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427 Shi Anne Li wakes up

Chapter 420


Tang family owned hospital

The few days alter…

Shin Jiao opened his eyes after the whole night of cultivating and absorbing Qi and mana. He has envelope the whole area in an array which made the room filled with Qi and mana. He has a lot of spirit stones and beast cores inside of Gubu's ring along with beast carcasses. With the number of spirit stones and cores he has, he didn't even need to go back to the portal and hunt for a beast in the Daemon forest, for now.

He looks at Shi Anne Li on the bed with her complexion getting better due to the rich Qi and mana in the air of the room.

Meanwhile, Susan Tang who is soundly sleeping on the sofa felt her body invigorated. Her eyes also slowly opened and saw Shin Jiao already awake.

But then her eye saw the small figure sitting in a lotus position on the side table.

Susan Tang was amazed upon seeing the small figure which looks like a walking and talking toy. She thought that it was just an AI toy made by Shin Jiao but soon discovered that it actually contains a soul. What made her astounded further is the haughty attitude of the small figure.

She could not understand why the small figure thinks that he is more powerful and mighty than others at first, but when she heard Shin Jiao's explanation about who that figure is, she felt a bit scared… a soul devourer.

That is something she could not fathom. If that little guy can devour a soul then isn't he really powerful then?

But to her surprise, the figure is afraid of Shin Jiao and is actually sticking close to him at all times.

Unknown to her, this is because Duan Ying is a very cautious person. With his long experience in life, he knew how cruel and sinister humans are. Plus he was afraid that the power of the core of his temporary body would suddenly run out, so he is sticking close to Shin Jiao.

But of course, this is only a trick which Shin Jiao used. In truth, the core is enough to power the little figure for 1 whole month of flying. But he didn't want to tell this to Duan Ying. As a soul devourer, he didn't know what other mischiefs the small figure would do and he wanted to prevent this.

As the two woke up, they checked on the condition of Shi Anne Li and felt a bit sad because she is still unconscious. Shin Jiao also is out of his wits on how to wake her up. He has already combined her soul. But of course, the missing memory of half of her soul would give them some problems in the future, but making her wake up is the main concern at the moment.

Susan Tang decided to go back to the company with Duan Ying in tow.

"Duan, Susan can charge the core in your body in case anything would happen." Shin Jiao said while seeing the small figure wanting to complain.

"Darling, to charge the core, you just have to channel your mana in your hand and touch his head."

"Umm… Okay."

"Wait a minute… is that it?" Duan Ying suddenly flew up as if he was surprised.

"Yeah, that's it. It's easy, right? But you have to make sure that nobody would harm her. No matter what happens, don't separate yourself from her." Shin Jiao said.

"Oh, and introduce him as a test AI product of our company."

"Yes, I'll be going, Shin. Love you…" Susan Tang said while giving Shin Jiao a peck on his lips.

However, what Susan Tang didn't expect was Shin Jiao locking her in his arms and suddenly deepening the kiss. He didn't let go for a while until the two of them are almost out of breath.

"See you later… Love you."

Susan had her face red as she pouted but then gave Shin Jiao a sweet smile then left with Duan Ying who had a frown on his face while sitting on Susan Tang's shoulder.

"You two should consider that there are other people around, you know…" he grumbled as Susan Tang enters the elevator.

Susan didn't reply as she felt a bit shy. But then her expression suddenly turned solemn as worry can be seen in her face.

"Hey, don't worry too much about your friend will be fine I think she would wake up soon." The little guy said when he felt the mood change.

Suddenly the elevator opens once again and some patients and nurses enter.

As soon as they saw Susan Tang, they were a bit surprised, especially when they noticed the small thumb-size figure calmly sitting on her shoulder.

Nobody said anything but the two can feel some gazes on them especially Duan Ying. Suddenly he turns around and looks at the two nurses beside Susan.

"Hello!" he said courteously.

Although his face didn't have any expression, his voice can portray his feelings.

Upon hearing his words, everyone in the elevator almost squealed in a combination of shock and fear in their eyes. Everyone even distances themselves away from Susan Tang.

"Hey, Duan… Don't scare everyone." Susan said reprimanding the small figure on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry for causing such shock��� But don't worry… this is our new product from the NXT Element Company. We call it fairy companion… He is the prototype." She said with a sweet smile while trying to apologize to the people around her.

When they heard of the name of the company, they all showed a surprised look on their faces.

"You mean… that's a machine?" asked one of the nurses.

"Umm… it's an AI… a part of SLIA technology."

"Wow… I want one… I have SLIA on my phone. If it can turn into a physical form and it would be that cute… I would really buy one." A nurse said feeling excited.

The nurses began discussing and asked Susan Tang some questions, but she didn't explain too much yet, so the nurses instead talked to Duan Ying which the later felt elated with the attention he is getting. He was imprisoned for thousands of years, but now that he can talk to someone he became a chatterbox.

Meanwhile, inside Shi Anne Li's room, Shin Jiao continually monitored her condition.

Then when it was noon, he noticed some fluctuations in her brain waves which made him feel a bit happy. This means that she is about to wake up.

And true to his conjecture, after an hour or two, her eyes slowly open.

Confusion can be seen deep in her eyes as she looks around the room. When she saw the figure of Shin Jiao she was a bit surprised a scared at the same time.

"Who… where… where am I…" she muttered in a hoarse voice.

"Who… who are you?"

Her confused look and panic-stricken voice made Shin Jiao worried. He knew that this might have happened, but he didn't know how deep the damage was done to her by having half of her memory missing.

"Calm down… I'm Shin Jiao. I'm your guardian here. You've been in a coma for a week now."

"A week? Why? What happened?" she asked in confusion.

"We'll talk later… I need to call the doctor first. Alright…"

But when Shin Jiao stood up, Shi Anne Li suddenly grabs his hand.

"Wait… please… please, don't leave me here alone." She said with a scared tone.

She didn't know why, but her heartfelt calm while the man is around her.

"Don't worry, I won't I'm just going to call the doctor. There's a phone there…" Shin Jiao said while pointing at the phone on the wall.

Not long later a group of doctors and nurses immediately enters the room and began checking her vitals. Then they asked her some questions. Shin Jiao already knew the situation so he just let them do their job.

"Mr. Jiao… everything is already good… but it seems that her memory has some problems… she had amnesia. She cannot remember half of her current life. She thinks she is still 17 years old… We need to observe her further to see if this is temporary or permanent… so I suggest for her to stay for a while." The head doctor explained.

"Thank you very much…" Shin Jiao said to the doctors.

When the doctors and the nurses left, Shin Jiao turn towards Shi Anne Li.

"Where are my parents?" she suddenly asked.

When Shin Jiao heard her words, his heart if feeling conflicted. After the accident, George Wilson has done the investigating and through his this, they discovered that Shi Anne Li's parents went missing. Plus, their company is being run by members of the Li clan from the capital. Luckily her brother and his family are okay. But they are in hiding.

And through their connection, they discovered that 5 days prior to the accident, Shi Anne Li received a message from her dad. He told him to not leave Shin Jiao's side and not to worry about him and her mother. This made her a bit worried, but she still followed her father.

But then she received a message telling her that her parents are under someone's control… she didn't want to inconvenience Shin Jiao due to her own problems, so she tried to face the people who kidnapped her parents.

Shin Jiao saw the CCTV recordings where Shi Anne Li left City H.

He didn't want to say it, but he felt like something happened to her parents. But how can he tell this depressing news to her?


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