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1552 Di Fuyi’s Intention

Lan Yaoguang then turned to Gu Xijiu and grabbed her hand. "Sister, I am still maintaining the house that you used to occupy. Everything inside remains untouched. Come. Come with me. Let's go there. This is not the place that we should talk."

Gu Xijiu wanted to avoid his hand at first, but a sudden thought suggested that she should try something else. "Yaoguang, can you grab my hand again?"

"Ah?" Lan Yaoguang was lost.

"I want to observe the circulation of my spiritual power. Please try to grab my hand very tightly. There is nothing to worry about. Just exert your strength," she continued.

Lan Yaoguang always listened to everything Lan Jingke said, so he would always do anything that she instructed him to. Even though he did not quite understand, he did as told and grabbed her hand tightly.

His power was unusually strong, even stronger than Hua Wuyan's. Gu Xijiu needed to defend herself with some of her spiritual power to avoid getting hurt.

A few moments later, Gu Xijiu took her hand back and was delighted. She did not absorb any of Lan Yaoguang's spiritual power. It seemed like that black magic had lost its influence. The catastrophe was gone. She would no longer become a monster.

What she saw was a room of simple style with elegant furniture and an unadorned bed. The entire decoration did not seem like a woman's room. It was more like the kind of room for a general.

It used to be Lan Jingke's room, a simple and elegant one. Her sublime personality was fully expressed in the way the room was decorated.

Gu Xijiu took a look around the room and was sure that the style was not her cup of tea. It was completely different from her personal preference.

She sighed and quickly dismissed Lan Yaoguang, who had been talking indiscreetly beside her. She took a chair and sat down.

The mermaid clan was excellent in keeping their things intact. It was such a miracle that they managed to keep and preserve the ancient items that were more than six thousand years old. 

Gu Xijiu was now absolutely sure that she was still the same person, but she also had some of Lan Jingke's fragmented memories. She was no stranger to her current situation, for she also had the memory of being the general's daughter too. It made no difference to her to carry another piece of someone else's memory.

What she truly cared about was Di Fuyi's intention.

From Lan Yaoguang's ongoing blabber of information, she knew that Di Fuyi was here in the mermaid's palace two hours ago. The first thing he did was to declare that he could finally resurrect Lan Jingke. He then performed the ritual along with Lan Yaoguang.

After the ritual, he stayed to take care of her body for another half an hour just to make sure everything was correct and on track so that she could regain her consciousness soon. After giving the siblings some reminders, he left.

There were two things that Lan Yaoguang needed to attend to. Firstly, he had to send Di Fuyi a directed audio once she woke up to share the good news. Secondly, he had to pass the throne back to Lan Jingke as the Empress of the mermaids.

Lan Yaoguang was, in fact, not the rightful person to inherit the throne. He loved to have fun and hated being constrained. Becoming the King of the mermaids was not exactly his choice. He earnestly wished that he could hand the throne over to someone else so that he could have his freedom back. Therefore, he agreed immediately to Di Fuyi's requests.

Lan Yaoguang was telling Gu Xijiu about it. "Sister, it is so great to have you back! You should take the throne and become the Empress of the mermaids so I can finally have a break."

Hesitantly, Gu Xijiu was obviously at a loss for words, but he was too excited and made the decision on his own right away, "If you keep quiet, it means that you agree. Haha! I will now proceed to make the arrangements for you to be enthroned. Actually, you have been dearly missed by all of our people. They have been waiting for your return. I am sure that they will be really happy to know that you are finally alive." Then, he ran away.