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2268 I Have Had Enough To Drink; Time To Work!

Perhaps Di Fuyi was really hurt by her brutal honesty the last time they met. Gu Xijiu said that she did not want to see him again and he really went missing from that day onwards. Had she not returned to Luo Hua City, she would not even find out that he was still alive.

It was possible that he did not even think that she would be worried. She decided to stop thinking about, for she did not want to be as childish as he was to her. As long as she knew that he was still alive, she was fine. 

After she finished the bottle of wine, she threw the empty bottle on the ground and shattered it into pieces. The loud sound had attracted many curious eyes. Even the Firmament Stone was surprised.


Gu Xijiu stood up abruptly. "I have had enough to drink; time to work!" She sprung into the air and teleported straight to the city outskirts.

The rain had already stopped pouring, and the moon was once again shining down in its great luminescence, turning everything on the land silver-white. It was actually better to have different shapes of the moon from time to time, she thought. It was boring to keep looking at the full moon every day.

She arrived at Madam Yun's grave. Even the most secure and well-built grave did not seem to be able to keep the people away from digging the coffin out. Gu Xijiu knew that the grave had been disturbed before. In fact, the coffin was reburied not too long ago, so the soil still remained very soft when Gu Xijiu started digging, making her investigation much easier.

In just a brief moment, the coffin resurfaced. Surely, Yun Yanli's men must not have expected that someone else would be interested in the body, so they did not actually nail the coffin shut. With a push, the coffin was open again.

Gu Xijiu did everything so quickly that even the Firmament Stone was convinced that her previous job must have been a tomb raider. Gu Xijiu finally saw Madam Yun's body for the first time.

She hesitated. Her body did not decompose, but it was not as lively as they described her look to be. She was obviously dead. Her skin was rather dry, with a thoroughly pale complexion. However, she could roughly picture how she looked like when she was still alive.

Her appearance was somewhat familiar to Gu Xijiu. From the way Gu Xijiu recalled Yun Qingluo from memory, her face actually looked quite alike with the face of the dead body. She also looked similar to Yun Yanli's sister, who paid no attention to the world whatsoever. Overall, Madame Yun's appearance looked like a combination of the Yun Qingluo that she knew from her past and Princess Yun in the ninth heaven.

The Firmament Stone was reluctant to take another look at the dead body. The same could be said for Gu Xijiu. However, she had to step foot into the coffin and check the body thoroughly. Fortunately, she looked even more professional than a coroner.

"Master, what are you looking for? No matter who she is, a dead body will remain dead. From the look on her face, we can already tell that she died from her obsessive practice in Kung Fu."

The Firmament Stone blabbered on and on. It thought it had almost half of the knowledge required to be a doctor. There did not seem to be anything unusual. 

Gu Xijiu ignored it and continued to check the condition of the dead body from head to toe. All of a sudden, she came to a shocking conclusion. "This body is not her real body. I am afraid that it is only a puppet- the highest quality of its kind."

Shocked, the Firmament Stone questioned, "Puppet? Could she be the reincarnation of Yun Qingluo? I clearly remember that Yun Qingluo was very good in puppet manipulation."

Gu Xijiu did not answer as she was completely absorbed in her thoughts.

"Master, I am impressed that the puppet is enough to fool Yun Yanli. Strange."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Strange? Yun Yanli is not very skilled in medicine. I am actually not surprised that he failed to realize it. Speaking of which, could anyone be better than me in the medical field?"

"That is true," the Firmament Stone honestly approved of that statement. "Master, if she is really the reincarnation of Yun Qingluo, why does she not look like how she used to before?" It questioned.