part Two
Chapter 346: Crossing Blows!
Chapter 347: Sudden Assault!
Chapter 348: Second Mission From The Royal Court!
Chapter 349: Suspicions!
Chapter 350: The Other Hand of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen
Chapter 351: Falling Prey!
Chapter 352: Ambush!
Chapter 353: Iron Cloak Li Makes a Move!
Chapter 354: The Fearsome Iron Cloak Li!
Chapter 355: Reversing the Tides!
Chapter 356: Last Operation!
Chapter 357: Final Opportunity!
Chapter 358: Slaying Iron Cloak Li!
Chapter 359: Slaying Zhou An!
Chapter 360: Identity Exposed!
Chapter 361: The Trove of the Iron Cloak Highwaymen!
Chapter 362: Great Harvest!
Chapter 363: The Third Mission!
Chapter 364: The Third Gathering Point!
Chapter 365: Analyzing the Circumstances!
Chapter 366: Longxi's Big Dipper Army!
Chapter 367: The Tibetan Cavalrymen at the Top of the Mountain
Chapter 368: Capturing the Scouts!
Chapter 369: Scarlet Tassel Spear!
Chapter 370: Tibetan Scouts!
Chapter 371: Mapping Out the Strategy!
Chapter 372: Start of Battle!
Chapter 373: Clash of Troops!
Chapter 374: Ambush!
Chapter 375: Victorious!
Chapter 376: Interrogation!
Chapter 377: Geshu Han's Threat!
Chapter 378: Ambushed!
Chapter 379: Heavily Wounded!
Chapter 380: Zhao Qianqiu’s Bamboo Tube!
Chapter 381: Returning to the Capital!
Chapter 382: Traitor!
Chapter 383: The Relationship Between Clans!
Chapter 384: Huang Clan's Compensation!
Chapter 385: The Victor Hailed and the Defeated Damned, Such is the Way of the World!
Chapter 386: Fairy of Dainty Hands
Chapter 387: Invincible Great General Li Siye!
Chapter 388: Invincible Great General Li Siye (2)
Chapter 389: Resolution!
Chapter 390: Huang Qian-er's Feelings!
Chapter 391: Subduing Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 392: Subduing Xu Qiqin, Part Two
Chapter 393: The Furious Xu Qiqin!
Chapter 394: Provocation!
Chapter 395: Suspicion
Chapter 396: The Warning from the Great General of the Sui!
Chapter 397: News from the Ocean!
Chapter 398: Wang Liang Weeping in Joy!
Chapter 399: Cultivation Recovered!
Chapter 400: News on the Hyderabad Ore!
Chapter 401: Framing!
Chapter 402: Qixi!
Chapter 403: The Hyderabad Ore Is Stolen!
Chapter 404: Wang Chong's Counterattack!
Chapter 405: Li Siye's First Battle!
Chapter 406: Black Dragon Zhao's Treasure Map!
Chapter 407: The Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art!
Chapter 408: Going Down the Mountain
Chapter 409
Chapter 410: Countermeasures!
Chapter 411: The First Prince of ü-Tsang
Chapter 412: The Hearts of the People
Chapter 413: Wang Chong Steps Forward!
Chapter 414: Fight!
Chapter 415: Killing the ü-Tsang First Prince!
Chapter 416: Sharpness Revealed!
Chapter 417: The Surprising Truth!
Chapter 418: The Gathering of Dragons!
Chapter 419: One Game Ends and Another Game Begins!
Chapter 420: Meeting Taizhen in Yuzhen Palace!
Chapter 421: Lobbying (I)
Chapter 422: Lobbying (II)
Chapter 423: Lobbying Successful!
Chapter 424: Harvest!
Chapter 425: The Scripture Depository Plan!
Chapter 426: A Brand New Reward!
Chapter 427: Good News from the Snowstorm!
Chapter 428: Elder Cousin, Younger Cousin!
Chapter 429: The Third World Constraint!
Chapter 430: Li Siye's Harsh Question!
Chapter 431: The Final Attempt!
Chapter 432: Persuading Li Siye!
Chapter 433: Plans for the Southwest!
Chapter 434: Xu Qiqin's Final Challenge!
Chapter 435: Suppressing Wang Chong's Chess Style (I)
Chapter 436: Suppressing Wang Chong's Chess Style (II)
Chapter 437: Xu Qiqin Achieves Victory!
Chapter 438: The Last White Stone Reverses the Victory!
Chapter 439: Wang Chong's Condition!
Chapter 440: A Prologue!
Chapter 441: Storm!
Chapter 442: An Yaluoshan!
Chapter 443: An Intent to Kill!
Chapter 444: A Lifelong Enemy!
Chapter 445: Hunting Down An Yaluoshan!
Chapter 446: The World's Interference!
Chapter 447: The Rebel Soldiers of Youzhou!
Chapter 448: Stalemate!
Chapter 449: Destiny
Chapter 450: Andong Protector-General!
Chapter 451: Zhang Shougui!
Chapter 452: Almost Within His Grasp!
Chapter 453: The Farmer and the Viper!
Chapter 454: Zhang Shougui's Absolute Power!
Chapter 455: The Death of Ashina Sugan!
Chapter 456: Wang Jiuling!
Chapter 457: The Last Word of Advice!
Chapter 458: Fermentation!
Chapter 459: Bitterness!
Chapter 460: Aftershocks!
Chapter 461: Upheaval! (I)
Chapter 462: Upheaval (II)
Chapter 463: The Calm Before the Storm (I)
Chapter 464: The Calm Before the Storm (II)
Chapter 465: The Jailed Wang Chong!
Chapter 466: The Insane Wang Clan!
Chapter 467: The Furious Capital!
Chapter 468: The Court Debates!
Chapter 469: Wang Chong's Request!
Chapter 470: The Last Try!
Chapter 471: The War Begins!
Chapter 472: Grievous News from the Southwest!
Chapter 473: Wang Chong Leaves the Prison!
Chapter 474: A Snowstorm of Letters!
Chapter 475: Agitating the Capital! (I)
Chapter 476: Agitating the Capital! (II)
Chapter 477: Simulating the Southwest!
Chapter 478: Old Eagle's Worries!
Chapter 479: Discussion in the Hall (I)
Chapter 480: Discussion in the Hall (II)
Chapter 481: The Capital Quaking!
Chapter 482: The White Lion Great General, We Tadra Khonglo!
Chapter 483: Bad News Spreads!
Chapter 484: The People in Panic!
Chapter 485: King Song, Vaguely Beginning to Understand!
Chapter 486: The Final Preparations Before the War!
Chapter 487: The Crucial Point! Lion City!
Chapter 488: Move Out! The Southwest!
Chapter 489: Crisis! Scaling Ladders!
Chapter 490: Rapid Advance Over One Thousand Li!
Chapter 491: Encounter!
Chapter 492: The First Battle! Sweep Away Everything! (I)
Chapter 493: The First Battle! Sweep Away Everything! (II)
Chapter 494: The Movements in the Southwest!
Chapter 495: Discovery! A Thousand-Man Enemy Army!
Chapter 496: Tension! As Nimble as Fire!
Chapter 497: Decision! Strike First!
Chapter 498: The Call of War!
Chapter 499: Cavalry! Impact!
Chapter 500: ü-Tsang! Ksitigarbha Secret Art!
Chapter 501: The Unbreakable Arrowhead!
Chapter 502: Six-Armed Ksitigarbha Vajra Guardian!
Chapter 503: Killing in Three Moves!
Chapter 504: Bon Kha! The Secret Manual of the Great Snow Mountain!
Chapter 505: Warning! Danger of Obliteration!
Chapter 506: Meeting! Commandant Xu!
Chapter 507: The Situation in the Southwest! A Powerful Foe!
Chapter 508: The Five Tiger Generals! Bachicheng!
Chapter 509: Tibetan Reinforcements! Two Become One!
Chapter 510: Major Battle! (I)
Chapter 511: Major Battle (II)
Chapter 512: Major Battle (III)
Chapter 513: Major Battle (IV)
Chapter 514: Major Victory!
Chapter 515: Leaping Dragon Spear! The Strength of the Profound Martial Realm!
Chapter 516: Laying Plans! The Battle to Come!
Chapter 517: A Private Worry! Provisions!
Chapter 518: Silk Bag! A Sheep Dead from Plague!
Chapter 519: The Superior General Breaks the Enemy's Schemes!
Chapter 520: The Dark Clouds Hang Overhead! The Capital's Anxiety!
Chapter 521: An Abrupt Downpour!
Chapter 522: The Empire's Southwest! The Battle in the Rainstorm!
Chapter 523: Chaos! The Army in Danger!