The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
2085 The Gossips Were Merely Rumors...
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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2085 The Gossips Were Merely Rumors...

No one had expected that Mr. Fuyi and Prince Nianmo would be the same man. The young man who spoke out knew him personally, for they had fought many monsters together. He was a friend. Completely absorbed in the shocking truth, he had truly forgotten to kneel before the prince.

When he finally reacted, many had already risen. Before he could kneel, Di Fuyi immediately held him back. "Brother Jian An, there is no need for the courtesy." Brother Jianan did not kneel, but he did not know what to feel. There was a mixture of feelings, for he seemed proud and yet disappointed at the same time.

When they met, Di Fuyi was only a Golden Immortal while he was already a Mighty Immortal, so he did not feel very hopeful about what Di Fuyi could achieve. After their many adventures together, he realized that Di Fuyi was quite experienced in strategic planning and dealing with many affairs. Although his Kung Fu was the only advantage he had over Di Fuyi, Di Fuyi was the one who saved his life before.

As they spent more time together, Jian An slowly became Di Fuyi's younger brother. He thought that Mr. Fuyi would be at least be 1,000 to 2,000 years old. To his surprise, his company turned out to be Prince Nianmo, who was only six years old.

Di Fuyi's presence had definitely created a stir. The Emperor Immortal invited him to be seated at the top priority seat. His status was even nobler than the Emperor Immortal, so there was nothing unreasonable about this gesture. As a distinguished guest, Gu Xijiu was seated fairly close to him.

Di Fuyi greeted Gu Xijiu smilingly as if she was a friend. "Mighty Immoral Gu, how are you?" His charming smile and bright eyes were very attractive. When he looked at her, she felt as if the warmth of spring had just blessed her.

Surprised by his warm greeting, she answered him with a smile, "I hope you are doing well, Prince Nianmo."

Di Fuyi's eyes suddenly darkened while the smile on his face faded. Swiftly, he poured a cup of tea and flickered it across to Gu Xijiu with a spell. "I would like to thank you for your help in my progress, Mighty Immortal Gu. I want to propose a toast to you."

The cup of tea circled for a few rounds in the air but never spilled. Slowly, but steadily, it moved towards Gu Xijiu. With the cup in her hand, Gu Xijiu took a sip and responded politely, "You are welcome."

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the crowd was somewhat convinced that they were not a couple. They stood gazing blankly at one another. They did not believe Gu Xijiu's clarification back then, but upon seeing their unaccustomed interaction, they were more or less convinced now- the gossips were merely rumors.

Di Fuyi looked at the faces of the people, but only Fairy Yingxue caught his attention. "My old senior, about the man who was entranced by her beauty, who did you mean, exactly?"

He called her his old senior. Fairy Yingxue's face went pale. She especially hated it when people described her as old, for she did not look her age at all. However, he was Shen Nianmo, who was only six years old. There was nothing wrong from his standpoint.

She coughed. "My prince, I should not be called an old senior. As compared to your parents, I am merely a junior."

"Who do you think you are? How dare you compare yourself to the Divine Couple!?" Di Fuyi's smile disappeared instantly. He was irritated by her ignorance.

Momentarily, Fairy Yingxue was at a loss for words. Her face turned even paler as she stammered, "I… I did not mean it that way."

All she wanted to say was that she was only a junior as compared to the Divine Couple and that she was closer to the generation of Shen Nianmo, so she certainly was not entitled to be called as an old senior. Before she could finish her sentence, Di Fuyi had stepped in and interrupted her. "What did you mean, then? Don't you think that you do not even deserve to be called as a junior of the Divine Lord?"

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