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1775 Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments 6

Most of Gu Xijiu's belongings were in her storage bag that was attached to her original body. In fact, there were some items in the Firmament Stone's storage space, but all of them were valuable items and medicines rather than daily necessity.

Without being asked, Di Fuyi suddenly got a comb in his palm out of nowhere. "Is this what you need?"

Gu Xijiu took a glimpse and realized it was the comb he made for her when they were living in the forbidden land after they got married. She had been using it for eight years. He got the comb well polished until it became shiny. However, when they broke up, she returned everything he gave to him, including the comb. Gu Xijiu was surprised that he had it with him. In fact, she liked the comb very much. Thus, she wanted to take it. However, Di Fuyi let her sit on a futon instead. "Here, let me fix it for you."

Gu Xijiu patiently waited. Her new body was probably better than her old one because both her skin and hair were extremely beautiful.

Her skin was fair and moist, while her hair was as smooth as silk. Although it was rather messy now, it was still very smooth and shiny. Di Fuyi had helped her to comb her hair before; hence, he was quite familiar with it. When the comb rubbed on her scalp, it was like massaging her head.

Suddenly, Gu Xijiu thought of a saying, 'When the first brush reaches the tip, the newlywed couple will respect each other; when the second brush reaches the tip, the newlywed couple would love each other until they are old…'.

Her chest felt tight all of a sudden. She knew that they would never experience that and they could never grow old together. Gu Xijiu felt like crying at the thought of it, but she remained calm and kept it in. She wanted to spend his last three months with him wisely! So, she decided to put everything else aside.

Certainly, she still needed a solution to make him stay... Since she has made so many miracles, perhaps, this would also come to fruition! She could not lose him!

In fact, she was extremely exhausted because she had not been resting for a month. With Di Fuyi now in her sights, her worries had now faded. Therefore, she began to feel sleepy.

When Di Fuyi was combing her hair, she felt that her eyelids were very heavy... Di Fuyi made a nice hairstyle for her. He got a mirror and placed it in front of her. "Baby, look! Is it nice?"

Gu Xijiu did not answer, but her body slumped to one side. Di Fuyi was shocked and quickly held her. He took a look and realized her eyes were closed. Luckily, she was just asleep! Her eyelashes were still wet, and a shadow was formed below her eyes. There were two light circles above her cheek. Apparently, she was exhausted.

He was relieved that she could finally get some rest. Thus, he bent to carry her. Her hand immediately held his top, and she buried her head into his embrace. She used to wrap her arms around his waist every time he carried her; even when she was asleep. There were some habits which were really difficult to get rid of. But the half a year apart did force her to change. And to his dismay, she no longer hugged his waist this time. She left one of her hands hanging beside her body when he carried her. It looked quite pitiful for her to be carried that way.