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1371 I Have Been Blinded All These Years

Gu Xijiu turned to look at Wang Yunyuan. "There will be nothing left between you and your wife. You have written the divorce letter as well. From now onwards, you will have nothing to do with one another. Can you do that?"

Wang Yunyuan's expression changed abruptly. He took a deep breath and walked to the side of his wife. "No, I hate to part with her! I will give up on the opportunity."

Mrs. Wang's face took on a worried expression. "You cannot do that because of me."

Wang Yunyuan held her hand. "Lu, I hate to be away from you!" He would not be able to see her getting married to someone else. He loathed the idea of being apart with her. The idea of her being married to another man set his heart afire.

Tears started rolling in Mrs. Wang's eyes. "You… Don't be silly."

Wang Yunyuan took her into his arms. "I know exactly what I want. Nothing you say is going to convince me." He then turned to look at Gu Xijiu. "Xijiu, I choose to stay."

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief before returning him with a smile. She said nothing further.

Like birds in one grove were husband and wife, but some of them chose to fly in different directions when disaster struck; also, there were some who chose to face the challenges together. She was not too disappointed by the choices some of them made.

Gu Xijiu turned to look at Zhou Tianci again and said dully, "I will only take someone who will honor love and marriage as his priority. Sorry, I am not going to take you with me."

He would sacrifice his beloved wife for his freedom this time, so he would do the same when he faced difficult situations later in life when he had a taste of the outside world. Principles and friendship would only be a commodity for him to sell in order to keep himself safe. Why would she take someone like him with her? She would not prefer that kind of trouble.

Zhou Tianci's looked disappointed. "You… You did not say anything about it before! You are…"

Amused, Di Fuyi watched as the whole thing happened before his eyes. Suddenly, he, with all seriousness, expressed himself in an icy tone, "What? If you can abandon your own wife, what else is there that you won't abandon?"

Di Fuyi imposed a strong momentum in his tone, so Zhou Tianci was taken in utter surprise. His face turned pale. "I… I did not abandon her. It is just… It is just that there is really nothing left in our relationship. Who says that you can truly love someone for a lifetime? What you are doing is unfair to me."

"Is there really nothing left between you?" Gu Xijiu interrogated him.


"Make a solemn promise that you really have nothing left to do with one another. From now on, you will not be with her again, regardless of any situation. If you go against your own words, you will be struck by lightning and split into two as your punishment." Icily, Di Fuyi offered him a choice.

Zhou Tianci hesitated a little. In order to prove himself what he said was true, he did as told and made a solemn promise affirming his own will.

A lightning flashed to indicate that the solemn promised had been made.

Mrs. Zhou's face turned pale white as he proceeded with the solemn promise. "I have been blinded all these years!" She said with a bitter smile.

Zhou Tianci kept a straight face without saying anything.

Di Fuyi smiled. "Very well!" His eyes swept across the crowd as he spoke slowly. "There is a hidden design of fate that leaves a clue for everyone else who wishes to leave this place. I have just decoded it not long ago."

The people were instantly interested.

Di Fuyi continued, "It is not that you don't have a chance of getting out. You can all leave this place in groups. Those who have attained level nine in their spiritual power can leave the place together in a group of nine. A special technique must be used to open the wizardry barrier."

The people's faces brightened up.

Actually, most of them had been practicing recently in hopes to advance their spiritual power to a higher level. Most of them were already at level eight. If they kept on practicing for the years to come, they could easily achieve level nine, especially Mrs. Zhou. She felt wronged in her marriage, so she practiced even harder to prove herself. Her level of spiritual power was already at level eight and three quarters, almost nine. She would be able to achieve level nine in less than two years.

Gu Xijiu took out a small bag and handed it to Mrs. Zhou.