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Chapter 71 – Ou Yang Fell Sick

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“This is a really good idea, but how do I get in?” Murong Ye had no clue about this, he looked at his sister with hope.

Mmm… The soldier camp had tight security, this year they had never recruit anyone; it would be difficult to send Murong Ye in. They need someone’s help.

Murong Ye knew his crummy friends’ parents, but they were all academic dons.

Among the intellects Murong Xue knew, only Ye Yichen held the power in the army. But since they were rivalry, Murong Ye must not enter his army camp, otherwise, he would be tortured to death everyday…

Other than Ye Yichen, there was nobody else, it was really tough for Murong Ye to enter soldier camp…

A huge piece of token fell in front of Murong Xue, Ou Yang ordered gently, “Take this, find General Zhang in an army camp thirty miles away from the city, he will arrange a position for Murong Ye inside.”

The token was oval and bronze in colour. She had no clue on what was it made from, the token had the carving of Xiao Spirit(s) Manor on it.

Murong Xue could not hide her surprise, “Are you close to General Zhang?”

Ou Yang had spent his life travelling around and he just got back in this city. She figured he had not seen every single civil officer in town, how could he had known General Zhang who was so far away from their city?

“We’ve met a few times.” Ou Yang stated indifferently, he grabbed Murong Xue’s tiny hand and placed the token into her palm.

“Truthfully, General Zhang was your father’s subordinate, but he was merely a small general back then. He rarely talked to your father, your housekeeper should know him…”

“Really? That’s great!” Murong Ye leaped in joy, he took the token from his sister’s hand and ran outside, “Ou Yang, thank you very much, I’ll go find Uncle Hui now and asked him to go to the camp site with me, you have fun talking to my sister now.”

Murong Xue’s heart sunk as she watched her brother fleeing, it was her idea to send Murong Ye to the soldier camp. Because of Ou Yang’s majestic token, Murong Ye only thanked him, he had totally forgotten about her effort in this as well.

“Ou Yang, let’s go drink some tea now.” Murong Xue stated in grief.

Ou Yang laughed silently as he watched her sunken face.

In the middle of Luo Xue Ge stood a finely-carved dining table, an antique blue vase was placed in the center, the room was elegantly designed with exquisite ancient calligraphy and paintings. The corner of the place was a golden furnace with aromatic smell coming out from it, the scenery of the hall was serene and tranquil.

“Please wait for a moment, I will ask people to prepare some hot water and fresh tea.” Tea was best served when hot and fresh, the water used to boil the tea leaves were crucial as well. Zhen Manor had stored fresh icy droplets from plum blossoms, hence the tea they boiled had the most fragrant scent.

“Alright!” Ou Yang’s voice cracked slightly.

Murong Xue raised her head in curiosity, she noticed that his face was flushed in red, his lips were pale and his eyes went blank, “Ou Yang, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” Ou Yang shook his head, his body was swaying a little.

“Watch out!” Murong Xue quickly ran forward and held him. A fiery sensation travelled to her hands from his robe and she realized he was high in fever.

Blood scent travelled to her nose, Murong Xue looked around her, clueless. Luo Xue Ge had been tidied up and swept, where did this blood scent come from?

A drop of fresh blood seeped through Ou Yang’s sleeve and started to spread speedily, just like the plum blooming during winter!

Murong Xue was astonished, “Are you injured?”

When did this happen? She had no idea at all.

“It was nothing, I’ll be fine!” Ou Yang muffled as his body temperature rose.

Murong Xue squinted her brows, she pulled up his sleeve and saw a white bandage covered his arm, the bandage was soaked in blood. She quickly took off the bandage and there in front of her eyes were wound as big as five centimeters.

His injury was repugnant, Murong Xue cringed and scolded, “You call this nothing? It looks serious to me…”

Those ninjas in black had planted numerous bags of explosive on the ground, and bombed their horse carriage into pieces. Although she was completely safe, Ou Yang was not so lucky when he protected her from the explosion…

Ou Yang’s wound was treated properly and was cleaned perfectly as well. But he did not take his medication on time, which causing the wound had started infecting and that was why the fever kicked in!

He covered her as the carriage exploded, he helped her kill the spies and stored up Diyang grass, he did everything for her but he did not manage to take care of himself…

Murong Xue was in guilt yet she felt warmth inside. She looked at Ou Yang, who smiled back at her and said calmly, “I’m fine…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ou Yang fell hard on Murong Xue’s shoulder.

Murong Xue was standing steadily, even though she did not fell along with him, her shoulder was aching with his weight. He was on high fever, his wound was infected badly and now he fainted, yet he said he was fine? Why couldn’t he just take good care of himself!

Hong Cultivator(s) and An Xiang had been ordered to get some clean water and tea, there was nobody else around in Luo Xue Ge. Murong Xue had no choice but to carry Ou Yang herself to the room.

Murong Xue wiped her sweat once she had put Ou Yang on the bed cautiously. She was exasperated by how heavy he was when he was only slightly taller and older than her.

There was a first aid kit in Luo Xue Ge, Murong Xue took out some medicines and bandage, she then cleaned Ou Yang’s wound gently and put on a new dressing for him…

She was skillful with her handiworks, lastly, she pulled down his sleeve to cover up the white dressings and sighed in contentment. It was finally over, she had cleaned his wound, and now she wondered if his fever had subsided.

Murong Xue placed back the first aid kit and used her small hand to touch Ou Yang’s burning forehead, unexpectedly, Ou Yang opened his eyes and gripped her wrist, pulling her to the bed.

Murong Xue fell towards to bed surprisingly, her back lied on the soft blanket, her slim waist was wrapped tightly in his arms, her face touched his muscular chest and the rising temperature trickled her skin. Murong Xue tilted her head and looked right into Ou Yang’s mesmerizing eyes.

Ou Yang’s face was not as emotionless as usual, the musky scent and his striking appearance was as if trying to suck her into his world…
His hot breath and masculine aroma blew across her face, Murong Xue realized it was too late as his face was too close to hers and his soft lips were on hers…

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