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Gu Xijiu quietly shut her eyes and ignored him.

Goddamnit, this felt almost like the Life-Death Talisman that Tongshan Tianlao used on her opponents to control the other denominations. How could anyone resist so much pain?

It looks like this lunatic is trying to control her the same way he controlled his henchmen. It was no wonder that each of them was so loyal.

Earlier on, she had mentally prepared herself to bear the consequence of being punished by Long Fan if she ever got captured. She would let him bask in delight now, and take revenge on him someday in the future! She would make him suffer ten times worse than what she was experiencing now. Long Fan, just you wait!

Naturally, Long Fan did not know what was going on in her mind. He talked to her again and tried to test her memory, but to his dismay, Gu Xijiu shut her mouth and gave him the silent treatment. She did not utter a single word to him.

His verbosity had not won him a single response from her, and the wagon went silent for a while. Long Fan asked her, "Do you want to walk outside more often?"

Gu Xijiu did not even open her eyes.

Long Fan said, "Alright, I'll bring you to a place and allow you to explore around a bit. Treat it as my little compensation to you."

Gu Xijiu opened her eyes, and finally broke her silence, "Where to?"

"Fanli City"

Gu Xijiu's heart was moved. The city was about a few hundred miles away from here, and it was the city where Di Fuyi was currently located. What game was he trying to play by bringing her over there at this time?

Fanli City is a relatively prosperous city. There were two very famous restaurants located there known as the Gemini Restaurants.

Word has it that a set of twins with somewhat commercial minds had opened these two restaurants. They were located on the same street and were identical in layout and design; they were separated only by a pathway of about ten meters in width and were positioned right across from each other.

Though the two restaurants were located close to each other, they were not a threat to each other's business because each restaurant had their own unique style.

The restaurant that Gu Xijiu was at right now specialized in Southern cuisines and each dish was immensely exquisite as though they were plates of art. The meals were visually appealing and tasted slightly sweet, which was suitable for its diners that came from the South.

The other restaurant specialized in Northern cuisines. Though its dishes were equally exquisite, they tasted slightly salty which was suitable for travelers that came from the North.

At this moment Gu Xijiu was sitting in the dining room on the third floor of the restaurant facing towards the east side of the street. She could see the scenery across the street from the restaurant through the translucent bead curtains.

Long Fan sat by her side and talked gently, "Later, there'll be a good show at the restaurant across from us. We currently have the best view from this restaurant."

Gu Xijiu's heart pounded. "What good show?"

Long Fan put a piece of shredded pork knuckle wrapped in jelly on her plate, and replied in secrecy, "You'll find out soon enough."

In her previous life, Gu Xijiu lived in Beijing and preferred cuisines with a Northern taste. At this moment she was observing the dishes on the table that looked like works of art but did not attempt to eat any of them.

It was not because she was picky about her food, but because she could not move at all. Long Fan was very rude. Though he had brought her to this city, he had crippled her and had disguised her to look like an ugly elderly lady.

Long Fan then allowed her to take a look at herself in the mirror, but one glance was more than enough to make her loathe herself. She was way too ugly!

The wrinkles and folds on her face were enough to suffocate a fly. She looked like she was a centenarian who had one foot in the grave. As if that was not enough, her face was covered with age pigments, nine of which were as big as a bronze coin!

Though Long Fan had also disguised himself, he had changed his appearance to that of a young nobleman who looked handsome and suave, attracting the attention of several ladies just by walking down the street.

His two henchmen had been disguised as house servants and were carrying a bamboo palanquin which Gu Xijiu had mounted. Meanwhile, Long Fan was walking at the side of the bamboo palanquin like a son of filial piety, reminding the two servants to be gentler with their movements from time to time.