The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1918 Returning To Heaven
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1918 Returning To Heaven

The two children were slightly older than Shen Nianmo; one was eight years old, and the other was nine. Certainly, both were the most intelligent and talented from their group. Initially, they were not willing to play with Shen Nianmo as they thought he was too young and would be very childish. Most importantly, they were jealous of Shen Nianmo's attractiveness, which far exceeded theirs. The little girl was beautiful, and everyone always complimented her. They said she was as beautiful as a fairy. However, she looked very ordinary when she was standing beside Shen Nianmo.

To their surprise, Shen Nianmo had grown up so much right after the birthday party! Although he was not as tall as them, there was not much difference anymore. That made them curious, so they began to be closer to him. They would play the role of his senior to get his respect. 

Unfortunately, Shen Nianmo soon realized that they could not really click as there were not many similarities shared among them! In fact, Shen Nianmo found that he was far more knowledgeable than them.

Not wanting to seem inferior, the little boy proposed a fight to prove their capabilities. Shen Nianmo agreed; however, he had a condition: whoever won the fight would be the boss, regardless of their age. All parties agreed and prepared to fight. 

Shen Nianmo was very brutal to the little boy. His face was bruised in numerous places. The little girl suffered similar injuries as well. Although the little boy and girl managed to find their way to attack Shen Nianmo together, he still managed to defeat them. As a result, the little boy and girl recognized Shen Nianmo as their senior after half a day of battle.

When Spiritual Master Yuhang brought the three of them back to the clan, he was pissed off as he noticed that his two disciples could not stop referring to Shen Nianmo as their senior. 

Gu Xijiu felt extremely relieved as the mission that she had been working on for almost 200 years has finally been completed. She checked with the strange sound in her head if there was anything else that she had to do; however, it remained silent for a while. Only when Gu Xijiu thought it would not respond, it said, "Just go with the flow."

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief and immediately inquired the question she put in her heart for 200 years. "Is Huang Tu the former Lord? How is he doing now?" The sound remained silent for a moment before it continued, "Huang Tu has immortalized, he will never be in this world again."

Gu Xijiu was at a loss for words and felt a chronic pain in her chest! She could not believe that the man who frequently appeared in her dream had disappeared entirely from this world.

Initially, she still hoped that person would come to heaven. It was fine even if he did not become a Mighty Immortal or he chose to become a hermit who had lost all his memories just like others. She hoped that was the reason she could not find him.

Back in the past, the strange sound in her mind promised that it would tell her the truth after she completed her mission; hence, she thought there was hope. Unfortunately, she was disappointed again after 200 years of effort!

Gu Xijiu had been sitting on a tree for quite a while to the extent the Firmament Stone thought she was turning into a fossil. Right at that moment, she finally moved and said, "Little Cang, let's go home."

The Firmament Stone was also depressed as it was hoping Huang Tu would still be alive. If that were the case, its master might still have the chance to reunite with him. However, their hope had utterly vanished now.

Its master missed Huang Tu so much even though she did not have any memory of him. If she could still remember him, she would probably have killed herself. In fact, Gu Xijiu could still stay two more months in heaven; however, nothing here could bring any interest to her anymore.

Although she has been staying in heaven for quite some time, she felt she was a guest rather than a native. In fact, she did not have many friends up there as she only interacted with a few people for the sake of the mission.

The ones she cherished were Long Siye and Yun Yanli. However, Long Siye has been very busy since he became a commander, while Yun Yanli was still missing. Thus, there was nothing she would miss anyway.

Therefore, she sent a message to Long Siye and told him that she was leaving. Long Siye was surprised and asked why she intended to leave early.

Gu Xijiu gave a rather simple explanation; she claimed that she had completed her mission and had no other reason to stay. Moreover, she had something else to do as there was chaos on earth which she needed to solve.

Long Siye continued, "Xijiu, I'll wait for you to come half a year later! Let me be your host!"

Gu Xijiu only offered a smile as she did not plan to come again. "I don't plan to come again." Gu Xijiu did not want Long Siye to wait hopelessly; hence, she decided to come clean with him. "I probably will not come in the next few years."

Long Siye remained silent for quite a while and asked, "Xijiu, do you not want me as your friend anymore?"

Gu Xijiu sighed. "Why would I? You'll be my friend forever."

"Then, I'll wait for you to come!"

Gu Xijiu remained silent for a while and continued, "Let's see."

She was not sure if she would still want to come here. After all, she did not miss this place, and there was nothing much she could do to help Long Siye anymore since he had already gotten a good job.

Gu Xijiu heard that Long Siye has been working very hard and insisted on practicing his cultivation every day after his duty and hardly took any breaks.

Gu Xijiu never knew that Long Siye was so aggressive as he lived a very slow life back on earth and did not really care about his status when he was Long Xi. Perhaps, he did not want to live shamefully with discrimination. After all, Long Siye was a person with pride.

Perhaps, in less than 10,000 years, he could already become a Mighty Immortal based on his talent and effort. It was good to have a goal!
Gu Xijiu actually envied him because one would not feel lonely when he had a goal to fight for. Gu Xijiu was already bored living for only 200 years. She shook her head at that thought and decided not to think about it. She returned to earth right away.

In fact, Long Siye was at a critical moment of his cultivation when he spoke to Gu Xijiu. He was idling as he looked at the directed audio spell after talking to her. Although he did not have any memories about his past, he still had a special feeling for Gu Xijiu. However, her status was too mighty; hence, he did not confess. He was too embarrassed to show his love.

"Xijiu, I do not care about the past, but I like you very much now. I'll work harder to improve myself as I hope we can stand side by side together one day…" He whispered as he looked at the directed audio spell.

He continued his cultivation after heaving a sigh of relief. He had his own plan. He was having the status of a Senior Immortal at the moment. In less than 10,000 years, he could probably achieve the level of a Mighty Immortal based on his current cultivation progress.

By that time, Gu Xijiu would immortalize, and she would ascend to heaven and become a Mighty Immortal without any memories. Thus, he could pursue her and protect her. He still hoped he could be slightly stronger so that she could be proud of him. He knew that she was looking for someone. He did not want her to keep someone else in her heart; he just wished that she would wait for him to be stronger.

Gu Xijiu stayed on Earth for quite some time. She did not go to heaven for five years. She still had many friends on the earth, such as Little Fox and her friends from Tianju Hall; even her brother. Moreover, she had a lot of work to do, and that consumed quite a lot of her time.

Back then, she knew what was she living for, she knew what she wanted, and she fought for it. However, things got a little boring once she had mastered everything. She did not even know what she wanted anymore, and no one understood her feeling.

Perhaps, she finally knew that Huang Tu was permanently gone and so she surrendered to fate. Eventually, she seemed to have completely forgotten about him. Whenever she did think about him in her dreams, it would only put her into a depressive state. 

During those times, the Firmament Stone would try to comfort her. "Master, you can always find a better one. You should let him go. Perhaps, you might find someone even better than him in the future."

In fact, the mystical voice said before that Gu Xijiu would have a good relationship with Yun Yanli after 200 years. However, there was a critical change in heaven, and Yun Yanli was missing; hence, the Firmament Stone was not sure if Yun Yanli could reunite with its master. 

'The prince seemed nice and talented; he looked compatible with my master. Unfortunately, he went missing…' The Firmament Stone tried to check with the mystical voice again to make sure what it had said was true. However, the mystical sound only replied, "Just go with the flow."

The Firmament Stone was extremely pissed off! It could not stop cursing the mystical voice as it did not keep its promise.

Anxiously, the voice said, "She has unintentionally changed her destiny; hence, she is free to control her own destiny…"

The Firmament Stone was a little confused. "When did this happen?"

The mystical voice remained silent.

The Firmament Stone went straight to the point. "Do you mean she can arrange her own destiny in the future? Including her marriage?"

"Not bad!" The mystical voice was impressed. 

The Firmament Stone heaved a sigh of relief, but he still thought about Yun Yanli. "How about Yun Yanli? Will he still come to earth?"

"When your master went to heaven, Yun Yanli's destiny changed. He might not come to the earth anymore."

The Firmament Stone finally caught a critical point. "Is he still in heaven?"

The mystical voice did not speak anymore. However, the Firmament Stone guessed that it was correct. It still wished to match its master and Yun Yanli since Di Fuyi was gone. Therefore, the Firmament Stone began to talk about Yun Yanli more often and hinted to Gu Xijiu that he was still in heaven. He was probably trapped somewhere and still waiting for someone to rescue him.

Coincidentally, the mussel and Lu Wu had achieved a level ten spiritual power and also escaped from the Heavenly Challenge. However, they could not leave everything behind; hence, they did not choose to ascend to heaven. Instead, they often asked Gu Xijiu to bring them along to heaven when she visited.

Gu Xijiu paid a visit to heaven again after five years. There was a huge change up there since her last visit. The new Emperor Immortal had successfully established his empire, and everything was managed orderly.

The three realms were in harmony and the community even set up a market in the fifth heaven so that the residents from the three realms could do some business there. It was a new highlight! 

Gu Xijiu brought the mussel and Lu Wu to the market for a feast. Apparently, the restaurant was the best place to collect information as she heard big news that someone was missing when they had their meal.

There were many kids with high spiritual power from all the three realms missing in the last two years; all were of different ages. The youngest was between seven to eight years old while the oldest was about 17 years old. All of them were geniuses, and they were the treasures of each clan. To everyone's surprise, they had gone missing and never returned. The situation was extremely worrying.

Gu Xijiu heard it from three teenagers who looked around 14 to 15 years old. One of the teenagers looked pretty in a light red dress while the other two boys were in light red robes. One seemed very energetic, and the other looked calm and careful. Both were very charming.

Gu Xijiu did not know any of them, but she could recognize their uniform. They were the disciples of Spiritual Master Yuhang, and they should be at the level of Middle Immortals based on the color of their robes.

Gu Xijiu had something in mind! She remembered that when she attended Little Nianmo's birthday party, he was recruited by Spiritual Master Yuhang, and he was going to be taken under his wings for the first decade.

She guessed Shen Nianmo was still learning under Spiritual Master Yuhang at the moment and wondered how was he doing. Suddenly, she smiled as she seemed to recall Shen Nianmo's charming appearance.

Five years have passed; the little boy should be six years old by now. Since he grew faster than normal, perhaps, he looked like a teenager now? Anyway, she was sure that he would look charming!

Gu Xijiu liked that little boy. However, she felt uneasy when she remembered that he was the reincarnation of the master of the heavenly law. After all, the heavenly law was the main culprit of all the suffering she had gone through, including the vanishing of her beloved.
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