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1801 No Matter What, You Are The Most Handsome

Di Fuyi squinted and smiled at Gu Xijiu's response. "I can't be copied. I am the most attractive man in the world and no one can surpass me."

Gu Xijiu pushed him. "Hey, don't be so proud. If I have a son, I must let him surpass you!"

Di Fuyi responded, "It doesn't matter if he is more capable than me, but the position he carries in your heart can't exceed mine..."

Gu Xijiu squinted back. "You are jealous of your own son! Anyway, it is too early to be jealous. There is nothing confirmed yet… Otherwise, let us have a daughter. Our daughter would be graceful and cute. People used to say that a daughter resembled the ex-girlfriend of the father. I believe you will pamper her very much!"

Di Fuyi was helpless. "I think you will be the one who is jealous that time…"

Gu Xijiu shook her head. "No, the more you pamper our daughter, the more joy I have. By that time, the three of us would be inseparable. We will travel together and have activities together. Our daughter will be lovely." The more she spoke, the more she yearned for it. Her eyes shone brighter in excitement. 

Both of them talked on the bed for a while. Gu Xijiu simply lied on his chest and looked at his face. Her attention fell on his hair. His hair was black and silky. It looked very smooth and shiny... She grabbed some hair and played with it before she asked, "By the way, why did your hair turn black again? Can it be adjusted? I never knew you had this ability. In fact, your white hair looks very attractive, and you look charming with it," she paused and continued, "No matter what, you are still the most handsome to me."

She hugged his waist. "Fuyi, since I love you so much, can you please stay? I can't live without you."

If a patient with a terminal illness knew that he was especially needed, he would naturally develop the courage to fight the disease! There would be a strong desire for survival, and a strong desire to survive was the key to defeating the disease...

Gu Xijiu actually did not want to put pressure on him. However, she wanted him to understand how much she needed him so that he would fight against fate. Perhaps he could create a miracle!

Di Fuyi remained silent, but he felt as if there was a knife stabbing his heart. However, he smiled when he responded, "I will work hard for it!" For the woman in his arms, he had to work hard!

Some people said that women are a tomb for a hero. In fact, women can also be the motivation for a hero to fight forward. The woman in his arms was the only one he would want to retain in his life. She was his favorite person in the world and the only one that he could not give up.

He kissed her forehead at that thought. "I am delighted that I can meet you in my life!" She was the one who let him taste true love. She let him understand that the world was so beautiful and being alive was so amazing!

Her arms were still wrapped around him as she responded, "Me too."

Although he had hurt her a lot, she never regretted meeting him and falling in love with him... The girl who was always cold and steady became talkative in front of him; she even liked to be pampered by him and loved to hold him like a little girl.

Di Fuyi had changed her. She was no longer the cold-hearted assassin that she was before. How could he let her be alone in this world now? How could he bear to leave her?

Gu Xijiu seemed to think of something just then. "Since even The Lord has to die someday and pass everything to a successor, who was The Lord before you? There must have been someone, right?"