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481 The great river of Xu 2

Chapter 474


In a big riverside restaurant, Shin Jiao is seated while eating some delicious meal. He was enjoying this free food that someone has given him. On the opposite seat in front of him, a young and beautiful woman is casually sipping on her tea.

She looks at him with contemplation as to why he was too casual and unafraid of her. It is known that most people in the mercenary clan are afraid of her, but how come the young fellow is not?

This is what's bugging Fifi Lao since yesterday evening. But the greatest question in her mind is who this guy is?

After Shin Jiao told her to not trust anyone and waking up from her sleep in the middle of the night, she immediately commanded one of her female guards to spy on the crews and the mercenaries. And with the efficiency of their technique, the female guards were able to immediately discover the plot.

When she heard of it, she was immediately angered and almost lost control. But she reigns on her fury and began to think. She is asking herself as to why Shin Jiao warned her? What is its purpose? And these questions have kept her awake the whole night till morning.

Then the next morning when she walks out of to the deck, she began scanning the people around her. As a woman, she always trusts in her instinct. And through that, she discovers who Shin Jiao is.

While eating, Shin Jiao suddenly asked a question.

"Hey, Miss Fifi… How did you know it was me last night?" he paused, then continue to eat.

"Pfft… You can fool everyone, but not me… I can see the fluctuations in your cultivation; it's like you are trying to control something but is not that proficient in doing so. That is the thing that gave you away." Fifi said with a proud smile on her face.

"Oh… I knew it. You are very sensitive in sensing Qi… Hmm… I wonder why you are still at the gold core realm. If I understand your ability clearly, you can actually don't have any bottlenecks in your cultivation, right?"

When Shin Jiao said this, Fifi's expression stiffens. She didn't expect that the young man in front of her who looks nothing ordinary but is hiding a secret would know such a thing about her. In truth, she has been keeping herself from breaking through to the infant soul realm. If she wanted it, she could have broken through even before she turned 18.

But her experience taught her that being too showy would make you a target of other's wrath and envy. Her brother, Jianguo Lao, became jealous of her when she first reached the gold core realm. At that time, she was too happy and shows her ability to her father.

That was the start of her brother's jealousy. He would almost always make things difficult for her in the family. Since then she learned the hard truth, although power is important, being wise and prudent is also something one should consider.

And so, she kept on restraining her cultivation level and would only breakthrough when necessary.

"Mister… You've been eating my food and basking in my kindness and generosity, but I haven't known your name yet." Fifi said with a sly smile on her face.

"Hehe… Well, most people call me Master Ji these days… and others call me Si Ji." Shin Jiao said with a small smile on his face as he pauses eating.

After answering he continues to devour the food on the table. Shin Jiao could not help it, as the food on the table is truly delicious. He can say that it was the best tasting food he has in his life so far. However, it's not just the taste that's attracting Shin Jiao to the food, but also the energy his body is getting from the.

When they arrive in this riverbank he has already felt the strange Qi fluctuations in the air. And he also noticed that none dared to fly in crossing this river. He didn't know why but he is not that stupid to find out. If it is like the one on the Daemon forest, then there would be no problem. However, if it is a beast then it would only spell trouble for him.

So Shin Jiao just enjoy the bountiful Qi in the food as he ate it with gusto.

Shin Jiao didn't even care about the pale expression of Fifi and her twitching lips. The guards on her side even took a step back upon realizing who he really is. In the mercenary clan higher-ups before the war, his name has already spread and everyone wanted to find him.

Then when the fighting started, many already have the inkling that Shin Jiao was the one who interferes, this information was known by the guards themselves. So they are the ones who are now watching Shin Jiao with vigilance.

Of course, they dare not move a muscle at this time. If what the information they got is true, then the simple-looking man in front of them is actually a nascent realm expert. How can they, a measly gold core realm cultivator, face against such a monster?

Fifi even felt her back and forehead dripping with cold sweat. She is the one who is more familiar with the guy in front of her. Because of her interest and greed towards an object that this man has, she has offended this monster.

Shin Jiao seems to sense the group's anxiety and a small smirk appears on his mouth. The group didn't move until Shin Jiao was done eating.

"Ahhh… That was a very satisfying meal." Shin Jiao said with a big smile while patting his stomach.

He then shifted his gaze towards the women and smile. This smile of his made everyone felt a sense of fear and crisis in their heart. Seeing their faces stiff and looking pale, Shin Jiao shook his head.

"Alright, I'm not someone who kills without a reason. Since you guys didn't offend me nor did something really bad when the fighting in Dongxi city started, I will not hold you guys responsible for anything… However…" Shin Jiao lifted his finger and pointed towards the direction of the warship.

"I need that ship to go to the capital city… since those mercenaries have done something they should not have done in the city and caused too much suffering, I will only dispose of them… you girls would take me to the city and we will call it quits, okay?" Shin Jiao said.

Everyone gulped their non-existence saliva and just nodded their heads obediently. The head of the Lao clan can throw his weight to everyone because of his cultivation level. Everyone knew how powerful a nascent soul realm is. In the battle, they clearly saw how this young man disposes of the many mercenaries and those infant soul realm experts of the clan.

He was even able to kill the 3rd stage nascent realm that was sent by their ally, Prince Linque Ding, how can they say no to him?

"Haha… Good, then we will leave after an hour… Just sit here and relax… and don't worry, I won't bite." Shin Jiao teased.

He could not help it as the women really had a complex look on their faces.

While this is happening, the mercenaries and crew of the warship are slowly feeling the effect of the poison that Shin Jiao has spread throughout the ship. One by one the 100 plus people who are outside or are staying in the ship fell to the ground.

As humans have a different and varied reaction to anything harmful to their bodies, the mercenaries and the crew of the ships also show different reactions. Some have strong tolerant and was able to handle it while others immediately fell down and died. But one thing is for sure after an hour all of those people are going to die.

An hour has passed and the port became chaotic. Some said that there is a new plague coming while others believe it to be a curse. While this chaos is happening, a ship is already sailing to the horizon leaving the commotion behind.

Shin Jiao just sits on a chair while enjoying the river's view while the whole ship is being controlled and handled by the guards and the maids of Fifi Lao.

"It's not long now… I hope that you will wait for me." Shin Jiao muttered while looking at the horizon.

But then suddenly his expression change as he noticed something. Although a bit of a distance from them, Shin Jiao has already noticed a fleet of ships with black sails on them. Then judging from the ships, it seems to be from the capital.

"What is a fleet of capital ships doing in this place?" Shin Jiao muttered as he squinted his eye trying to see everything clearly.

He then noticed that the capital ships seem to loop a bit in shambles with smoke coming from its deck. Then he also noticed the people on the ship running like a headless chicken while trying to put out the fire on the ship.

Feeling a bit confused, Shin Jiao suddenly saw a small fireball flying in the air then it was followed by more fireballs and other elemental spells.

"Are those ships being attacked?" he thought.

But the question in his mind was answered after a while when he saw another fleet of ships following behind the fleet from the capital city. This time he recognizes those ships following behind them. They look like the same warship that they are riding on.

"Hmm… If my guess is not wrong, then it seems that the current king of Si lost the battle." He muttered to himself.

But suddenly a worried voice interrupted him.

"No, this is bad… This cannot be… grandmother!" Fifi Lao frantically said with her eyes glued on one of the ships from the capital fleet.