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1996 The Breakup 4

"She is not!" Di Fuyi interrupted.

Hesitantly, Master Fengxing continued, "Fuyi, you may know one's appearance, but you may never know one's intentions. You are too young to understand that one's heart is incomprehensible. We have to protect you against the woman; she has a dubious background and excellent Kung Fu. Do you really fancy her?"

Di Fuyi surprisingly turned around and gave him a tight smile. "What if I really do fancy her?"

Both Master Fengxing and Spiritual Master Yuhang panicked. "No! No way! You are not good together!"

Did the child really fall for the old woman? Although the old woman was exceptionally beautiful, their age gap was too large to be ignored. Nianmo was only six.

"Good or not, we shall decide it on our own. It is not up to you to decide."

"She will never be true to you. She must have evil motives."

Di Fuyi responded with a smile and said something even more surprising, "Even if she really has evil motives, I insist that I must marry her and make her my wife." Di Fuyi gave no further attention to the people, who stood frozen, not knowing what to do. He summoned his ride and left.

He had to go looking for Gu Xijiu, the woman who once said that she would kidnap him and make him her husband. He was desperate for them to get married right away. He was young; there was no rush. Additionally, she was old enough, so the marriage could wait for a few more years.

When he traveled the world as Mr. Fuyi, he had made many friends from many different regions and industries who had different capabilities. Some of them were excellent at finding people. When he found out that Gu Xijiu was severely injured and could not reach her, he quickly made contacts with a few of these people, so they could help search for her.

With her injuries, she would not make it very far. She was probably hiding somewhere odd to treat her wounds. He believed that he would find her in no time.

To his dismay, he received no news about her even after three days.

All his friends had searched every corner in the Feng Yun Valley, covering the area as wide as they could. They only managed to find a small piece of cloth and a pool of dried out blood on the floor in one of the caves in the snowy mountain. She was nowhere to be seen.

On the mountaintop, Di Fuyi held the piece of cloth tightly in his hand. He studied the blood and realized that it must have been spat, instead of dripped. He could also tell based on the clues left behind that she had been lying down on one side. He could tell that her injuries were severe, as she could hardly sit. Obviously, she once took a rest here.

The signs were left behind just three days ago, and based on their observations, she must have stayed for less than an hour before she left. Why was she in a rush to leave, even with the severity of her injuries? What happened?

Di Fuyi was unable to contain his curiosity that burned like a raging wildfire. He pinched his lips into a tight line and started searching for more clues.

"There is nothing else, brother. We have searched the entire place." His friend told him.

Di Fuyi said nothing more and continued his search in the cave; later, he extended his search outside the cave. 

Suddenly, an idea came to him. He took out the directed audio spell and tried to contact her once more. His eyes swept across the area and found something. He leaped and dug up the snow. His fingers froze at sight. There it was, a dark-red directed audio spell, covered in the snow.

It was the directed audio spell that she used to keep in touch with him. He did not know that she had left it behind in the snow. No wonder that he could not reach her.

The directed audio spell used to be in a pale color, but it was covered in too much blood now. Even the snow had been stained. Did she leave it behind because it was too filthy?