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1284 What A Joke?

Baili Ce received two fruits from Gu Xijiu. He looked at the fruits in his hand dumbfoundedly as she had refused him without hesitation.

"Gu Xijiu, Baili Ce is quite a remarkable person. He is skilled and comes from a famous family background. He is also the successor of his family. What is rare about him is that he values his relationship with people. He has never liked anyone before you…"

Luo Zhanyu whispered to her.

Gu Xijiu felt a little drunk at that time and reluctantly responded to him, "I do not doubt that he is a good guy and I have a feeling that he can become my sworn brother. I was pondering while making my decision…"

Luo Zhanyu lifted his arm to tap on her shoulder and said, "No way, don't play around. I'm your only brother. I do not approve of you having sworn brothers!" He had just regained his memories, and so it was a credit to Gu Xijiu.

He did not feel particularly upset or uncomfortable even though he had regained his memories, probably because it had been ages and he was a grown up now.

He always had a soft spot for her, and the moment he found out the truth that she was his sister, he felt gratified. He had become very protective over Gu Xijiu ever since he knew that she was his sister.

He was uncertain about his future and still did not know if he could get out of this place alive. However, he was determined to make Gu Xijiu happy and sincerely hoped that she could settle down. It was the main reason why he often introduced the talented people around him to his sister. Sometimes, Gu Xijiu felt somewhat annoyed by him and doubted if she had done the right thing to restore his memories.

Gu Xijiu felt a little dizzy after drinking for some time and realized that she had to leave before she got drunk, and so she returned home. The room was cold and silent. Even though the layout and decorations in her room were cheerful and lively, she felt lonely and empty the moment she stumbled into the room.

Gu Xijiu could no longer stand properly, and so she collapsed onto her bed. She had intended to take a nap, but she had fallen asleep instead.


Mu Feng felt that these days were the most difficult times for Fucang Hall.

In the dark forest, The Lord was using blood incantations to search for Gu Xijiu, but no good results have come up so far, not even a thread. He was exhausted.

Even after The Lord had returned from the forest, he commanded his guards to continue searching for Gu Xijiu, but still could not find any traces of her. He was worn out.

He had been busy running around these days looking for Gu Xijiu and used his power to search for her soul. He even ventured to the netherworld in case she was there.

Mu Feng felt that he was suffering as he was the one who was in charge of conveying the news that came from the public to The Lord. However, most of them were terrible news filled with hopelessness. Mu Feng dared not look up at Di Fuyi when he went in to make his report as he did not want to see The Lord's sad facial expression.

Tomorrow was the wedding day. Mu Feng could not withstand himself anymore and finally asked The Lord, "My lord, what about tomorrow's wedding?"

Di Fuyi was silent for a while and finally answered: "Cancel it."

What?! Mu Feng eyes widened.

Are you kidding? ! The news of the marriage had been spread widely to the world. A massive number of guests and visitors had entered the city over the past few days and were waiting to witness and congratulate this blessed couple.

The people were pleased when they heard the news. They had cleaned the streets using water to increase the festive atmosphere for the wedding and had even held red lanterns at the gates.