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Chapter 1464 - Obtaining the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence

As the storm enveloped the region outside the Deification Pool, it was dead silent. Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the mirror.

In the mirror, Huang Xuanzhi’s silhouette helplessly fell with half of his body shattered, he had fainted.

Finally, an outcome had been determined in this matter…

Although it was beyond everyone’s expectations, it was a brutal reality when they looked at Huang Xuanzhi’s current state.

“How is that possible…?” Many Divine Beast Clans muttered with astonishment in their eyes. After all, Huang Xuanzhi’s fame was too resounding within the Divine Beast Clans, and he’s definitely at the top amongst the younger elites. In the past, many experts were defeated by Huang Xuanzhi, which fueled his reputation.

Furthermore, who could’ve expected that Huang Xuanzhi would actually lose to a human today…?

Despite the shock in their hearts, they had to admit that Mu Chen was truly terrifying.

It was no wonder why he could cause havoc in the Ancient Buddha Clan…

While everyone was sighing, the Real Phoenix Clan was silent. Even Huang Jin had a pale expression, while this outcome also dumbfounded the Elders standing behind him.

The genius of their Real Phoenix Clan lost?

They were expectant of Huang Xuanzhi resisting Mu Chen’s attacking before launching counterattacks. But who could have imagined that Mu Chen’s ultimate move would rout Huang Xuanzhi…?

Compared to the silence from the Phoenix Clan, Tian Huang had joy on his face as he trembled. Even Elder Lu of the Nine Nether Bird Clan, who was behind him, was dumbfounded and gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“That Mu Chen is truly terrifying…” He muttered.

Defeating Huang Xuanzhi, who was at the Initial Phase Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm with Middle Phase Spirit Heavenly Sovereign cultivation. If this spreads out, it would probably fuel to Mu Chen’s fame even further.

After all, Huang Xuanzhi’s strength wasn’t something that the Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan could be comparable to.

“It’s Nine Nether’s greatest fortune to be able to know Mu Chen.” Tian Huang sighed. Back then, they had objected the Bloodlink Bond between Nine Nether and Mu Chen, since they felt that Mu Chen would drag Nine Nether down. But who could’ve expected that not only did Mu Chen not drag Nine Nether down, he had also become Nine Nether’s greatest support?

After this battle, even the status of their Nine Nether Bird Clan would probably rise amongst the Divine Beasts. In the past, those that were eyeing their Nine Nether Bird Clan would also dispel their thoughts, and all of this was because of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen let out a long breath before the pagoda turned into a streak and returned. Even his Spiritual Physique gradually wore off.

“This fellow is truly worthy of being the genius of the Real Phoenix Clan.” Mu Chen commented as he looked at Huang Xuanzhi. That’s because, after fighting him, he experienced how powerful Huang Xuanzhi was. He even had to use the Three Pures and Eight Divisional Pagoda to win.

Although Huang Xuanzhi was detestable, he was truly the genius of the Real Phoenix Clan. Compared to him, the rest that Mu Chen met in the past were ants.

However, Huang Xuanzhi might be powerful, but he wasn’t the last one standing…

Waving his hand, three streaks of light flew from Huang Xuanzhi and into his palm. They were naturally the remaining 60% of the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence.

“Finally…” Mu Chen smiled at the sight of these three pellets. With these three, he was now confident that he could grant evolution to the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits within his body.

After Mu Chen took the three pellets, Huang Xuanzhi was suddenly enveloped in golden light and he flew out of the Deification Pool.

Mu Chen did not stop him. Just like how Huang Xuanzhi did not dare to kill him, he also couldn’t kill Huang Xuanzhi, since both of them had a Saint Heavenly Sovereign backing them up. The battle so far was under rules, and if they really flipped out, it wouldn’t be a small matter.

At this moment, Mu Chen still didn’t possess the ability to fight a Saint Heavenly Sovereign, nor did he want to cause trouble for his mother.

As for Huang Xuanzhi, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid of him. The former would take a long time to recover from this battle, and by the time he recovers, Mu Chen would have stepped into the Immortal Heavenly Sovereign Realm. At that time, it would be easy for Mu Chen to defeat him.

When Huang Xuanzhi exited the Deification Pool, Nine Nether flew over while looking at Mu Chen in astonishment.

“You monster… you actually defeated Huang Xuanzhi…” Nine Nether bit on her lips and looked at Mu Chen with shock and happiness.

The outcome was beyond her expectations. Although she trusted Mu Chen, she only felt that Mu Chen could escape, even if he couldn’t win.

However, who could have expected that Mu Chen did not have any intention to escape with her? On the contrary, he used a straightforward method to defeat Huang Xuanzhi, so that the latter wouldn’t be able to lust over her bloodline…

“The harvest this time is pretty ample.” Mu Chen tossed the three pellets around as he smiled.

Suddenly, he looked into the distance with alert and saw Kong Ling’er’s group of three carefully approaching them. Their eyes were on the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essences in Mu Chen’s hand.

It was only at this moment that they thought of the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essences, since Huang Xuanzhi was defeated…

“Brother Mu…” Kong Ling’er showed a charming smile.

“Haha, goodbye. We will meet again if we’re fated.” Mu Chen did not bother talking to her. He smiled and turned into a streak of light that flew out of the Deification Pool with Nine Nether.

How could he not know what Kong Ling’er and company were thinking? Those naïve fellows still wanted the Quasi-Saint Blood Essences?

Not to mention that they’re his spoils of war, the three of them didn’t have good intentions, to begin with. They just wanted to make use of him to pull Huang Xuanzhi back.

Since they had such schemes, then Mu Chen also wouldn’t need to be polite to them.

The smile on Kong Ling’er’s face froze as she watched Mu Chen’s departing silhouette and gritted her teeth. Even Lin Cang and Xiao Tian unwillingly gritted their teeth.

However, they did not dare to obstruct Mu Chen. They had just witnessed how he defeated Huang Xuanzhi, and if they went up against Mu Chen, they would only be seeking suffering…

Thus, the three of them felt depressed. If they knew that Mu Chen was so powerful, why would they dare the scheme against him? They would’ve just followed Mu Chen and Huang Xuanzhi wouldn’t have been able to obtain the Peak Blood Essences from them.

It was a pity that it was too late for them to regret it. In this Deification Pool, they’re destined to return empty-handed…

When the surface of the Deification Pool split apart, two silhouettes flew out.

Upon leaving the Deification Pool, Mu Chen instantly felt an abnormal atmosphere. The gazes directed at him were fearful. When Mu Chen looked at them, they would shift their gazes, as if Mu Chen was a demon, instantly leaving him speechless.

Inwardly shaking his head, Mu Chen ignored them and brought Nine Nether to Tian Huang with a smile. “Fortunately, I did not let you down and brought Nine Nether back in one piece.”

Tian Huang smiled in excitement as he patted Mu Chen’s shoulder. “Mu Chen, you’re the benefactor of my Nine Nether Bird Clan, and as the representative of the entire clan, I thank you.”

Seeing that Tian Huang was about to bow, Mu Chen swiftly stopped him. “What are you saying? Nine Nether protected me in the past, and if it wasn’t for her, how would I have such achievements today? This small matter is nothing.”

Tian Huang wore a gratified smile, but he immediately felt guilty. “Nine Nether’s eyesight is indeed better than all of us.”

With a smile, Mu Chen replied, “The Deification Pool has ended, let us leave.”

The surrounding gazes made him feel uncomfortable, and he wanted to leave since he had already obtained the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essences.

“Hmph, you want to leave? It won’t be that easy! Leave the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essences behind!” But Mu Chen’s voice instantly attracted a cold snort.

Squinting his eyes, Mu Chen turned to look at the Real Phoenix Clan’s Elder. “Is this the opinion of your Real Phoenix Clan?”

That Elder’s gaze grew sharp, and just when he wanted to speak, he was reprimanded by Huang Jin, “Shut up!”

In the end, the Elder could only unwillingly shut his mouth. He could sense the despising gazes from the surroundings. In the world of Divine Beasts, the one with the biggest fist talks. Since Mu Chen defeated Huang Xuanzhi, then that Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence was his spoils of war. So if the Real Phoenix Clan wanted to suppress Mu Chen, it would be too much.

But fortunately, Huang Jin did not lose his rationale. He looked at Mu Chen with a grim expression. “There’s nothing that my Real Phoenix Clan can’t lose. Since you’ve defeated Xuanzhi, then our Real Phoenix Clan will admit their defeat.”

However, Mu Chen was a little surprised as he looked at Huang Jin before laughing. If it wasn’t for his mother, who was a Saint Rank Spiritual Array Ancestor, Huang Jin probably wouldn’t let this matter rest so easily.

However, he also couldn’t be bothered to speak, so he cupped his hands and left with Nine Nether and company following behind him.

Right now, he had to absorb the Quasi-Saint Peak Blood Essence so that he could allow the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits to evolve…

He was also looking forward to it.

The Divine Beast Clans around the Deification Pool looked at Mu Chen and sighed. They knew that after today, Mu Chen’s fame in the Great Thousand World would go up another level…
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