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1270 To Do Her Justice 2

Fortunately, Luo Zhanyu reacted quickly to avoid getting hit by her strike. Along with his chair, he retreated to a safe distance. "Miss Gu, are you still in the fight?" He smirked.

Gu Xijiu behaved herself and stood up straight. Perplexed, she furrowed her brows at him. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Calmly, Luo Zhanyu responded, "To show them what you have got."

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say.

Luo Zhaoyu's eyes swept across the surrounding onlookers. "What do you have to say right now? Her ability is beyond doubt. Does she need others to help her?"

He fixed his gaze at one of the ladies. "Madam Leng, what say you? Do you need me to do justice to you?"

Madam Leng was the wife of the expedition leader. With a reddened face, she stammered, "I… I…" She was at a loss for words. 

Luo Zhanyu continued, "I have indeed made the rule to support monogamy relationships with a single partner. None of the couples are allowed to be involved in another relationship with someone else. As long as I am here, the rule will go on. I shall never show partiality for anyone. You should know better, how Brother Leng used to treat you. Do you think that Gu Xijiu's presence will change everything that he has for you? Do you lack confidence in him or yourself?" 

Madam Leng was thoroughly embarrassed. "It was… It was a rumor."

"One rumor could change how you look at your husband. Do you not trust him at all? You have seen how well Miss Gu's Kung Fu is. She is even more capable than Brother Leng. Does she need to be protected?"

Madam Leng was speechless.

Luo Zhanyu then continued to look at others, "Everyone here can see Miss Gu's ability. With her participation in the expedition yesterday, the amount of our collection had doubled. Do you think that this is achievable because she relies on others? Because of her participation, our gain has doubled, meaning that she has done the work of 16 people in two days. Does she not deserve her rest? If anyone of you can do what she has done, I will allow you to rest more as well! Can you?"

The crowd agreed with him, one after another. The ones who spread the rumors were especially embarrassed.

Madam Leng finally realized that she had put her blame on someone who had not done any wrong. Without wasting any time, she stepped forward and apologized to Gu Xijiu, stating that it was merely a misunderstanding.

They thought they had resolved the misunderstanding, but just when they were about to leave, Luo Zhanyu suddenly made another announcement, "I think that the matter is not as it seems. We have to investigate the source of the rumor and find out who was the one who started it."

They all stood gazing at each other in speechless despair. How should Luo Zhanyu carry out the investigation?

Huang Shangxiang responded with a tight smile, "Brother Luo, there is no way to investigate the source. It is all merely a misunderstanding that got them talking. Luckily, Miss Gu has yet to receive any physical harm. Now that the misunderstanding is resolved, I think we should let it go. Everyone has been talking about it, how can you find identify the source?"

Luo Zhanyu fixed his eyes on her, with an attempt to pressure her, "Why do you think you have the authority to make any decision for me while I speak?"

Huang Shangxiang stammered at her response, "I… I…"

Luo Zhanyu looked at her with an icy expression. "I do not care if you like to scheme against each other anywhere else, but not here. I will not allow the presence of such a troublemaker in the village. Our lives here have never been easy, so we should live as a family and help each other. "