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1641 The Lord’s Fury 4

Long Siye's face was pale. Anxious and doubtful, he fixed his eyes on The Lord, who was now suspended in mid-air overlooking the people. He could not figure out what he did wrong that could cause such a great rage from The Lord.

Under The Lord's powerful influence, Long Siye could no longer hold himself together. He kneeled immediately and uttered, "My Lord."

The Lord looked at him and responded, "Long Siye, do you know the crime that you have committed?"

"Please tell me what I have done wrong," Long Siye answered.

"I have said it before. Cloning is a practice that violates all rules and ethics of the world. It should no longer exist. I warned you about it eight years ago and forbade you to carry out any activity related to cloning. Have you taken my words lightly?"

Long Siye did not know what to say. Cold sweats broke out all over his body.

Eight years ago, The Lord had indeed given him the warning to prohibit him from performing any sort of cloning activity to keep the ethics and principles of the feudal society. As time went by, he slowly forgot about it.

How could he forget? Was it because Long Fan once occupied his body? Was it because he was too kind to reject Gu Xijiu's plea and chose to ignore the warning?

He bowed and admitted, "It is my fault. My Lord, I am willing to accept the punishments."

The Lord's orders were unbreakable laws. No one was allowed to break his orders. Long Siye had always been well aware of that rule.

The Lord's eyes were icy. "If that is so, you may take the punishment and leave to the Distant Fire Land for three days to make you understand the severity of the incident," The Lord answered hostilely.

The Distant Fire Land was a secret place. There were raging flames within that could turn a normal human into ashes almost instantaneously. It would still be great suffering even for someone whose Kung Fu was as powerful as Long Siye's. The fires would burn off a layer of skin for anyone who entered.

Gu Xijiu knew exactly how painful it would be to be in the Distant Fire Land. She could no longer hold back her frustration and took a big leap forward. "I am the one who requested him to clone a new body for me. I begged him to do so. If someone has to take responsibility, I am the one who deserves to be punished. Please let him go."

Di Fuyi's emergence with a fiery temper was completely out of her expectation. As Gu Xijiu had been on the Frozen Jade Bed for a while, her logical thinking could barely work out the situation. The series of events had caused her a great confusion that she had no explanation to. When she could finally get a hold of what happened, she realized she was not comfortable with the situation.

Firstly, she thought that he was doing that because of the reluctance and the distress to let her go. She thought that he did not wish for her to lose her spiritual power, which led him to destroy the cloned body. She thought that he was concerned for her when he decided to get her off the Ice Jade Bed.

To her dismay, it was all about Long Siye going against his order. Long Siye was only making the cloned body for her, so she could not step aside and watch Long Siye suffer the punishment alone. Determined, she elaborated further, "If someone has to go to the Distant Fire Land, let me go on his behalf. He is only doing this for me. He is innocent."

Her voice was a little shaky and hoarse as a result of the penetration of the cold. She stood her ground firmly and looked at The Lord fixedly.

Under the mask, The Lord's eyes were even darker and profound. He responded in an icy tone, as though falling snow met the gusts of winter winds. "Gu Xijiu, did you think that I would not punish you?"

Gu Xijiu continued to look at him. At this very moment, she finally understood the vast difference that separated them.

He stood on a more superior ground like an almighty god.

She was insignificant, like a speck of dust under his superior presence.