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2079 The Fairy Flower Feast 4

Once a celestial being had practiced to the level of a Golden Immortal, their speed of aging would slow down dramatically. It would appear that even after a thousand years, their body would only look like it aged for a year.

To reach the level of a Golden Immortal, it took at least hundreds to thousands of years. By the time they reached that level, they would look like a woman in their late twenties. Only a few geniuses could reach the level of a Golden Immortal level in 300 to 400 years, and they would look like a woman in their early twenties- 23 to 24 years old.

For example, this best-looking female Mighty Immortal, Fairy Yingxue, was 4000 years old, but she looked like a 27-year-old. It was considered very young. Therefore, since the skills of this mysterious grimace person must be extremely high, it seemed like she had almost reached the level of a Great Deity, according to their estimations, she should be at least ten thousand years old or even more. Hence, even if she could maintain her body shape and voice well, her looks must have aged. She should look like a woman between 40 and 50 years old.

Perhaps, her facial muscles had been sagging, which was why she always wore a mask to cover her ugliness. On the contrary, Fairy Yingxue had always been proud of her beauty. Even if her skills were not as good as others, her outlook was always glamorous and could not be taken away by other people.

After she said those words to Gu Xijiu, she was cheered on by the crowd; everyone started to persuade Gu Xijiu to remove her mask. They used different excuses to achieve their goal, but essentially, everyone was curious about her true appearance.

Even the Emperor Immortal was somewhat curious. He had not seen the actual appearance of Gu Xijiu before. However, he had heard from his four custodians that she was gorgeous. Nonetheless, he did not know how beautiful she was. Could she be comparable to the Great Devil, Ning Xuemo? In the past, the Great Devil, Ning Xuemo, also liked to wear red, and her beauty had amazed the entire Saha World.

At this time, only the ten masters were silent. After all, they had already seen the true appearance of Gu Xijiu. Master Fengxing suddenly coughed. "This lady has always been wearing a mask, and everyone is used to it. It is understandable to wear it this time. Besides, for us to cultivate immortality, our skin is only present to cover our body. Why is everyone bothered about her appearance?" The other nine masters nodded to agree with his statement.

Gu Xijiu was sitting steadily. After she finished listening to everyone, she chucked. "Master Fengxing is right. Why would you all bother about my appearance? There is no rule stating that a guest can't wear a mask to attend the feast. Your Majesty, what do you think?"

The Emperor Immortal answered, "This…" The more she rejected, the more curious they were about her appearance. The Emperor Immortal smiled and said, "There is really no such rule in the Saha World. Even if Mighty Immortal Gu always wears a mask, it is not against the rules. However, since everyone comes to this gathering to make more friends, if Mighty Immortal Gu continues to wear a mask, no one will know your true appearance. In the future, if they meet you somewhere else, they will not be able to recognize you. It's not a good thing, so if there is no other problem, I think Mighty Immortal Gu should take off her mask."

Since the Emperor Immortal said this, everyone also started to follow and persuade her. Gu Xijiu looked down and smiled. "I don't want to make any friend here, so it doesn't matter if they recognize me or not. I came here just to make an announcement, not to have beauty competition with other celestial beings. Your Majesty, I hope that you can understand my position."

She did not even give face to the Emperor Immortal! Some people were not happy with it. They yelled, "Mighty Immortal Gu, how can you refute His Majesty? You are too rude!"