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Upon entering the cabin, the hatch cover then sealed the vessel off completely. Under the control of the captain, the ship slowly entered the lava and started sailing. At this very moment, Gu Xijiu could finally feel a sense of relief.

Her control over the man would only last for the next half an hour. By the time he regained his consciousness, both of them would already be long gone.

Once they were out of that awful place, she would immediately teleport and leave as far away as possible. Only then would she try to get in touch with Di Fuyi. 

Gu Xijiu wanted to return to the body that she used to occupy. Although her cloned body was perfect, she did not have a good impression about clones. A naturally grown body made her feel more like a real human being. Moreover, the spiritual power of her original body was almost at level eight, while the clone's was still at level six. Hence, she refused to accept it.

The ship was swift in its course. Gu Xijiu watched the member of staff from aside and realized that the ship had more buttons than the control system of an airplane. Certainly, the control of the ship must be more complicated than that of an airplane too.

The navigator seemed well trained. His hands glided through the buttons smoothly. Gu Xijiu was dazzled by looking at the many things that he did. Meanwhile, she quietly memorized all the steps to operate the ship, as she would definitely come back for her revenge. On the other hand, Long Siye sat across her silently with his eyes closed; he appeared to be as calm as a monk. 

The ship they traveled in was semi-transparent. Therefore, the passengers could look through the surface and be amazed at the redness that surrounded the body of the ship. The flow of lava was so majestic as the ship sailed through it. The view struck them beautifully in its own unique way, giving them a special sensation.

Gu Xijiu was anxious to go home, but the speed of the ship was rather slow. It was considered much slower than normal ships that sailed at sea.

Apparently, the underground palace was located very deep within the core. After four or five minutes into sailing, the view was still in a sea of roaring redness. They did not know how long it would take to finally be out.

Gu Xijiu tried to discreetly ask the captain how long it would take so as not to make him suspicious. To her dismay, he did not bother to answer her at all. But Gu Xijiu was persistent as usual and continued to try to clarify her way through. The captain finally responded, "Hold your tongue! You are not allowed to speak while the ship is sailing. Have you forgotten the disciplinary words of Elder Long?"

Gu Xijiu kept quiet. She did not expect that such a rule existed.

While the captain continued his clarifications of the rules, the once smooth-sailing ship suddenly shook. The operation of the ship seemed very complicated. Therefore, the captain was not allowed to be distracted even by the slightest bit. 

Gu Xijiu decided to leave the man alone and was absorbed in her own thoughts when she suddenly heard a beeping sound coming from the small speaker in front of the guide. His expression suddenly changed. 

It was an emergency signal, and once the signal was released, all ships had to turn around and return to the base immediately without the slightest hesitation.

"What is wrong?" Perplexed, Gu Xijiu tried to inquire about the signal.

"We have to go back now!" The crew tried to turn the ship around as he spoke.

Just when he started to sail the ship in the opposite direction, he could feel a sword's tip touching his neck. Gu Xijiu did not hold back. "Stick to our initial route! We cannot go back!"

The man was thoroughly confused. "Wh… Why?"

"No way, we have secret missions to carry out and we have to leave this place immediately. We must not delay any longer. Sail away now!"

He did not swerve away from his principles under her threats. "Can't-do, we have to turn the ship around once the signal is released. This has to be done even when the Great Lord is onboard. These are the words from Elder Long. I regret that I cannot comply with you."

He ignored the sword and proceeded to turn the ship.

Gu Xijiu raised her sword and pointed at a major acupuncture point on his spine. She wanted to make him suffer, as that particular point would cause his whole body to be in severe pain. Anyone would easily comply with her under such torment. "I will kill you if you say another word! Steer back to our original route!"