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1488 Self-Embarrassment 4

Yan Chen had revealed his mother's real intention. Thus, she was at a loss for words on how to defend herself.

She thought about it for a moment and sighed. "Let's just say that I took the decision to get it settled myself. Now that I have announced it in front of everyone, and Wushuang is here with us as well... It is inappropriate to say that all this is only a joke. We should take the opportunity and make it real. Wushuang is such a beautiful woman who comes from a fine family. She is kind-hearted, gentle and knowledgeable. Moreover, our families have known each other for so long." She continued to emphasize how good Leng Wushuang was.

Yan Chen's mother had talked about it so many times before. It was annoying.

"Is this why you tried so hard to get rid of Waihu?" Yan Chen interrupted her. He sounded melancholic.

Mrs. Yan did not know what to say, as Yan Chen had completely pointed out her hidden plot. Hesitantly, she denied his accusation. "Yan Chen, how could you say that? It is fine that outsiders do not know about Waihu's life in our family, not you. She has the best house with the best living conditions. I even made her medicine when she was sick. You know about all these things, so why would you say that to hurt my feelings?"

"I only want the truth. I hope you can fulfill my wish." Yan Chen bowed to her.

She did not see it coming. He kept bringing the subject back. Mrs. Yan tried very hard to change the subject again but Gu Xijiu interrupted the conversation politely. "That is right, Mrs. Yan. We deserve to know the truth. Since all three of you are present today, why don't we make things clear face to face? I hope that you will not change the subject again unless you are guilty."

Others stepped in as well, demanding for the truth.

Mrs. Yan was so embarrassed that she was incited to anger. She stood up abruptly and clarified, "Are you trying to make me confess to false charges forcefully? Is this how you treat your guest?"

"We dare not!" A man answered loudly. "Tianju Hall emphasizes on fairness in all affairs. We will not treat anyone high-handedly, and in return, we will not allow anyone to bully any members from Tianju Hall. Therefore, I think it is better for you to tell us the truth. If they are indeed wrong, I will personally guide them and make an official apology to you, Mrs. Yan. I will also play a part to convince Yan Chen about the engagement to Miss Leng. What do you think?" Gu Canmo answered while striding confidently towards the hall.

Panicked, Mrs. Yan did not know what to answer. "This... This is our family affair. Waihu grew up in our family."

"Mrs. Yan, you are wrong. Waihu was once your foster daughter. She is not related to your family in any way. Now that she is in Tianju Hall, we will not let this matter go unnoticed." Firmly, Gu Canmo made his stand known. He was well known as a protector for all his students. They were like his children, so he would not let gossips defile his children.

Up to this point, there was no room for maneuver. In desperation, she finally turned to Lan Waihu. "Waihu, I know I have been very strict with you, but everything I did is for your own good."

Gu Xijiu interrupted her yet again. "Mrs. Yan, there is no need to talk about that, or how much you cared for her. You only need to tell us the truth."

Choked up, Mrs. Yan remained silent.

Gu Xijiu then turned to look at Lan Waihu and told her politely, "Waihu, tell everyone every detail, regardless of importance, about the course of the entire incident. You are not allowed to leave out any parts or lie about anything. If I find you lying, I will break off all relations with you."