The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1239 So, You Have To Address Him As ‘Father-In-Law’
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1239 So, You Have To Address Him As ‘Father-In-Law’

Though she wished to be stronger, she found it unnecessary to train this way. Occasionally, she would protest when she got too exhausted. Unsurprisingly, all of her protests did not work out well under Di Fuyi's mentorship. He did not do her any favors and deducted 20 minutes from her sleeping time if she rested for 10 minutes.

According to him, though Mo Zhao was severely injured and had barely escaped, he would be back one day. She must improve and become stronger as soon as possible before he returns.

Besides that, she needed to work harder to upgrade her body, especially since her soul had reached a spiritual power of level eight. Otherwise, it would be harmful to her soul. The earlier she practiced, the easier it would be for her soul to sync with her body to achieve her maximum potential.

Di Fuyi also told her that even though Long Fan created her current body, it would eventually be controlled by her soul if she worked hard to practice. It would then become a healthy body just like every baby born from their parents' sperm and egg, a body which ultimately belonged to her and no one else.

Will all the intense training, Gu Xijiu would occasionally tease Di Fuyi to try to make him upset. "Since Long Fan made my body, if it became a body similar to those given by human parents, are you going to address Long Fan as your 'father-in-law'?"

Di Fuyi smiled. "If you can successfully achieve a spiritual power of level nine, it would be me who changed your physique, and it has nothing to do with Long Fan. Of course, if you need another father, I think I'll be suitable for the role as well."

Gu Xijiu was shocked. "Isn't it inappropriate?! Disgusting!"

Di Fuyi pulled her into his arms. "It doesn't matter whose body you possessed. The most important thing is that your soul doesn't belong to anyone from this era. Even though Long Fan is evil, he did put all his effort and used the best elements on the earth to create your body. Honestly, I have never seen such a perfect body even though I've been to every corner of this world. It's so much better compared to the body of General Gu's daughter. It's a waste if you give up on improving your current body."

Gu Xijiu surrendered. "Fine, let's see."

After all, she had gone through the most intensive training in the assassin camp in the past. Thus, she would give her best shot to complete the training once she had agreed to his training program. Therefore, she successfully upgraded two levels in only one month and 20 days!

Di Fuyi told her that she could change her physique by practicing and perhaps, she could change her gene combination too. This meant that it was possible for her to change her physique which was biologically linked to Long Fan's clone body. Therefore, she might be able to break the bond between her and Long Fan!

Gu Xijiu could not tell whether it was possible in such a short time. However, ever since she ate the pills and also practiced accordingly, she had not sensed Long Fan for a long time.

She sat in front of the mirror for a moment and shockingly realized that her appearance had changed! She looked different from the time when she possessed this clone body. 

She did not look like the original general's daughter nor her former appearance in the modern world. She looked like a whole new individual now. Her initial appearance had changed as her almond-shaped eyes seemed to have turned into red phoenix eyes. Her nose was slightly taller, and her lips were slightly more pinkish.

Di Fuyi had mentioned before that once her soul and her body perfectly matched but...
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