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Chapter 128: Making a Be

Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Ye Yichen didn’t say a word. His silence meant yes.

Murong Xue sneered. A Warding-off Wedding was to take the last chance for a dying person. If it worked, that was with your duty. But if it failed and the dying person died, people would take you as a hoodoo and you’d live under people’s blames.

When Ye Yichen had to determine who his first wife was, he had never thought of her. When Ye Yichen went to take the treasure, he had never thought of her. But when his father was dying and needed a Warding-off Wedding, he thought of her. Ye Yichen was really ‘nice’ to her!

“Why don’t you let Qin Yuyan do it?” questioned Murong Xue with an ice cold voice. Ye Yichen looked at her and said word by word, “My father didn’t agree her to be my first wife.”

“Really? I thought you like Qin Yuyan, so you don’t want her to take the blame if it fails. So you let me be the scapegoat!” Murong Xue forced a smile. Her contempt and ridicule stung Ye Yichen’s eyes, “So in your heart, I’m such kind of person?”

“Aren’t you?” Murong Xue glanced at him, and retorted, “In your heart, Qing Yuyan is a treasure, while I am only a grass. For the treasure in your heart, you can sacrifice the insignificant grass any time...”

Ye Yichen didn’t have to like her, but he couldn’t take her as a puppet that he could use or sacrifice!

Looking at her cold eyes, Ye Yichen frowned and tried to hold his horses, “I am not here to quarrel with you…”

“And I am not in the mood too. The door is there. Off you go. Bye!” Murong Xue showed him the door impolitely.

Ye Yichen’s face immediately grew dark, “Murong Xue, my father is also an elder of you. How can you be so ironhearted?”

“So I am the ironhearted one?” Murong Xue got irritated, “Ye Yichen, he is your father. As long as you get married, whoever it is, it all belongs to a Warding-off Wedding. And your father will recover if he is blessed.” Of course, if he was not blessed, even if Ye Yichen married a goddess, his father wouldn’t survive.

“But my father only acknowledge you as his daughter-in-law. If I marry you, he may have a chance. But if I marry someone else, I’m afraid he will never come around.” said Ye Yichen, with obvious sadness in his eyes.

Murong Xue turned a deaf ear to him and sneered, “Your father is still in coma. How would he know who you marry to?” At least he should have come up with a convincible excuse. Even a three-year-old kid wouldn’t buy such a lame one…

Looking at her cold and resolute expression, Ye Yichen felt a sense of incapability for the first time. She was even more stubborn that he had thought. Whatever he said, she wouldn’t buy it, “So on what condition you will marry me?”

“I won’t marry you on any condition!” Murong Xue looked at him, with unprecedented coldness and firmness in her eyes.

“Why is that?” Ye Yichen suddenly squeezed his sharp eyes, wearing kind of unreadable expression.

“You don’t like me, and I don’t like you either. Even if we are bound together, we wouldn’t be happy. On the contrary, it will only make both of us miserable. So we should cancel the engagement for the good of both of us.” said Murong Xue casually, with gloominess in her eyes.

A slice of complicated light flashed in Ye Yichen’s eyes. After a quite a while, he said with a low voice, “But my father…needs you…”

“I can help you cure him and then we cancel it. What do you say?” Murong Xue looked at him with that pair of cold eyes.

Ye Yichen was startled, “You know medical skills?”

“I have read some medical books when I had time.” Murong Xue smiled lightly: Medical skills is not a moment’s thing. It needs a master’s careful teaching. The original owner of her body was weak and sick, and she didn’t like connecting with people. If she said she was proficient in medical skills, Ye Yichen would definitely doubt it!

“My father has new wounds on his old wounds, even his heart arteries are affected now. Even Doctor Sun, the best imperial doctor, could do nothing. How will you save him?” doubted Ye Yichen, with his eyebrows raised.

Murong Xue’s delicate face suddenly darkened. She then said arrogantly, “How do you know I can’t before I try? How about this? Let’s make a bet. If I can bring your father back to life, we cancel the engagement!”

On hearing her words, Ye Yichen suddenly squeezed his sharp eyes, saying nothing.

Murong Xue was a little impatient. She glanced at him and forced a smile, “You asked me to hold the Warding-off Wedding to save your father. And now I know how to save him and you wouldn’t agree? Or maybe your father isn’t ill at all? Or you don’t want your father to wake up…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Ye Yichen interrupted her harshly while looking at her indifferently, “I’m just worried that you can’t bring him back to life.”

Murong Xue disapproved, “I’m sure I can…”

“Don’t be so confident of yourself. Nothing is absolute.” In Ye Yichen’s cold voice, there was kind of unspeakable feeling.

His words sounded a little unpleasant. Murong Xue then said, “Don’t beat the bush. Just tell me what you want.”

“If you can’t save my father, you’ll marry me, all right?” Ye Yichen said word by word, showing some kind of complicated expression.

On hearing that, Ouyang Shaochen narrowed his eyes and stared at Murong Xue for he was also waiting for her answer.

Murong Xue sneered in her heart. So all in all he still wanted her to marry him to save his father. Shame on him! But pity she was gonna let him down, “It’s a deal.”

“Deal!” said Ye Yichen, with his lips curled up at a perfect angle.

Ouyang Shaochen’s pretty face immediately darkened. He took a look at Murong Xue and then strode away without looking back.

Murong Xue was confused. She ran toward him and grabbed his arm, “What’s wrong with you?”

“You are so silly to agree with his stupid bet…” Ouyang Shaochen glared at her. He thought she had learnt to be smart and wouldn’t agree with Ye Yichen’s condition so easily. But it turned out she agreed without even thinking!

Murong Xue twitched her mouth and lowered her voice, “Old Prince Jing has been avoiding me. I can’t come up with some other method. I know maybe this is not a good idea, but I have no other option…”

Looking at her delicate yet sad face, Ouyang Shaochen heaved a long sigh, “You can take it from the long run. If you lose this time, you will marry him for real.”

“Trust me. I won’t lose!” Murong Xue smiled with confidence.

Ouyang Shaochen was a little curious, “Why is that?”

“I already have a plan. It’s a secret now. You’ll know when in Prince Jing Mansion…” said Murong Xue, smiling. On seeing Ouyang Shaochen still wanted to ask, she said, “It’s late. Let’s go to Prince Jing Mansion now. I save his father early, and I can cancel the engagement early.”