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2008 Treating The Injuries 3

The pill from the Divine Lord must be very effective. However, he had given this to his son to keep him safe.

"About the tablet, how many do you have?" Gu Xijiu wanted to know.

"One. Why?"

"If you give it to me now, what if you need it in the future?"

"Don't worry. I am sure that that day will never come. Stop talking nonsense. Eat it now!" Di Fuyi was unusually confident. He put the tablet into her mouth and demanded, "Be good. Take the pill."

His tone was as familiar as ever. Gu Xijiu was amused and at the same time felt a bit bitter. However, she did not reject his offer this time; she ingested the tablet. The tablet smelled nice but tasted bad. Gu Xijiu's face wrinkled in an ungainly fashion. She took a while to swallow it. By that time, her tongue was already numb from the bad taste.

Di Fuyi took out another sweet and put it into her mouth. "It will help soothe the taste." The sweetness finally suppressed the bad taste that lingered at the tip of on her tongue. It was the taste of her favorite sweet- maple sugar. She finally felt better.

She looked at him in disbelief. She had certainly not expected that he would prepare everything so thoughtfully. Perhaps it was because he was still young; every child fancied sweets. What surprised her more was that they both shared the same tastes.

"Come. Let me transfer some spiritual power to help you dissolve the tablet." Di Fuyi pulled her hands over and covered her palms to make the connection. He then transferred his spiritual power to put the tablet into effect.

The tablet was indeed magical. Soon after she swallowed it, she could tell that the tablet was already taking effect. The pain that had been keeping her on edge finally started to fade. Gu Xijiu even felt that her damaged organs were beginning to heal themselves. She was suddenly hopeful. Perhaps with the tablet, they would not have to perform the Triumphant Recovery Treatment anymore.

She was relieved of the pain and was also mentally more eased; at least she could sit properly in the tub now. She opened her eyes, only to catch Di Fuyi's unmoving gaze.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Di Fuyi had taken his mask off, revealing his true face. His facial features were intricately crafted, looking so surreal. His face must have been the work of God. Features like this were enough to cause an entire city to fall, which was why he had to wear his mask at all times. Otherwise, he would have to deal with many more unwanted love affairs.

His face was so familiar to Gu Xijiu. Somehow she had the irrational impulse of wrapping herself in his arms. Fortunately, that impulse only lasted for a brief second. Soon, her logic took over. How can she shamelessly have a crush on a child? 

Di Fuyi's pitch-black eyes were looking at her beautiful face fixedly. He seemed distracted too. Their eyes met, and there was a sense of awkwardness in the air. He hesitated a little, then asked a round of insignificant questions, "Has the tablet started to take effect? Are you still in pain? Do you want me to transfer more spiritual power to you? Do you still taste the bitterness on your tongue? I still have more sweets."

He had been acting arrogantly since he entered the room and spoke sarcastically, but all of a sudden, his attitude changed. He became so caring to her. Gu Xijiu did not know how to react to this change. "You…"

Why did the child change his mind?

Her hesitation reminded Di Fuyi that he might have been a little overwhelming. Suddenly, he moved his body closer to hers and gave her a smile. "Are you attracted by my beauty? Are you touched?"

His smile did not seem entirely innocent; he was teasing her. Because they were so close, she could feel his warm breaths on her face. Gu Xijiu was rather confused at this time.