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I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. I looked up at Zeke. 

He felt my eyes on him and looked down. "What's up?"

I pointed at the phone. "Jeremy says he knows a doctor that can see me right away."

Zeke held out his hand. 

"I'm going to let you talk to Zeke." I told Jeremy. 

"Yea, good idea." Jeremy told me. 

I gave the phone to Zeke and he started to talk with Jeremy, while heading inside where the adults were. 

"That'd be nice if we don't have to go to the ER." Noah said. "Such a long wait time. Hey, do you think this means that we can still go to the game?"

"Is that all you're worried about?" Rhys asked, sitting down. 

Noah shrugged. "Nothing I can do about Jake's leg. It's either broke and needs a cast or it doesn't and he's fine. Either way, we could still go to the game." Noah turned to me. "Don't you want to go?"

I nodded. "I do." Really.



Two little kids came running outside, followed by a tall, slender middle aged man. It must be the cousins and uncle. 

"I heard you kids are causing trouble so early!" The man chuckled. 

"Uncle Mike!" Rhys got back up and half-hugged his uncle and then picked up both of the little kids. One girl and one boy. "Jess and Mikey, these are my friends Noah and Jake. Can you say 'hi'?"

"Hi!" The boy chirped

"Hi..." The little girl was more reserved when talking to us. 

The uncle grinned at him. "Well, you watch these two troublemakers and I'll get started on the grill."

"Do you think we can still eat before going to the hospital or doctor or whatever?" Noah asked, looking like an eager puppy. 

"Sure! I heard them trying to plan it out and sounds like it'll take some time." His uncle told us. "I figured I'd get started on the grill and try to get you boys fed before you have to go." He headed for the house. "Rhys, you're in charge!" He left as quickly as he came. 

"He just wanted to dump these brats on me!" Rhys accused. 

"I'm not a brat!" Mikey said confidently. "I'm a human!"

"..." Rhys looked down at his little cousin, at a lost on what to say to that. 

Noah laughed. "Hey Mikey, do you know how to play catch yet?"

"Of course!" He declared. He started to wiggle, and Rhys put him back down. "I'm eight! I can throw really far now!"

Noah got up. "Let's go play then!" He took Mikey to the grassy area, giving him his glove and then rolled the ball to him. 

"I can catch!" The kid emphasized again. 

Rhys laughed. "Don't go too easy on him, Noah. You'll just make him mad." He sat down with Jess on his lap. "I bet Noah sends Mikey back crying."

"No!" Jess surprised us by yelling. "No crying! Crying is for babies!"

"Who told you that?" Rhys asked. 


"Well she's a liar." Rhys told Jess. "People who cry are not babies. They're just in pain. Either from getting hurt on the outside or on the inside." 

I blinked. Should Rhys really be saying this to a little girl? I think it's a bit beyond her understanding. But...I feel like a baby when I cry too. 

Jess glanced at me and pointed at me. "Is he hurting?"

"Yea." Rhys helped move the ice bags back onto my leg. "Jake got hurt playing with me."

"Ouch." She said. And that summed up what I felt. 

The uncle came out first, holding a plate of meat. He started up the grill and began to cook some hamburgers, occasionally talking with Rhys about his summer and plans for college. His uncle even asked me about my summer and what I was doing. He was just a very nice man, who even showed his daughter how to flip a hamburger 'with style'. 

His wife, Mrs. Johnson, and Zeke all came out as a group and explained that we were going to see the doctor that Jeremy knows, in the afternoon. Mom and Dad sent me a few texts to check up on me and make sure that I was okay. 

"So we are going to the game?" Rhys asked. 

Zeke looked to me. "Are you feel up to it?"

I nodded. It's only my leg that hurts. Plus, I'm pretty positive that they want to go to the game too. 

Uncle Mike finished up with the grill and the women started to set out plates and napkins. Mrs. Johnson brought out plates full of sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. Zeke helped me put my cheeseburger together and then placed it before me. The table started to fill up as Noah and Mikey came back. Sure enough, Mikey was teary-eyed like Rhys predicted. 

"Are you hurting?" His little sister asked. 

"No." He shook his head and denied vehemently. 

"The ball got him a few times on the arm." Noah explained to the adults. 

Everyone started to get their burgers put together and lunch was served. A full time of different families put together and I never felt like an outsider. Rhys was really lucky that his family was so perfect. At least now, I have the same thing. A perfect family including brothers, parents, and grandparents. 

After lunch, Noah wanted to show off the fireworks we bought so the whole group moved to the front yard. Mrs. Johnson set up a few foldable chairs and Zeke carried me to one. 

"Too bad Rhys only has tall crutches." Mrs. Johnson sighed. "At least Jake would be able to move around a little easier."

"The doctor's office will probably have some." Zeke assured her. 

The little kids were also seated along with their mom. Mrs. Johnson also took a seat next to me while Zeke sat on the ground in front of us. He left the fireworks to Rhys and his uncle. Noah was only allowed to hand them the fireworks and not light them. That didn't curb his enthusiasm though. He lined up all the fireworks we got, plus the ones Rhys had. He ordered them and declared that we were going to see a show. 

It was a good show. Even though we did it in the daylight, I've never seen such small fireworks so up close and personal. Rhys and his uncle took turns lighting them. Some were loud, some had flashes of colors, and some were done in a second. It was fun though. The little kids were amazed by every single one they saw. 

We got to laugh and enjoy a small show. 

At the end, Rhys decided to hold back on the sparklers. "We can do them when we get home. It'll be cooler in the dark."

No one had any objections. The women took the kids inside while Rhys and his uncle started to clean up. Zeke carried me into the house and up the stairs so I could get dressed for tonight's game. Noah threw me an A's shirt and then a 'Patterson' jersey. He also changed into the same clothes so we almost matched. 

Zeke went to the room he shared with Rhys and also changed. He carried me back down while Noah and Rhys followed. 

"Text me when you get to the doctor's office and when you leave." Mrs. Johnson told Rhys. "Then again when you get to the stadium."

"Okay, Mom." He smiled and waved as we loaded up into Zeke's car. He listened as she listed a few more instructions. 

"I wonder if Zeke will carry you during his run tomorrow." Noah laughed at me as Zeke slid me into the seat behind him. "That would be hell mode."

"How about you pull him in a wagon on your run?" Zeke suggested to Noah, making him clam up. "That's what I thought."

With the car packed and everyone ready, we headed to our first stop: the doctor's office.