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2243 Her Observation Skill Was Too Sharp!

Yun Yanli casually said, "There are always fights between the beasts, so it is quite normal for there to be a residual bone, right?"

"This bone belongs to a human."

Gu Xijiu used a leaf to carry the small bone and concluded, "This person has just died. If I am not mistaken, he died last night!"

Yun Yanli remained silent. Her observation skill was too sharp! He knew that she was a doctor and that her medical expertise was very sophisticated. Therefore, she was very familiar with the human body. If she were in the Upper Bound before, it was not unusual for her to make such a conclusion. However, she had lost her memory now. Could she be mistaken?

"How do you know that?" Yun Yanli was very confused.

"Instinct." Gu Xijiu answered in one word.

Yun Yanli was speechless. Well, some skills are acquired naturally and cannot be taken away even by a loss of memory.

Upon closer observation, Gu Xijiu also found a piece of cloth. It was black, and it seemed like it was torn from a robe. She picked it up and tucked it into her sleeve. 

Yun Yanli asked, "Xijiu, do you think that Mr. Fuyi has been killed? I remember that he wore a green robe yesterday."

"This is not him!" Gu Xijiu interrupted. This person died here at around 11 PM. It seemed like some poison eroded him. This was around the time when she broke up with Di Fuyi. Hence, it could not be him. Nonetheless, Gu Xijiu wanted to get down to the bottom of this matter. 

Gu Xijiu did not like to explain when she investigated a case, so she did not reveal much after the cloth was collected. She had already studied the area thoroughly but could not find anything else. Therefore, she decided to leave together with Yun Yanli.

Shortly after they left, a young boy in a light green robe appeared on a big tree in the distance. He had a baby face with two small dimples, which accentuated his looks. It was Die Er, the subordinate of the mysterious black-robed man last night. This person was actually a woman! She just loved menswear and liked to travel around the world as a man.

She looked in the direction in which Gu Xijiu and Yun Yanli took from a distance. She was holding a branch in her hand and shattered it with little effort! Her master treated Gu Xijiu extraordinarily well! In front of her, he even hid more than half of his original strength. Did he just want to be with her on an equal status? Or did he actually have another intention?

While contemplating, the directed audio spell at her waist suddenly lit up. She picked it up and heard a voice from the other side. "Palace Master, we have searched the area within a 500-mile radius and did not find that person."

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"Yes, Palace Master! However, if we continue heading north, we will soon enter the demon realm. If that person has gone into that realm..."

"There is no need to enter! The demon realm in the Shura World does not allow outsiders to enter, and there is also devil fire at the grounds. If an outsider enters into that area, he or she will only be burnt into charcoal."

"Yes, master."


The Shura World was actually huge. It was about the size of China! There were rivers and lakes, deserts and swamps, alpine and hills, as well as a plethora of other things. According to an insider, the entire Shura World used to have a population of more than 100 million people. There were humans, monsters, devils, and beasts.

Although the land here was barren, it was still peaceful. Many communities coexisted in this world. However, a significant change happened 100 years ago. The population here had been reduced by 90%, leaving less than ten million people who survived. They were distributed among the nine remaining cities in the Shura World, and the average population in each town was almost the same at around one million.