The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1237 One Could Never Change The Course Of Fate Once One Had Made A Bad Decision
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1237 One Could Never Change The Course Of Fate Once One Had Made A Bad Decision

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi had large storage bags for their shopping.


The big day would be the 15th of January. It was a good day for a reunion. Gu Xietian thought that it was too soon as there were only two months left to prepare when Di Fuyi's messenger notified him!

It was as though he had been hit by a big golden biscuit when he received the news as it was an honor for her daughter to marry Celestial Master Zuo. However, there were plenty of problems to be taken care of at the same time.

Usually, the parents of both parties would need to hire a matchmaker to explain the procedures and then send the date options to the bride's parents for selection. In most cases, the parents of the bride would have more right to choosing the date. The groom would get ready to send the proposal as well as the gifts to the bride's residence once the time was determined. However, Celestial Master Zuo did not bother allowing him to choose the date and instead only sent him a notification card.

Gu Xietian was shocked when he received the card. He thought that Celestial Master Zuo had invited him for a meeting until he opened and read it. He could not believe that his daughter was getting married in two months time! It was unbelievable!

If Mu Yun did not deliver it, Gu Xietian would have thought that someone was trying to fool with him. Though Celestial Master Zuo was slightly dominant and disrespectful, Gu Xietian did not dare to complain and sent Mu Yun off with a big smile. After that, he immediately got very busy with all the preparations.

Bad luck had fallen on the General's manor in the past few years, and they had not had any celebration for quite some time. Since it was such great news, he must put an effort to get everything ready. The news that the poor daughter living in the General's manor was getting married spread all over the continent.

The quiet General's manor had become busier and crowded ever since as many people visited them to send gifts and greetings. The next day after the news regarding the wedding had spread, the new emperor announced that he would promote Gu Xijiu as His Majesty's royal sister and the emperor would prepare the dowry for Gu Xijiu. Of course, this was another big thing for Gu Xietian.

The daughter who Gu Xietian thought was an embarrassment to the family had turned into a phoenix from an ugly little duckling! She had finally become the brightest star among all of his children! Gu Xietien was very happy, but yet he was somehow depressed.

The daughter had finally turned into a diamond, but her mother would never be able to see her anymore. If... if only he did not hook up with Leng Xiangyu back in the old days, he would have a perfect family by now. Unfortunately, he could never go back. One could never change the course of fate once one had made a bad decision. There was no antidote for regret.

Based on the rules and culture in the Feixing Kingdom, the engaged couple was not allowed to see each other three months before the wedding date. Therefore, Gu Xietian immediately rushed to Celestial Master Zuo's manor to bring his daughter home the very next day after he had received the news.

However, the guard told him that Celestial Master Zuo found it unnecessary to follow the traditional culture, and so he would keep Gu Xijiu in his palace and send her back to the General's manor on the eve of the wedding.

Gu Xietian personally thought that it was inappropriate and tried his best to reason with the guard. Unfortunately, the guard was helpless as well, and he did not dare to report to his master. Therefore, the guard pretended to be deaf even though Gu Xietian had persuaded him for half a day.

Gu Xietian was extremely mad! However, nothing changed even after running here and there a couple of times over the next three days. In the end, he decided to pay a visit to the palace to seek support from the emperor.
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