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Chapter 40 – Date

gongzi (公子) : young master, basically what most rich teenage boys in ancient China were referred to as

DaRen (大人): an authorative person you respect

Ye Yichen didn’t reply. He stood at the entrance and gazed coldly at Murong Xue. He examined her – her small beautiful face, her cherry lips, and her long slender neck. They didn’t display any ambiguous mark on them. He continued to study her – her small hand holding a small wine bottle, the sleeve of her green robe sliding down as she was doing so, revealing her fair skin.

She was still an innocent virgin! She did not do anything that she wasn’t supposed to with Ouyang Shaochen!

Ye Yi Chen let out a sigh of relief and calmly said, “You are my future wife-to-be, please remember that. Do not simply associate with other men…”

“Prince Jing (Ye Yichen), I have already broken off the engagement. To the knowledge of the Jing City citizens, your future wife-to-be is Qin YuYuan, the princess of Mobel. Please do not associate me with that disgusting label……” Murong Xue interrupted him, her eyes filled with hatred.

Ye YiChen’s face turned gloomy, he gazed at her intently and enunciated every word, “We have not broken off the engagement….”

MuRong Xue casually replied, “All that’s sort of, is a wedding ceremony. You should remind King of Mobel (Qin Yuyuan’s father) and ask him to hurry over to Qingyan….”

“You really are in a hurry to cut all ties with me, aren’t you?” Ye Yi Chen said solemnly.

“If I don’t, do I just let you demeaned me to a concubine instead?” MuRong Xue raised her brow, looking at him, her gaze sarcastic: “I am the first daughter of Zhen Manor; I won’t be dumb enough to become someone’s concubine instead of someone else’s first wife!”

“No one will take you as their first wife!” Ye Yichen calmly gazed at her: All the noble families in the city know – He had specially requested her to be his concubine (second wife). If anyone took her as their wife, it would mean that they were provoking Ye YiChen. In the whole city of Qingyan, not many would dare to do so…

“I’d rather never be married than be your concubine!”

Her cold-steel, resolute voice bore into his ears, Ye Yichen’s mouth curled into a smile: She loved to say that but she could only speak about it and do nothing. It is because Ye Yichen will force her until she has no choice but to be his concubine!

Lifting his head to gaze at Murong Xue, his eyes came across a familiar object. He was filled with suspicion, how did this happen?

Murong Xue followed his gaze and found that he was looking at the Jiaowei Yangqin the guard was holding.

She smiled and said, “You need not doubt no more, and this is your future wife’s Jiaowei Yangqin. She had lost to me in a Yangqin playing competition and she surrendered it to me…….”

What? Qin Yuyuan had lost to Murong Xue?

Ye Yichen’s eyes shone with disbelief, then it vanished and they return to normal: “As long as you like it!” he calmly said and then proceeded to make his exit.

Looking at his disappearing silhouette, Murong Xue stared in disbelief and blinked: And just like that he’s gone. He didn’t even bother to punish her on behalf of his future wife? She had beaten her in public and that had very much humiliated her……..

“Where had you been last night, sister?” The sound of caring caught Murong Xue’s ear then she replied: “Went to another courtyard to put up a night…”

She had been to Xiao Yao Palace, also had slept on Ouyang Shaochen’s bed, it is better not to say anything to avoid him from thinking unnecessary things.

“Oh I see!” Murong Ye nodded his head, he heard a fight sound in the woods then rush out last night, but there was nothing beside the hot spring pool. When he was getting ready to go out to look for her, there was a note flew in and it written there ‘Murong Xue is safe and sound, don’t worry, stay in the mansion.”

He was still worrying about her, but doesn’t know where to find her, ended up stood in Lou Xue Pavillion for the whole night: “Who gave you the Fire Lotus Seed that you took?

“I was in my sickness and felt dizzy that time, didn’t get to see the person’s face clearly!” Murong Xue replied with perfunctory. It is not that she doesn’t want to tell that it was Ouyang Shaochen, it’s because, if she did so, then the fact that she had put up a night at Xiao Yao Palace might be known.

“It is truly unfortunate then!” Murong Ye sighed. He thought that he could buy Fire Lotus Seed from that person.

“The cold poison attack will only be triggered after a period of time, we can still have time to find the Fire Lotus Seed, but the most important thing now is to deal with Ye Yichen!” Murong Xue said. He had appeared in Lou Xue Pavillion and left with unhurried words, but there was something odd about the way he talked, like he had already planned something, she has to be careful.

“Indeed!” Murong Ye agreed with her: Her sister had already terminated the engagement but Ye Yichen still came and disturbed her frequently, how annoying it was! He wanted a way that could stop Ye Yichen from disturbing his sister.

The weather became hotter day by day, the garden looked very exquisite in Zhen Guo Pavillion, there were different types of flowers, and it was very colorful when one gazed at it from afar.

Murong Xue took a pot of tea and sat on the stoned furniture in front of the garden, she tasted the tea slowly as warm sunshine touched her skin. It was so comfortable.

“Sister!” Murong Ye called her softly and walked towards her, he smiled and introduced: “This is Gu DaRen’s son, Gu Haoyu gongzi…. This is my sister Murong Xue…..”

“Gu gongzi!” Murong Xue greeted him politely, looking at the way he smiled, she said: “Gu gongzi please excuse us!”

Murong Xue stood up quickly and pulled Murong Ye aside: “What do you mean by this?”

Obviously this is a blind date!” Murong Ye laughed happily.

“Blind date?” Murong Xue replied “You arranged for me to have a blind date when my engagement with Ye Yichen is not formally terminated yet!”

“Ye Yichen still disturbs you frequently right? If you found a person who is willing to take you as his wife, then Ye Yichen has no reason to disturb you anymore!” Murong Ye said it as it is a fact.

Murong Xue shakes her head: “You are too naïve, though there is for sure an underhanded reason why Ye YiChen keeps on disturbing me, he will not stop even if there is another guy!”

Murong Ye didn’t really care: “Who cares about the reason, he cannot disturb you if you get married after the engagement is terminated!

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