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Chapter 191: Unforeseen Events at the Banquet 1

Chapter 191: Unforeseen Events at the Banquet ( 1 )
Translator: Madesmoiselle V.
“Ouyang Shaochen befriended a lady? How come I’ve never heard about this?” Cang Qiong gave Ouyang Shaochen an incredulous stare: Isn’t it true that he has always been sexually continent?

“Who do you think you are? Do I need to specifically inform you whom I befriend?” Ouyang Shaochen’s ruthless voice turned Cangqiong’s face as black as thunder.

Cangqiong met Ouyang Shaochen a few years ago and knew that he is Lord Freedom’s heir and by no means a person to be trifled with. Nonetheless, Cangqiong himself is also the legitimate son of the prime minister of Nan Jiang, and he is nearly as noble as Ouyang Shaochen, in which case he doesn’t have to be afraid or menial.

But this girl named Murong Xue, she disturbed Cangqiong’s scheme, so he would never let her off easily.

Instant anger flickered across his eyes when he said unceremoniously: “ I like this girl, and I’m taking her with me.”

“ You wish!” Ouyang Shaochen’s stare suddenly turned lethal, and with a violent wave of his hand, his strong internal force was discharged, which hit Cangqiong heavily.

Being caught off guard, Cangqiong was crushed to the ground, left with dizziness and tinnitus, as well as extreme pain which seemed to have been caused by systemic fracture.

The painful look on his face led to taunting words from the ministers: This is what he deserves. See if he dares to be so domineering again!

Su Nanxiang stealthily grinded her teeth with hatred and gave Murong Xue a piercing stare: The heir of Lord Ouyang is will to put up a fight with Cangqiong for her! How can he value such a vicious slut?

Enduring great pain, Cang Qiong raised his head slowly, and gave everyone present a nettled look: “As the emissary of Nan Jiang, I’m representing our Emperor and our entire country. Is this how you entertain guests from afar?”

“We will absolutely treat friends with due respect, and you are not one of them.” Mu Liufeng flashed his eyes at him with a tone of sarcasm.

All ministers and their families’ mockery and contempt made Cangqiong furious: “Alright, worthy people of QingYan, it seems you are bound by a common hatred. Mark my words, I will never forgive you.”

After leaving his malicious words, Cang Qiong stood up and hobbled out.

“Watch out, don’t fall over yourself!” With a reminder of “concern”, Mu Liufeng waved the fan. His overwhelming inner force flew out therefrom, which knocked Cang Qiong down again.

“Ha ha ha….” Everyone burst into laughter and their voice traveled thousands of miles away.

Cangqiong flared up into fury: They have the audacity to tease me! They must be ready to die!

With a sudden touch of his toe on the ground, he dashed away, leaving an obscure figure in midair before eventually disappearing without a trace.

Gazing at his figure, the Emperor narrowed his sharp eyes slightly. Something vague flashed in his pupils.

“The annoying emissary of Nan Jiang is finally gone. Now I’d like to propose a toast! "A military commander held up his glass and proposed aloud.

“That’s just what we want!” The other ministers all held up their glasses and responded: “Now let’s get hammered.”

The quiet square came back to life in an instant as ministers started toasting each other. The air was gradually filled with the ever-present aroma of wine.

Murong Xue kept her mind from being distracted by the aroma, fixed her gaze on the direction of Cang Qiong’s departure and narrowed her eyes slightly. An uneasy sense of foreboding overshadowed her.

“What’s eating you?" Ouyang Shaochen approached her and handed her some desserts: She barely ate anything since she arrived.

Murong Xue took them over and had a few bites with her brows knitted. She then lowered her voice: “Cang Qiong’s rapid action just now showed his superb Qing Kung skills. He is ferocious, tyrannical, narrow-minded, and he harbors bitter resentment. He won’t take our hard lesson lying down.”

“Rest assured. We are in Qingyan, not Nan Jiang. He can't do anything even if he isn’t reconciled.” Mu Liufeng gently came forward and interrupted her. Holding a jade glass in his hand, he smiled at Murong Xue and said: “Your stroke of genius not only taught Cangqiong a lesson, but also retrieved our reputation, which makes you our heroine. Let’s drink to that.”

“I am afraid we’ll have to take a rain check.” Ouyang Shaochen said in a low voice with faint uneasiness gleaming in his eyes.

“ What do you mean?” Mu Liufeng was confused.

“Look ahead.” Ouyang Shaochen said softly with a distant look on his face.

Mu Liufeng looked in the same direction and saw groups of black-garbed ghosts dashing towards them in a strange snake-shaped aircraft.

The aircraft seemed to have been made of wood blocks and was remarkably true to life. At the first glance, they looked like powerful snakes with grooves on their back. The ghosts were sitting inside, and their bodies were about to merge with the wooden snakes.

Countless ghosts and wooden snakes overspread the sky, and blocked the sun, moon and stars as if dark clouds.

“How on earth did they make those wooden aircrafts fly?” Mu Liufeng’s eyes widened in surprise. He had seen a lot of real and fake snakes, but it’s the first time that he had ever seen flying wooden snakes.

Murong Xue narrowed up her eyes. "If memory serves me correctly, these wooden snakes must be ancient machinery!"

In modern times, airplanes, hot air balloons and plenty of aircrafts can take people to the sky. But they live in ancient QingYan, where advanced technology did not exist. And there was no sign of gas installation on those wooden snakes. The only explanation is that she encountered the sort of machinery recorded in ancient books

"Ancient machinery!" Mu Liufeng gently raised his eyebrows, which implied his unfamiliarity with this word.

Murong Xue smiled gently: "It dates back to the Mohist School in the early Qin Dynasty. The large-scale machinery can be made in various shapes such as dragons, tigers and snakes and take people to the sky. Later, it somehow failed to be handed down from past generations. It now appears that the disappearance of these techniques wasn’t because of that kind of failure, but the withdrawal of those craftsmen, who reemerged lately."

"What the hell are these things?" Ministers and their family members also screamed at the sight of the scenario in midair. The square immediately descended into chaos.

Murong Xue looked up and saw the ghosts move aside, giving way in the middle. A man in black standing on the back of a long wooden snake began flying towards them from the back slowly.