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Chapter 145: Dragon Boat Race 4

Chapter 145: Dragon Boat Race (4)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
As Ouyang Shaochen was coming near, Murong Xue hurriedly turned around and meant to go back to the pleasure boat without anyone noticing. But only one step and she bumped into someone’s arms. Her nose twitched and her tears nearly spout. She immediately stepped back and opened their distance, saying in haste, “I’m sorry…”

“Murong Xue!” A familiar voice came from above. She was stunned. When she raised her head and saw that evil but delicate face, her eyes immediately darkened, “Mu Liufeng, what are you doing here sneakily?”

“Sneakily? I was taking a walk here above board. But you, why did you follow Ouyang Shaochen sneakily?” said Mu Liufeng while looking at her with a fake smile.

“This is none of your concern.” Murong Xue said angrily, “What are you doing here instead of staying on your boat and enjoying the dragon boat race?”

“The view on my boat is not as good as here. So I come.” said Mu Liufeng casually, waving the folding fan in his hand now and then, wearing an annoying smile on that evil but still pretty face.

Murong Xue glared at him and said, “Then you enjoy the dragon boat race here yourself. I’m going back.” Speaking of which, Murong Xue already passed through Mu Liufeng and walked away. A deliberately prolonged sigh was heard from behind, “But I don’t think so.”

“What do you mean?” Murong Xue stopped, turning back at him, confused.

“His Majesty and the empress have arrived. You can’t go back.” Right after Mu Liufeng said that, a shrill voice specially belonging to the eunuch arouse, “His Majesty is here. Her Empress is here…”

“Long live, Your Mejesty. Long live, Your Empress…” All officials, their family members and those civilians by the lake all got on their knees and paid their respect.

Murong Xue could only get down on her knees and salute. She raised her head secretly, seeing that His Majesty wearing the bright yellow dragon robe took the empress’ hand and walked before the honored seat. He tossed the robe tails and took the seat, then scanned those officials below and said with a deep voice, “Rise!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Then they all got up and took their seats, peeping at His Majesty now and then.

It was sunny and cloudless today. When the breeze blew over, it brought the light moisture on the shore, making one feel comfortable. His Majesty seemed to be in the mood. He then winked at the eunuch and the eunuch immediately understood. He then moved forward holding the horsetail whisk, shouting loudly to the front, “The dragon boat race starts now!”

Duang! The drumming sound pierced through the clouds. Ten dragon boats lining side by side on the lake immediately ran forward like the shooting arrows.

All dragon boats were willow leaf shape, thin and long, with flags of different colors on the bow to distinguish each other.

After running for some distance, some dragon boats gradually took the lead while others fell behind. The civilians by the lake all cheered for them.

“Why is the blue dragon boat so slow? Didn’t they have breakfast this morning…”

“And the drummer. Listen to his drums, no power at all, which makes me sleepy. Can’t he use some strength? So stupid…” People’s judgment echoed in the sky. Suddenly Murong Xue saw a moon white shadow fly down the high platform, who tipped on the surface of the lake and then landed on that blue dragon boat.

That person pulled the drummer’s collar and threw him aside and directly took the wood drum from him and started to beat the drum hard. The heavy drums pierced into one’s ears and shook one’s heart. Those oarsmen got stimulated and the blue dragon boat immediately speeded up…

Only by beating the drum could that person already stimulate the oarsmen’s competitive spirit. That person kind of had the leadership talent.

Murong Xue smiled while raising her head to look at that person. That person had bushy eyebrows and a pair of big eyes, dark skin, as strong as an iron tower, wearing a moon white long dress looking tight on the body, neither fish nor fowl, with the straw-like hair smoothed into an exquisite moon-shape chignon, like half a watermelon peel pressed on that round head, looking quite hilarious.

Murong Xue’s eyelids twitched, “Is it a man or a woman?”

“She is Yuan Fangfei, daughter of the first wife of the General Mansion. You tell me whether she is a man or a woman.” Mu Liufeng looked at her with his brows raised, with all teasing in his eyes: Yuan Fangfei is not like lady like her name indicated at all, 175 mm, 75 kg, a total tough ‘man’.

Murong Xue was caught in a cold sweat on her forehead. In modern times, she had seen too many masculine women, but they had all behaved themselves well. And their neutral beauty had always stunned a lot of people!

But this Yuan Fang before her, if she didn’t wear that long dress, and got her hair cut, she was a total rough man, who had nothing to do with neutral beauty at all…

“Yu Fangfei resembles her father. Many people say she has reincarnated in a wrong way. She should have been a boy who could learn superb kung fu and protect the country…” said Mu Liufeng.

Murong Xue approved, “I think so!” With Yuan Fangfei’s face, it was really a little unacceptable to wear a dress. If she wore a man’s clothing, especially the armor, she would be mighty!

“Don’t say that before her. She hates people gossiping about her gender. And she is ill-tempered. So when you see her, you’d better avoid her. If you accidentally offend her, you are so dead…” Mu Liufeng tipped her.

Murong Xue casually nodded, she and Yuan Fangfei bore no hatred, why would she offend her......

Looking up to the lake, the blue dragon boat was far ahead, from where she came closer and closer towards Murong Xue, suddenly someone pushed her from behind...

Murong Xue got caught off guard, staggered forward a few steps, directly falling onto the blue dragon boat......

"Murong Xue!" Mu Liufeng freaked out, and tried to stretch out his hand to catch her, but only caught a full hand of air...

Yuan fangfei stood on the blue dragon boat, looking at the woman who fell off the pleasure boat, sharp eyes narrowed: She fell down at such a critical moment. Such an eyesore! Does she have any idea the blue boat has to stop in case she falls into the lake and then the dragon boats behind will catch up? Such an idiot!

The champion belongs to the blue dragon boat, she will not give up!

"Get out of here!" Yuan Fangfei shouted angrily, and the threw a palm at Murong XUe with all the strength she had…

Murong Xue was astonished, quickly pulled out the sword around her waist, stabbed at the edge of the boat and jumped away. Yuan Fangfei's strong internal force brushed a corner of her garment and heavily hit the person behind her, who got blown away four or five meters away 'pfff ', spit out a mouthful of blood...