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1263 Princesses Wherever They Wen

There were always fruits on the tree, and it looked like coconuts. The fruits were juicy and nutritious, and its flesh was sweet. Dried food and vegetables can be fashioned from it too.

There was a hill behind the village, and many ferocious beasts lived inside in the forest. Though the creatures were cannibals, their meat was tasty enough to tempt the villagers to hunt them. Therefore, the villagers always went hunting in groups and usually brought back enough to feed the entire village.

Since the population of women was relatively low, they were well-taken care of by more than 30 men in the village. Of course, they had the freedom to get married. Six of the eight women in the were married, and the remaining two were like princesses wherever they went.

Overall, the lifestyle in the village resembled the primitive tribe in legends. There was equality, and all of them had their respective roles such as tailoring, hunting, harvesting, etc. Their lives were decent, and sometimes it was even fun!

The only helpless issue was that the couples in the village had not had any children despite being married for so many years. In the town, the young man in the wheelchair was like their leader, and everyone obeyed his orders.

He was a handsome man, and many girls were attracted to him. Seven of the eight ladies had hinted their interest in him, but he rejected them as he was not keen on marriage. He only wanted to perfect his martial arts.

He was a brilliant and talented person, and he was also the first one in the village who had achieved a spiritual power of level nine. However, he could not walk as his legs were disabled. He had to rely on the wheelchair to move around, but he could leap into midair with a single push of his hands in times of trouble.

Many ferocious beasts were living on the hill behind the village, and most of the creatures were level six and above. Occasionally, a wild beast would run into the town and cause a disaster. During those times, the young man would try his best to lead the villagers to counter-attack.

He was somewhat knowledgeable in formations, and he also knew specific knowledge about medicine. Everyone in the village usually sought his advice whenever they felt unwell. Hence, the villagers respected him very much.

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu had appeared bizarrely, so everyone boycotted her in the beginning. However, they slowly accepted her after a series of tests and also after listening to her sharing about the incidents happening outside the village.

There were too few women living in the village. Hence, Gu Xijiu was a welcomed addition since she was such a beautiful girl. Many of the young men in the town were already rushing to build her a cottage without even being ordered.

Some of them had delivered fruits and meats, and one of the young men even gave her a bangle made from white jade. He claimed that it was inherited from his ancestor. Of course, that was not the only thing he did to show that he was interested in her.

Unfortunately, Gu Xijiu had a phobia towards bracelets and bangles. She only kept the Firmament Stone with her now and did not want to wear any other bracelet.

The Firmament Stone was an excellent gem even though it could not communicate with Gu Xijiu now. However, it had a strange behavior as it liked being the one and only. It felt that all other jewellery should be thrown away. 

It only accepted the love bracelet because its master could not remove it. The Firmament Stone had secretly hit the love bracelet several times, but nothing happened. In the end, it decided to accept it as its neighbor. Unsurprisingly, it still got jealous when its master smiled like a lunatic while she looked at the love bracelet.