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Di Fuyi was also trying to ascertain the root of the problem. When Gu Xijiu asked him about it, he looked up and repeated. "Dream eaters?" Apparently, he had never heard of it.

Gu Xijiu tried to explain. "I read it in a book before. According to the legend, it eats dreams for a living. Some of them like to eat good dreams and some of them like to eat bad dreams. They can control the people within a range to collectively make a dream that they desire…"

Di Fuyi frowned. "How do they look like?"

Gu XIjiu shook her head in response, "I don't know… I only read about the description from the book." She did not mention that she read it from a book in the modern era. 

She added, "In fact, the information from the book might not be accurate. Perhaps there is no such thing in the world…"

Di Fuyi thought for a moment. Suddenly he waved at Qian Lingyu. "Come to me!"

Qian Lingyu looked defensive. "For what?" He did not go over but took a step back instead. Di Fuyi did not bother to spend too much time with him. He directly moved to the front of him and put his finger on Qian Lingyu's shoulder.

The hair on Qian Lingyi's body suddenly stood up. His body was stiff and he subconsciously wanted to push Di Fuyi's finger away. "Hey, don't touch me…"

He was not able to finish his sentence because Di Fuyi had pointed his finger in between Qian Lingyu's eyebrows…

Qian Lingyu possessed a level nine spiritual power. Usually, no one could easily get near to him. However, he was unable to do anything to Di Fuyi. Qian Lingyu felt coldness on his forehead. He opened his mouth and looked frightened. He wanted to struggle out from Di Fuyi's grasp but he had suddenly lost his strength. 

Everyone was shocked!

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Let him go!"


Just when everyone was going to leap out to rescue Qian Lingyu, Di Fuyi's finger had left his forehead. Di Duyi blew his finger as if he wanted to blow some dust off it. At the same time, Qian Lingyu regained his consciousness. He quickly stepped back and looked at Di Fuyi suspiciously. "What… What have you done to me?"

Di Fuyi ignored him and now turned to Lan Yue. Lan Yue was frightened just by being stared by him. "You…"

He saw a shadow flash in front of him. Di Fuyi also pointed his finger on Lan Yue's forehead just like what he did on Qian Lingyu. However, he released his finger after a few seconds.

The crowd did not know what he was trying to do and looked at him with caution.

Yan Chen frowned. "Celestial Master Zuo, you are…"

"I am testing their soul." Di Fuyi calmly continued, "Their souls are injured. The nightmare was not real, but something has modified your souls when you guys were sleeping and implanted the nightmare into your mind. Once there was some trigger it would make you all have similar nightmares."

What he explained was very professional. After Yan Chen and the rest heard his explanation, they all were stunned.

Di Fuyi turned to talk to Gu Xijiu. "Xijiu, you go back together with them. I will go to Tianju Hall to check it out."

Gu Xijiu replied instantly, "I'll go with you."

Di Fuyi smiled and said, "Don't worry. With my abilities, there is nothing that can control me. Good girl, you go back with the rest and discuss with Gu Canmo about our plan. I will come later."

Before Gu Xijiu could say anything, he turned and disappeared from the place.

After Di Fuyi left, everyone was relieved. Lan Waihu cheered joyfully and went to hug Gu Xijiu. "Xijiu, I have been very worried about you all these years!"

Qian Lingyu also said, "I can testify to it. Whenever any one of us went out and came back to Tianju Hall, she would be the first one who rushed forward and asked if there was any news about you. After a few times, our schoolmates would automatically notify her even before she asked. She was very sad whenever she got the same answer and went to your house and secretly cried…"