The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1998 Treating The Wounds 2
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1998 Treating The Wounds 2

Gu Xijiu could feel her heart pounding in her chest, but she could not suppress it. She knew she must not delay her treatment any longer. She had to find someone she could trust to help her with her recovery; otherwise, she would lose her life in the wilderness.

She thought about Long Siye and wanted to get in touch with him for his help, but she could not find the directed audio spell in her storage bag. She must have lost it during the violent fight. It probably slipped from her bag when she took her weapons out.

Therefore, she could only approach him, personally.

Lu Wu offered its help. "Master, I will carry you there!"

The mussel disagreed. "Silly, our master can barely hold herself together. I should take her in my shell, and you can carry us both."

"It is you who wishes to get a free ride, right? Why do you have to make it sound like master needs it?" Lu Wu disdained the idea.

Weakly, Gu Xijiu tried to stop them from arguing. "We cannot go by air. There will surely be interceptions. Mussel, please carry me away via Ground Drilling."

All the masters had suffered a significant loss in the Feng Yun Valley. Certainly, they would send out their men to hunt her down. Therefore, Ground Drilling was the only way out. However, there was a long way to go. With Ground Drilling, they could only make it to Long Siye's place after five or six days. Her treatment could not be delayed for that long. Therefore, Gu Xijiu proposed another idea. The mussel would carry her to the seventh heaven. From there, Lu Wu would camouflage into the appearance of a horse and carry her all the way.

The mussel's Ground Drilling had reached a high degree of technical proficiency. It could dig its way down without leaving any signs behind. With their level of Kung Fu, the mussel and Lu Wu would not leave any traces behind unless they did it on purpose, which explained why Di Fuyi failed to find anything.

Long Siye had been very busy for the past few years. He used to be the leader of a clan. Even with his memory erased, his instincts remained, so his people skills came in handy. Not only did his Kung Fu increase tremendously, but he was also promoted to an even higher social rank as well. He was already a general now, the right-hand man of the Emperor Immortal.

As a general, he surely had many men, so he could always receive the latest news. He had undoubtedly heard the news about Gu Xijiu in the Feng Yun Valley and Mount Wujie. He knew that Gu Xijiu successfully escaped, but was injured and that her whereabouts were unknown.

He was concerned with her wellbeing, so he tried to call her many times via his directed audio spell, but she never picked up. He had also sent many secret agents to find her. However, three days went by, but no news came by.

The skies were already dark. He was circling his room restlessly like ants on a hot pan when all of a sudden, a black carriage landed in his backyard. The carriage looked somewhat odd, and not just because it was entirely black. Even the horse pulling the carriage was black.

Many guards were protecting the area of his residence. The sudden emergence of a black carriage would certainly catch their attention. Therefore, they surrounded the carriage and started to interrogate.

They could not hear any sound from the carriage; it was in complete silence. Instead, the 'magical horse' started communicating, "I hereby request to see General Long. An old acquaintance of his is here to visit."

The guards had seen many magical horses before, but they had never met such an arrogant one.

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