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At the land near the sea, Michael saw that there is an enamours pagoda with 5 floor not far from the beach, with his sharp vision Michael could see that there is numerous people with similar clothes going in and out from that building, there is an symbol of a blue whale surrounded by sea water on the back and the front of their clothes. Surrounding the giant pagoda is a numerous modern looking building. It was weird the combination of the ancient looking giant pagoda and the modern buildings.

There is three variation of colour red whale, white whale, and the blue whale. The red whale is the most numerous one followed by white whale and then the blue whale.

Hmm…according to my memory this is the sect thingy from Chinese Xianxia right, Michael looked again at the peoples who seems to notice his plane and is preparing to attack his plane or is just out of nowhere getting into a formation with a giant ball of water above them while pointing their arms into the plane's direction.

Is this the famous, attack first then talk, the foremost reason face slapping happened, well I don't mind doing that.

Michael then raised his hand too and gathered the sea water to add to the water ball that is the leftover bathwater from the girls. Then the water ball got bigger, bigger and bigger while the plane is still approaching the whale sect?

Then in panic some of the blue whale guy run inside the pagoda while the one that is still bellow launched the water ball into Michael, just as Michael prepared to take control of the launched water ball and add it to his own since that would be face slapping like thing to do even if it's a little harder to do since the water ball is filled with those guy's Qi, then out of nowhere a lightning bolt shows up real fast like the real one, the one that have a third speed of light and struck the water ball vaporizing it.

Michael looked up and saw that Melinda was already in her were-cheetah form with lightning crackling around her smiling at Michael.

Seeing that Michael shrugged and launched his own water ball.

Then all the sudden there is this guy who wore a cloth that looks like a pajama with blue whale pattern all over it before he walked in the air into the space just above the beach and transformed into a giant blue whale, yes even according to whale's standard it's still a giant.

That whale guy then swallowed the water ball like a champion before Michael denoted it inside his mouth making him gag, this remind me of the first time Lydia give me a blowjob but looking at the whale guy I got a little disgusted imaging it, Michael thought.

The water then spilled to the beach bellow him making the people that is still there dive into the sea and transformed into whales of all colour and size before swimming away.

Seeing that big guy blocked his move, Michael got a little reminded of the excitement he got from fighting with the fat guy, the cannibalistic and fucked up fat guy in Japan. After spreading his Qi sense and sensed that the whale guy is around his level too, The Transformation Realm.

Michael raised his hand before a giant iceberg formed above him rapidly, Just as Michael was about to launch the giant pike looking iceberg, all the sudden Aria slapped the back of his head so hard that a shockwave rippled on the air and the iceberg fall into the sea and caused a huge wave.

The small whales suddenly resurfaced and they opened their mouth as if screaming something, the huge waves that was about to swallow the pagoda along with the surrounding building was calmed down into just a ripple on the surface of the sea.

Michael turned to Aria with a strained smile on his face "What the fuck are you doing, Aria?"

"I didn't realize that you are such a battle freak I thought you are a sex fiend." Aria said as if she found out something very disappointing.

Hearing this the corner of Michael's mouth twitched and he asked "So what that have to do with this.���

"Umm… Nothing." Aria said after a second of a thoughtful look.

Just as Michael felt a vein was about to pop on his forehead, not literary of course. Lydia stepped in "Darling, it's not good to kill people." And tackled him but of course he remains unmoved in his spot.

'But I already killed at least hundreds you know.' Michael thought but he just smiled and say "Yes, yes, you are right Lydia."

Then the plane flew past the pagoda, leaving the wide mouthed whales and people who haven't transformed yet along with destroyed buildings and numerous injured peoples . Even the Giant Whale that is floating in the air had a weird look on his face, it was considered weird as a whale but he didn't give a chase or anything because just like Michael he had spread his Qi Sense and 'saw' that there is three people with similar cultivation base as him and the man's attack alone almost overwhelm him.

The Giant Whale hurriedly transformed back to human and flew to the peak of the pagoda before he took a weirdly shaped shell, he closed his eyes before his infant soul in the shape of a blue whale went out from the middle of his eyebrows and entered the weirdly shaped shell in the seconds the infant soul went back inside the man and he let out a sigh of relief.