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Di Fuyi felt a gentle warmth in his body the entire time he was with Gu Xijiu. It felt just like a breeze in the spring. Everything was going well for him. Even the wound he suffered before from extracting blood directly from the heart was now healed. No scars were left from the injury. 

In stark contrast, the wind in the passage was freezing cold. As Di Fuyi stayed in front, he shielded the wind from Gu Xijiu but understood why there were no traps along the pathway. This wind itself would have been able to keep away a significant number of people! The reasons why Di Fuyi could stand the cold were due to his unique physique and high spiritual power relative to the other people in the Shura World. 

In order to ensure that Gu Xijiu was really protected, he had even placed a wizardry barrier over her body that could diminish the effects of the wind. 

Curious about the nature of the cold wind, Di Fuyi inhaled a deep breath and frowned. The wind seemed to be the Yin aura of the place, and it was certainly powerful. Then, he was trying to guess what could be waiting for them at the end of the path.


At the end of the trail, Gu Xijiu had not expected to see what appeared to be a glimpse of the galaxy. The view was so vast that they could not even see the borders at a glance. However, although it looked like a galaxy, what they saw was not actually the stars. They were spiritual crystals arranged in a unique array. 

These spiritual crystals seemed to be naturally very bright. Therefore, when they were placed in this dark abyss, they looked even more brilliant, just like the stars.

Upon closer observation, the couple found that there was a dark red station under each of the crystals. As the surrounding was unlit, they could not see the base at first glance. Furthermore, the spiritual crystals were arranged just like a starry night sky; the crystals densely covered the sky, and the end could not be seen.

In the central part of the galaxy, there was a small high platform that was built with gongs. It looked like a small moon that was rotating slowly in the middle of the galaxy. This view was stunning! One could easily feel as though they were up in the sky for a moment. 

Meanwhile, the cold wind was still present. In fact, the closer they got to the galaxy, the stronger the wind! Di Fuyi's robe fluttered frantically while they were there.

Gu Xijiu was caught in the moment, but after regaining her senses, she felt that this view of the galaxy was somewhat familiar to her. She was certain that she had seen it before. She also realized that the aura in the place gave her a dark and ominous feeling. The wind almost felt like the cries of the dead. Although she was protected by the wizardry barrier set up by Di Fuyi, she could still sense the extreme chill in the surrounding once they reached this place.

Afraid that she was missing some details, Gu Xijiu used a spell to sharpen her vision of the galaxy. After observing everything here, she shuddered! These were wraiths! They seemed to be shielding the spiritual crystals or trapped in them. Either way, they must be the reason for the cold wind. 

These evil spirits were generally red in color; in fact, the more powerful they were, the redder they would appear. Oddly enough, the evil spirits here were pale. It was usually the grievances of the wraiths that caused them to be red. Had these spirits died without suffering? Or had it somehow been sucked away by the crystals and merged into the high red platform at the center? 

"What is this array?" Gu Xijiu whispered and asked the Firmament Stone on her wrist.

The Firmament Stone was also confused. "I don't know. There is nothing about this place in my information bank." Even the worldly Firmament Stone could not recognize it. Therefore, it seemed like this array was extremely rare.

Gu Xijiu was about to reply to it, but Di Fuyi suddenly grabbed her. "Quickly! Teleport us there!" Gu Xijiu did not even question Di Fuyi and immediately teleported to the direction in which he pointed.

Apparently, they had walked into a deadly corner of the formation. Just when they left, the evil wraiths suddenly burst into the scene at the place where they were initially standing!