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1494 Little Fox’s True Identity 4

Zhang Chuchu laughed aloud as she hit Lan Waihu's shoulder. "Yo, Little Fox! So, you're not that simple after all, huh? I couldn't believe that you possessed such a great identity! It would come as a shock to someone who is only looking to gain for themselves! You know, someone who was trying to get her son a richer wife but ended up losing a watermelon because of one sesame seed! Haha! Perhaps, it was not even one sesame seed but a tiny sand grain."

Mrs. Yan turned pale, and her face was flushed. Her gaze unbelievably switched to Lan Waihu and she had a shocked look on her face. She struggled to believe them. Softly, she whispered, "I don't believe…"

Lan Yue was also a clear-cut person, and he smiled. "Supposedly, her true appearance should not be seen by the likes of you. However, since I need to convince you, I shall help her transform into her true appearance. Headmaster Gu can recognize the sign of the Blue Fox clan. You can verify it with him."

He then lifted his hand and flicked his sleeve towards Lan Waihu. Without any warning, Lan Waihu was forced to transform again.

Members of the Blue Fox family were born beautiful and possessed a special charm in their genes. Lan Waihu's beauty was terrific enough to make anyone's heart race once she had transformed and her fairy aura could never be hidden.

Anyone that doubted Lan Yue would never think the same way again once they had seen Little Fox's actual appearance. Indeed, Lan Waihu was one of the members of the Blue Fox clan! She is even a member of the noblest family among the Blue Fox clan!

Even the emperor of the human realm could not be compared to her, let alone Leng Wushuang! Leng Wushuang was not even qualified to be her maidservant.

Mrs. Yan felt as though she had lost her soul and she was stoned. She trembled as she realized that she had ruined her son's best destiny.

She looked at Lan Waihu. "Waihu…"

Even though she did not feel embarrassed, she found it difficult to ask for Lan Waihu's forgiveness on behalf of her son.

Lan Waihu gazed down and refused to look at her. She then turned around to talk to Gu Xijiu.

Lan Yue pulled Lan Waihu to his side and smiled. "Madam Yan, are you feeling regretful now? It's too late though! Waihu is now my fiancee, and we will be getting married soon. When that time comes, I will consider giving you some good wine as a sign of good gesture if you would like to celebrate with us."

Mrs. Yan's face turned pale, and she regretted even more now!

She could not take it! After all, she knew that Lan Waihu sincerely loved her son. Otherwise, she would not have endured so much grief by herself even though she was suffering.

Therefore, she coughed softly. "Waihu, do you like Mr. Lan? Chen Er hasn't forgotten you over the last two years."

Just as she was about to use a long story to influence Lan Waihu, Yan Chen suddenly shouted. "Enough!"

Mrs. Yan immediately paused. "Chen Er…"

Yan Chen smiled awkwardly. "Mrs. Yan, this is enough! I don't need any more trouble from you!"

"But Waihu… You haven't forgotten her, have you? I can see that…"

"Mrs Yan, you've overthought. I'll only treat her as my sister in the future. Please go!" Yan Chen left with a flick of his sleeve. Unfortunately, he was in a hurry and almost crashed into the door frame! He left embarrassingly without turning back.

Gu Xijiu's heart sank. He was the one who was embarrassed the most.

It must be hard for a person who was as self-centered as him to be forced to embarrassingly deal with this issue because of his mother. Over the past two years, he seemed to have worked hard to get back with Little Fox. He even lied with a fake wedding invitation card.