The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
2173 A Group Of Beggars 2
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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2173 A Group Of Beggars 2

Surprisingly, the guard went against his words after seeing the selection of the first 20 people. "Even with the spiritual crystal, only the adults within the permitted age range can enter. All men below the age of 50 and women below the age of 30 are allowed to come. The elders and the children below 12 years of age are not welcome. The city has no place for useless people," the guard started insulting them.

The people were startled by his hurtful demand. Out of all the people there, about half the troop was in the permitted range. There were about 30 women above 30 years of age and 30 children below 12 years of age. These people were either the parents of the strong, eligible men or their children. If abandoned, they would have no chance of survival.

Soon, some people started sobbing helplessly. Some of the elders were furious. The children held on tightly to their parents' clothes, as they were too afraid to be abandoned. Meanwhile, the clan leader was obviously infuriated. "What kind of rule is this? How can you be so ruthless to these innocent people!? Where is the governor of the city? I want to meet the governor!"

The guard gave him a laugh. "Our governor is a man of nobility. A beggar like you is not entitled to meet someone as noble as him."

The guard then demanded impatiently, "Are you going to come into the city? Make your decision now! The gate will be completely closed in an hour. You will not be able to enter, even if you change your mind."

Zhao Fengxing looked up and saw the signs of red clouds emerging amidst the darkness. As soon as these red clouds gathered, the rain of blood would fall. The rainwater was not corrosive like acids that could erode anything once touched. Instead, it was more like a disease. A droplet would cause the skin to rot. The worst part was that it was incurable.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The only way to avoid contact was to hide in a deep cave. Furthermore, it is preferable that each individual still shield their bodies with a layer of enchanted animal skin to be completely safe from the rain.

Zhao Fengxing predicted that the blood rain would start pouring in an hour. He could not help but look into the distant woods and wonder why the duo had not shown up. If they were here, they would probably figure something out. Fortunately for the villagers, Zhao Fengxing was someone with personal loyalty for his friends. After a brief discussion with his junior apprentices, they announced proudly, "We will either go or stay behind together with these villagers. We will not enter the city at the moment."

"I am the son of the governor, Hua Zhichun. About a century ago, I left to hunt with a group of friends, and we were unfortunately trapped in the depths of the valley. These people are the descendants of my friends. If you tell the governor about my identity, I believe that he will let us in," the clan leader finally uncovered his family background.

He could tell that these men from the city were well equipped with spiritual power. With the support of spiritual power, one's lifespan could be greatly increased. As the governor of the city, his father used to have his spiritual power at level seven, who happened to be the man with the greatest power in the city at the time; he was expected to live up to 500 years.

Before Hua Zhichun left the city, the old governor was only 50 years old. His father would be 180 years old by now, so he should be around and was most probably the present governor of the city. His father loved him very much as a child. If he knew about the return of his beloved son, he would definitely let everyone else in.

Nonetheless, the guard gave him a sarcastic reply, "I do not care if you are called Hua Zhichun or Ye Zhichun. I have never heard of any of your names!" He gave Hua Zhichun another judgmental look before adding another scornful remark, "From your old and shady look, I think you are more than 100 years old. Our governor is a young man at the peak of his youth. How can he possibly have a son as old as you? If you want to lie, you have to lie properly. Moreover, our governor's surname is not Hua."
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