The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1238 Stick Together During The Daytime But Slept Separately At Nigh
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1238 Stick Together During The Daytime But Slept Separately At Nigh

Rong Jialuo was the new emperor. He drafted a letter and sent it to Fucang Hall after pondering for a short while over the matter. No one knew what the content of the message was, but Celestial Master Zuo agreed to send Gu Xijiu home half a month before the wedding date after reading it.

Though it was not precisely what Gu Xietian had hoped, it was good to be able to see his daughter two weeks earlier. Thus, Gu Xietian finally went home peacefully to prepare the necessary items for their wedding.


Gu Xijiu personally thought that it was easy for her to perform miracles. However, she felt that the most recent miracle was way more amazing than the ones she had she made possible in the past few years.

It was because ordinary people usually needed three to five years to upgrade from level 6.5 to level eight and it only happened among the elites. Surprisingly, she managed to achieve it in a month and 20 days! She could not believe it when she had reached a spiritual power of level eight even when she saw a glowing light around her body.

She was stunned for a moment before she started running three rounds around the room to ensure that it was real. At the moment, she had gone home to the General's manor, and it was currently the 5th day since she had left Di Fuyi's side, which meant that there were only ten more days to go before their official wedding day.

She lifted her arms and looked at her smooth and nourished little hands as she sighed. Since they had returned from the mermaid palace, she had been sticking close to Di Fuyi. They were always together during the daytime and slept separately at night. They had never left each other alone for the past six weeks except during night time.

Even though they were sleeping in different rooms at night, they were still in the same house. Di Fuyi did not let her stay in the guest room but instead in his bedroom. Gu Xijiu took the inner chamber while he slept in the outer one.

According to Di Fuyi, the bedroom had very good Feng Shui, and it was beneficial for martial arts practice, so it was suitable for Gu Xijiu to stay. Though Di Fuyi had purchased most of the items by himself, he left Mu Feng and the other messengers to be in charge of the decoration and guest invitation. Therefore, not only did he practice harder to speed up his recovery in that period, but he also expected Gu Xijiu to practice together with him.

Besides that, he also sent a pill to her every day as it was good for her health. Indeed, it worked out well. Ever since Gu Xijiu took the pill, she had been sleeping and eating well. She felt energetic even though she worked very hard to practice all day.

Although Gu Xijiu was a physician and a knowledgeable person, she could not determine the source of the ingredients. Di Fuyi watched her take the pill every day and so she did not have a chance to scrape out the medicine for examination. Luckily, it was good for her body as her martial arts had improved so much in such a short period!

Of course, other than her efforts, Di Fuyi had been working hard to train her as well. He was such a strict teacher! In the six weeks that he was with her, he did not allow her to be lazy for even a moment. He was a harsher teacher to her than to his other students.

He taught her some secrets about martial arts and forced her to memorize many different theories. He also showed her a few types of Kung Fu!

Their interactions were all on the training field while he inspected her practice or in their bedroom when he taught her about the different theories. 

Gu Xijiu practiced about 20 hours a day, and she only managed to get about four hours of sleep each day. Unfortunately, she even needed to meditate while she slept. It would be a lie to say that Gu Xijiu did not complain at all under such intensive training.
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