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1919 Why Don“t We Try To Look For Them?

"Eldest Senior has gone out to investigate the case. It's already two days, and he has yet to return. I'm worried about him." The teenager with a round face said.

"Don't worry; Eldest Senior is very intelligent, so far no one could beat him. I'm sure he can solve the problem and will return safely." The young lady had very high confidence in her eldest senior as her eyes were filled with admiration.

"Why not we report it to master? We can't bear to lose Eldest Senior! What if he is missing? You know that he is still quite young…" The calm boy spoke his mind.

"Impossible! Eldest Senior will not go missing!" The girl started exclaimed. "Even if everyone is missing, he won't be! He is the most powerful one!"

The calm boy decided to be silent.

"Let's wait a little longer. After all, we will be punished if master knows about it as we secretly sneaked out without his permission. Moreover, Eldest Senior told us to wait for him for three days. Today is just the second day; perhaps, he will come later…" The other boy tried to ease the situation.

The girl pursed her lips. "He has never let us down; he will definitely come back!"

Gu Xijiu shook her head as she listened to their conversation. Apparently, their Eldest Senior sounded like someone with prestige who was admired by many. Gu Xijiu wondered about the identity of this person as well. However, he should be quite young, according to his juniors. Perhaps, he was only 17 or 18? After all, the eldest missing kid was only 17. How powerful could a kid be at 17 or 18?

"Why don't we try to look for them?" The calm boy suggested.

"No way! Eldest Senior said that the kidnapper is at least as strong as a Senior Immortal. He is powerful; it doesn't help even if we go."

"We can't just sit here and do nothing, right?"

"Of course. In fact, we have already acted against Eldest Senior's wishes. He told us to wait in the hotel for three days and don't go anywhere. However, we left the hotel and even came to the market…"

"It's boring to stay in the hotel every day. Moreover, we are just here for our meals."

The three of them were having an aggressive debate.

In fact, the guests at the other tables were also talking about the same incident. However, the three teenagers seemed to carry a unique aura with them; hence, they attracted a lot of attention as they managed to achieve the power of Middle Immortals at such a young age.

Gu Xijiu was drinking alone while listening to their conversation and also observing everyone's expression. Swiftly, she smiled as she took a sip of the wine.

It was very late at night, the three disciples of Spiritual Master Yuhang had fallen asleep in two separate rooms in the hotel.

Although they were yet to be adults, they entered the puberty cycle and understood the difference between males and females. Therefore, they were separated into two rooms when they rested.

The two boys shared the same room, while the girl had her own room. Luckily, their rooms were just next to each other. Thus, they could take care of each other as all of them could be alerted if something happened in either room.

The three of them were extremely alert as many kids had gone missing. Therefore, they even set up some mechanisms in the room before they went to bed.

The entire hotel was very quiet as most of the guests had gone to bed. Suddenly, there was light at the corridor, and two men appeared.