The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1761 The Battle Between The Lord and The Stand-In Lord 2
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1761 The Battle Between The Lord and The Stand-In Lord 2

Before Di Fuyi could say anything, Long Moyan took a step backward. Between his fingertips emerged a five-colored light… He was, in fact, very capable. He built a bamboo mansion beside the hill in a short period of time. It was octagonal, with arches and eaves, as well as dangling silver bells, making it seem elegant and traditional.

Looking at it from afar, the bamboo building looked more luxurious than his bamboo abode. Long Moyan's bamboo abode looked like a residence, but that bamboo building looked like a king's palace.

He bowed respectfully and spoke, "My Lord, please go into the bamboo building and have a rest."

Di Fuyi's eyes sparkled. He did not reject this time. "Okay, that is nice of you." He then lifted his foot and marched towards the bamboo building.

Long Moyan gave off an almost inaudible sigh and followed in hurriedly.

The bamboo building was well-furnished. There were wooden stools and a couch, along with other ancient wooden furniture… Each one of them looked dainty.

Di Fuyi walked around the building, and Long Moyan invited him to have a seat by an ancient wooden table. With a sincere-looking face, he requested, "My Lord, is my power acceptable?"

Di Fuyi laughed a little before he responded, "Prince Long has already reached a level ten spiritual power. He is to be congratulated."

As Long Moyan used his powers, he knew that he could not hide his true identity before Di Fuyi; hence, he said respectfully, "Moyan comes from above; first, he had his memory blocked and was unable to recall what happened in the past. It was only until a few days ago that he remembers. Moyan has achieved a level ten spiritual power but did not mean to hide his true identity. I hope that My Lord you would forgive me…"

Di Fuyi threw him a glance. That person was so good at speaking… He examined the bamboo building and gave some feedback, "Your powers are quite great, but to be the stand-in Lord, I would need to test your other capabilities."

"Please carry out your tasks, My Lord."

"Knowing how to fight is a capability." As Di Fuyi stretched out his arm, he was wielding a long sword. He snapped his fingers, and the long sword cracked the roof of the building and flew into the sky!

It turned about in the air and transformed into a couple of shorter swords, which arranged themselves into a Bagua matrix. Each tip of the swords was aimed at Long Moyan, but none of them had attacked him yet. The murderous atmosphere had lifted the entire roof of the bamboo building…

Firmament Stone silently laid on Di Fuyi's wrist, and mused, "My Lord, are you jealous? Long Moyan is quick at building and you are quick at bulldozing!"

"Long Moyan, try and destroy my sword matrix. Do not say that I did not warn you, but this matrix is extremely malicious, and you will need to destroy it or else you would be sacrificed within it."

Di Fuyi was sitting on a treetop while sounds of the river flowing and the wind in the air permeated the hillside. Long Moyan's countenance changed a little. That sword matrix was too malicious! If he did not perform to his full potential, he would die! Before he sorted out his thoughts, the little swords had already started swooping down on him with force!

Firmament Stone was experienced. Simply by looking at the sword matrix, he realized how malicious it was; hence, he asked warily, "My Lord, such a matrix is to defeat the demons, isn't it? Even if Long Moyan has reached a level ten spiritual power, he would not be able to handle it. Don't put him to death. If you kill the stand-in Lord, what would my boss do in the future?"

Di Fuyi replied nonchalantly, "If he would die so easily, he would not be the stand-in Lord."

At the moment, the sword matrix had swallowed Long Moyan, not even a piece of his clothing could be seen. Under such an arrangement, Long Moyan would not be able to free himself within one and a half hours.

Di Fuyi leaped down and walked forward while speaking.

"My Lord, where are you heading towards?" Firmament Stone was rather concerned.

"Going to have a look at his abode. Let's see what he has hidden over there." Di Fuyi's reply was vague.
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