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Based on the speed of the mussel, it would have drilled about 1,000 meters into the ground. If it had brought Di Fuyi to the roots of the banana-milk tree, they must currently be very deep underground. She might not even find a shred of his clothes even if she dug the ground with an excavator.


Nine days had passed since Di Fuyi had gone missing. It felt very fast given the fact that everyone was busy. Time had passed in the blink of an eye.

However, Gu Xijiu felt that it was somewhat quite a long time. There had been no news about Di Fuyi in the past nine days. She had searched everywhere, but even a strand of his hair could not be found. Meanwhile, she was unable to contact the mussel too. It seemed like he was gone for good.

Usually, Lu Wu had a special connection with the mussel. As long as their distance was within ten miles of each other, they were able to connect with one another in their own way.

This time around, however, Lu Wu was unable to sense the existence of the mussel too. Gu Xijiu could only wait for him until the nine days were up.


It was their day of gathering. They ignited a bonfire and hung up the meat rack. The air was filled with the smell of meat.

The bonfire that they had lit this time around was exceptional. The wood that was used to light the fire was a particular kind of fragrant wood that was collected from the mountain. The meat that was grilled with this kind of aromatic lumber would have a distinctive flavor, which tasted very delicious.

The meat that they grilled this time was rather exceptional too. It was the meat of the evil dragon that they killed several days ago. The dragon's meat tasted very delicious, and it had a slightly tender texture too. Though its meat was already ten days old, it had not rotten. On the contrary, the aroma of the meat had gotten more lovely. If it were some other meat, it would have rotted by now. Everyone was quite surprised by this discovery.

The women who were in charge of cooking that day cooked the meat using various styles. There were stewed, fried, and even roasted meats. The gathering today was, in fact, a feast of the evil dragon's meat.

Various kinds of meat and dishes filled up the long tables. Everyone could take anything that they liked to eat. It was quite similar to a buffet style practiced in the modern world.

Everyone was sitting together for a feast. The villagers sang and danced along with the music. Gu Xijiu was sitting among the crowd. She was drinking liquor and casually took the meat to feed Lu Wu and the Winder Caller.

Even though the environment had turned back to normal, the spiritual power in the surrounding area was quite surprising. Gu Xijiu had only been here for half a month, but she felt that her spiritual power had improved a lot.

Wind Caller was initially a level five creature. However, its spiritual power had significantly improved ever since it followed Gu Xijiu. It had increased its spiritual power to level six in just two years. When it first came to the village, it had possessed a spiritual power of level six and a half. However, a faint light surrounded its body after being in the village for two weeks. It was a sign that it was about to evolve to level seven.

Lu Wu significantly changed the most among them. Not only had it grown more prominent, but it was also more capable of utilizing its spiritual power now. If anyone brought Lu Wu along with them to go hunting, they would not need to do anything. Whenever Lu Wu went out hunting, a lot of level six and level seven beasts would be killed by Lu Wu.

At first, it was only a baby spiritual beast, so no one paid much attention to it. Now, it was much stronger, and so people who possessed a lower spiritual power feared it.

However, Lu Wu acted like a cute pet when it was with Gu Xijiu. It liked staying around Gu Xijiu like a cat. It loved squatting on her shoulders and swung its nine tails as if it was a gorgeous shawl for Gu Xijiu.

"Xijiu, cheers. My arm would have been a goner if it were not for you!" Baili Ce walked over to offer her a toast.

Because of the excellent medicine provided by Gu Xijiu, his injured arm had recovered very quickly. He was not able to freely use his injured arm yet, but he was able to hold almost anything. He was using the same hand to offer a toast to Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu toasted with him and finished up her drink.

Soon enough, a lady who was sitting beside Gu Xijiu stood up to dance. Baili Ce quickly sat down and occupied her seat.