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1519 Complete Elimination

"Good job!" The people below were excited and cheered.

In the sky, Gu Xijiu was floating in the air. Although she was wearing a black coat, it gave people a feeling of glory. At this moment, many artists painted her image as a picture.

Fairy Queen Li witnessed this scene when she was escorted away by the four messengers. She was shocked!

This golden armored giant was a master among the upper bound. Even though his spiritual power was weakened after he came down to the lower bound with her, he had been practicing in this world using a special method for over eight years. His spiritual power had recovered to its maximum potential. She thought that with this golden giant around her, no one would be her opponent. She never put anyone in her eyes. In her mind, even The Lord would not be the opponent of the golden giant. She never expected that this young lady could kill the golden giant!

This golden armored giant had been with her for decades. She had an intense feeling with him. Now when she saw that he was killed, her eyes were all red!

"How can you kill a fairy from the upper bound? You will get the appropriate punishment soon!" She shouted crazily and her mournful sound was like a magic spell that was sent straight into the sky.

Mu Feng hurriedly blocked her acupuncture points and successfully stopped her from shouting. Mu Lei smiled and said, "You should worry about yourself! Your retribution is coming soon!" They continued to tug her away.

Gu Xijiu was a bit overwhelmed. She did not know that it was so difficult to deal with this golden giant. Only after she fought with him did she realize the strength of this giant. It could easily smash people into pieces, and she could only escape from its grasp due to her special skills. 

Fortunately, she adjusted her tactics in time and finally defeated it. At the moment, she felt that her arms were so sore. After she made her last shot, she almost blacked out and fainted.

Fortunately, she stood firm in time, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Di Fuyi flying towards her. He held his palms together as if he were holding a flower and countless rays flashed in his palm.

Gu Xijiu was stunned. She knew that it was the Spiritism Spell!

Sure enough, a few moments later, there was a light golden soul in Di Fuyi's palm. This soul belonged to the golden armored giant. He struggled hard in the hands of Di Fuyi and wanted to escape. However, there was immense gravity in Di Fuyi's hands, and he was not able to run away from it.

It squealed, "What do you want to do?!"

Di Fuyi smiled. "To help your soul find peace."

His palms glowed with brilliant red fire, and the light gold villain shouted inside the flames. He threatened Di Fuyi and said that he would be greatly punished and asked him to stop.

Nonetheless, Di Fuyi did not move, but the red flame in his palms burned even more fiercely. He did not stop until the golden villain completely disappeared. Gu Xijiu looked at him awkwardly. She never expected that he would do so. After all, this golden giant was only a loyal servant.

Di Fuyi's face turned slightly pale. Apparently, it required a lot of spiritual power to destroy the soul of the golden giant. He looked down and saw the cheering crowd.

The matter of Celestial Master Zuo being wrongly accused was still unknown to most people. Hence, many among the crowd still hated him. 

At this moment everyone was cheering for Gu Xijiu. Di Fuyi smiled and said, "Xijiu, congratulations!" He believed that after today, Gu Xijiu's name would be famous among the entire continent. 

Gu Xijiu looked up at him and felt that he had some distance from her.