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1417 The Jerk Seemed To Be Ready To Explode!

Long Siye had drunk quite a lot tonight. Though he had eaten the pill that Gu Xijiu gave him, he should still have shown signs of a hangover. For example, his face would be flushed, and he would be breathing heavily. Furthermore, his breath would be reeking of alcohol. Li Mengxia's breath certainly was!

Long Siye did not show any such symptoms. He was sleeping as usual. Gu Xijiu did not smell any alcohol scent on his body even though she went very close to him. Had he kept a unique antidote with him?

If Long Siye possessed such a medicine, he would have given it to her and Li Mengxia instead of keeping it to himself. Moreover, he would not have needed to stay at the hotel if his hangover was gone. Was he Long Fan now?

There were several differences between Long Fan and Long Siye. For instance, Long Siye's ridge was broader, and his nasal bone was also higher. Long Siye was slightly more heroic and charming than Long Fan, but Long Fan was slightly more beautiful than Long Siye.

It was easy for someone to increase the height of their nasal bone through makeup without affecting their actual nasal bone. Gu Xijiu was confident that the person who was sleeping on the bed was indeed Long Siye and not an imposter. Were there indeed two souls living inside his body?

Unfortunately, Gu Xijiu had no way to test her theory. Hence, she teleported away after a while. However, she did not realize the fact that Long Siye slowly opened his eyes right after she left the room. He was idly watching the spot where Gu Xijiu was standing. A moment later, a half grin appeared on his face.

'My little Xijiu, you're finally here!'

'Do you know how hard I have been trying to find you?'

It had been eight years since I last saw you. Now, you have achieved a spiritual power of level ten! Her little body seemed to be quite useful to her.

He slightly closed his eyes as though he was trying to sense something. A moment later, he opened his eyes again.

Strangely enough, she was just right in the room next door, but he could not sense her. Perhaps, the navigation device in her body had vanished. This little girl had once again created another miracle!

No wonder he could not sense her all this while and was unable to find her. He thought that she had died and even tried calling for her soul. However, he did not receive a response. He thought that her soul had been torn apart due to an intense fight. He was distraught and sad for a long time because of it.

His lips were gently curved as he smiled. His pair of eyes were filled relief of the fact that Gu Xijiu was alive. His facial expression looked as though an artist had lost his best painting in a fire. However, it miraculously survived and was now even better than before!

'My little Xijiu. Even though you have always thought about killing me, I find myself falling deeper in love with you now! You shall be mine and only mine. Unfortunately, your body had been invaded by someone else, and it was not perfect anymore.'

However, it was fine as he could always make a new and better body for her. Indeed, her new body would possess a lower spiritual power. Nevertheless, it was not a big deal as long as her soul was strong. Anyway, why would a lady need to be so strong? It would only make it difficult for the men to tame and discipline her. Hence, it was better if she was a little weaker and just stayed by his side instead of continually thinking about tricking him.

The little girl seemed to suspect him. She even went as far as to check up on him secretly. Luckily, he did not expose his flaws to her. She did not seem to have found anything strange.

Anyway, what was it that she told Long Siye earlier? Where had she been all these years? How did she upgrade herself so fast? She was no longer a virgin. She was married to Di Fuyi. To his surprise, the reason Di Fuyi went missing for several years was to be with her. Therefore, where was Di Fuyi?

Many questions lingered in his mind, and he almost wanted to wake the other soul that was in his body to answer his doubts. However, he was worried that his other self would notice his existence and seal him away.

He needed to speed up the merging process with the other soul! It was only when both of his souls had become one that he was able to do whatever he wanted. His plans would also proceed faster and smoother. He tried figuring out a way while gazing downwards. Suddenly, his fingers trembled, and frowned. He placed his hand on his left chest and smiled.

'Ah Xi, were you sad? Are you are trying to forget the pain by drinking so much because your beloved girl had married someone else? Useless! You are a man. You should fight for something if you like it. Do you think Di Fuyi would have had a chance if you managed to woo her earlier? It was because you respected her too much and did not want to force her to be with you that you lost control over her. Di Fuyi was more dominant than you. He was also stronger and possessed a more significant status than you. Indeed, you would lose. Anyway, do not fret. Let me take care of it. I will help you to get Gu Xijiu and make her your woman. She would submit to you for the rest of your life.'

He slowly lifted his hand as he looked at his finger. He smiled again as he spoke softly, 'Ah Xi, your body is perfect. I'll help you to strengthen it to its optimum level, and also help you to reach the best of your potential. Therefore, don't push me away. We are always on the same team…'

His voice was gruff and magnetic. He also sounded like he was thrilled over something. It was as though he was trying to hypnotize or calm an angry soul.

He could smell the scent of alcohol when he opened his mouth. He frowned. "Don't ever drink again. I hate the scent!"

He then closed his eyes with his fingers while casting a spell in front of his chest. He was trying to purify the alcohol substance that was inside his body. 

Gu Xijiu took a stroll inside the hotel and finally found a strange metal sheet in the kitchen. The metal sheet was located at the corner of a cabinet and was held in place by a nail that was protruding by the cabinet. No one would notice it if they did not pay close attention.

Gu Xijiu placed her palm against the metal sheet, and it immediately detached and fell into her palm.

There was a seal on the metal sheet. Gu Xijiu immediately sensed a mighty and strange spiritual power coming from the metal sheet the moment she broke the seal.

She took out her directed audio spell and found it vibrating vigorously. It was the metal sheet that was affecting the signal of the directed audio spell.

She checked the small metal sheet thoroughly, and her eyes narrowed as she realized that it was a sophisticated technology! Based on its combination with the spiritual power of that era, the metal sheet must belong to Long Fan.

She looked at the color of the metal sheet and realized that it was quite old. Perhaps, it had been here for several years. However, it was also possible that someone had intentionally made it look old.

Many question marks arose from the matters that were related to Long Fan as anything was possible now.

If it was true that there was indeed another soul living inside Long Siye's body, could it belong to Long Fan?

Though two souls could never live together in the same body in this era, Long Siye was the clone of Long Fan back in the old days. The magnetic field of both of their souls was very similar. Hence, it was possible that the magnetic field inside Long Siye's body matched with Long Fan's soul. Therefore, it was possible for Long Fan to possess Long Siye's body.

Moreover, Long Fan was a mad biologist who possessed a specific kind of knowledge which was unknown to others. Hence, he might be able to make the impossible possible.

Her first response when she looked at the metal sheet in her hand was to destroy it. Just as she was about to do it, she immediately stopped and thought of the fact that the owner of the metal sheet might be warned if she destroyed it now.

She decided to do nothing about it after pondering for a short while. Just as she was about to place back the metal sheet, she suddenly noticed something. The metal sheet fell to the ground as she suddenly spun her head around!

Long Siye was observing her from behind.

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a beat as their gazes met each other. She quickly tapped on her chest as she screamed. "Instructor Long, you scared me! I was frightened by your presence!"

Long Siye's eyes looked rather charming underneath the moonlight. He gently asked as he slowly walked over, "Xijiu, what are you doing here?"

Gu Xijiu bent down and picked up the metal sheet, which she then placed in on her palm to show him. "Do you recognize this thing?"

Long Siye's gaze lingered around the metal sheet before returning to her face. It was as though he was observing her response. "What's this?"

Gu Xijiu answered, "It's something that can block signal transmissions! I never expected to find one inside a hotel! Luckily I found it. Otherwise, I'd think that my directed audio spell was spoilt. Do you think this was left behind by Long Fan in the old days?"

Long Siye took over the metal sheet and had a look at it. "It looks old…"

Gu Xijiu added, "You're right. I think Long Fan must have secretly left it here. The brat seemed to be very concern about you. If he left this here a long time ago, he must have been watching you all these years. This thing serves as a precaution towards you."

Long Siye remained silent.

Gu Xijiu took away the metal sheet from his palm. "I think I must examine this metal sheet when I get home."

She then placed the metal sheet into her pocket. Just as she turned around and was prepared to leave, she paused for a moment as though she had recalled something. Judgingly, she glimpsed at Long Siye. "Oh right, have you recovered from your hangover? I can sense that there is no longer a strong scent in your breath."

Long Siye smiled as he said, "I've been drinking quite often recently, which I know is bad for my health. Hence, I learned a new Kung Fu which could rapidly dissolve and eliminate any alcohol substance that I consume, which helps me to maintain my bodily functions."

Gu Xijiu nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. "No wonder! I was worried that you might need a drink of water or something since you were drunk, so I visited you just now. However, you seemed to have been having a good sleep, so I decided to leave."

Long Siye was touched. "Xijiu, I didn't know you that you cared so much for me…"

Gu Xijiu tapped his shoulder. "Of course, you're my best friend! Besides that, I also found something strange in the hotel. Hence, I was worried about you. Certainly, I wouldn't want any demons or monster to attack you."

She then observed his expression again and was pleased with what she saw. "You look great. Anyway, I'm going to bed. You should get some rest too." She then yawned as she turned around to leave.

"Xijiu!" Long Siye quickly took a big step forward and blocked her way.

Gu Xijiu frowned. "Yes?"

Long Siye smiled. "I have something to talk with you regarding Long Fan."

Gu Xijiu was surprised. "What's there to talk about that bastard? I thought he died eight years ago? I heard that he fell inside molten lava and died a horrible death."

The smile on Long Siye's face almost faded away. He was staring at her when he asked, "What if he isn't dead yet? People like him wouldn't die so easily. Perhaps, he had turned into someone else and was carefully observing you."

Gu Xijiu frowned. "Do you mean Mengxia? Impossible! Mengxia is a girl. Even if he wanted to resurrect himself, he needs to get a body, right? How could he possess Mengxia's body?"

Long Siye sighed softly. "Perhaps, he is inside my body?"

Gu Xijiu frowned as she looked at him for a short while. She then lifted her hand and placed it on his forehead. "Instructor Long, you must have drunk too much, and it's causing you to have all these strange thoughts. You possess a spiritual power of level ten. It's almost impossible for Long Fan to take over your body! If he could, he would have done it years ago. After all, you're the overlord of Tianwen clan. You could easily call for assistance from the other clans. It would be so much cooler for him to enslave you instead of Mo Zhao in the past, right?"

Long Siye remained silent. He remained silent as he looked at her. However, Gu Xijiu did not want to talk about it anymore. Hence, she pulled him along as she walked. "The side effects from using the Kung Fu must still be affecting you even though you seem to be better now. It's probably the reason why you have these weird ideas in your head. Let's go back and sleep."

Long Siye glimpsed several times at her little hand which was holding his hand and followed her obediently.

"Perhaps, there are some side effects for using that Kung Fu. Oh right, Xijiu, is there any particular reason why you came looking for me? I can't recall it now." Long Siye rubbed his brow.

Gu Xijiu could not help but sigh. "Stupid! Don't you even remember why I to you? Just worry about going to bed now. You'll remember it when you wake up."

Long Siye was speechless.

His gaze looked slightly miserable underneath the moonlight. Meanwhile, his hands were stuffed inside his sleeves as though he wanted to do something. However, he hesitated.

As he looked at Gu Xijiu's face under the moonlight, he realized that she was rather seductive as her skin was fair and nourished. Furthermore, she also had long eyelashes which enhanced her beauty even further.

He was the one who made her current body. Hence, he was extremely familiar with every single inch of Gu Xijiu's body. When he recalled her body lying on the table in the past, he could not help but acknowledge that it was his best work. However, it was the fact that her soul was inside the body that made it even prettier. His heart raced, and his blood boiled to the extent that he just wanted her for himself!

Now, he finally had her all alone by his side. Was he hesitating to reveal his true colors and kidnap her? Or should he pretend to be Long Siye and find an opportunity to kill Di Fuyi by following her around?

His first idea would allow him to get her immediately and make her his woman; the second one was more beneficial to his hegemony. The first idea could also possibly ruin Di Fuyi's plans, which might cause Di Fuyi to panic and fall into his trap.

His gaze turned darker as his fingertips were secretly casting a spell in his sleeves. Gu Xijiu remained silent and pretended to act calm. However, she already sensed his micro response. She could detect the stiffness of his muscles and even the fact that he was planning to cast a spell with his fingertips.

It seemed that the jerk was ready to explode! She was holding him with one hand, while she held a short knife with her other hand.

Di Fuyi made the short knife in the core array. Hence, the roots of the Banana Milk Tree was used as the raw material. Though it did not look like a mighty knife, it was filled with a lot of spiritual power. The spiritual energy that was stored inside the blade would be released when it was poked into a human body. It was meant to be used for killing demons and monsters, and it was way more potent than the Peach Wood Sword from the Taoist.

Long Fan should have joined the devil kingdom. Hence, she might be able to damage his soul if she stabbed the knife into his body. However, it would severely injure Long Siye and would leave a permanent wound. Hence, Gu Xijiu did not want to use the short knife if she felt that there was room for negotiation.

Both of them looked calm even though they were planning their actions. Long Siye's sleeves were moving as the spell was almost complete. Suddenly, the wind blew gently, and a man appeared in midair. He flicked his sleeve and landed between the two of them causing them to separate. Long Siye helplessly took a few steps back due to the unknown force. "Di Fuyi!"

The random visitor was wearing a purple robe, and his hair looked like a black waterfall. His eyes were as cold as an ice geyser, and though his lips looked smiley, he was not exactly smiling. Ironically, Di Fuyi had arrived!