The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
1077 Who Is Your Leader!?
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The Evil Consort Above An Evil King
Author :Mu Danfeng
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1077 Who Is Your Leader!?

"It would take about one more day as her soul was still injured and needed to rest inside her new body."

"Would she lose all of her memory?"

"No, I've added some special drugs to the solution. Gu Xijiu would forget everything in this lifetime and only remember things from her previous life."


The voices were quite soft when she heard it. It felt as though she was listening to their conversation in a foggy place as everything felt blurry. She was not sure whether it was real or just a dream.

Even though she was still unsure if it was real, she certainly had a dream, and inside her dream, she saw many horses running with blood splashing everywhere. However, it was peaceful when she woke up and now she was looking at the luminous pearls located on the ceiling at the four corners of the room.

The pearls did not look like ordinary luminous pearl but instead looked as bright as a lightbulb. There were a total of six 'luminous pearls' shining inside the room.

She was stunned for a short while when she opened her eyes. She then frowned a little and began to look around the place. She flipped over as she wanted to sit up. However, she seemed to have triggered an alarm on the outside. 

She then frowned again and subconsciously touched her chest as though she was looking for her wounds. Apparently, there was nothing there, and so she decided to take a look at the limbs of her new body. Her limbs looked similar to that of a healthy 18-year-old's body.

Suddenly, she sat up and broke the bubble that contained her. She hit the lid of the coffin, and all her attacks were similar to what she used to remember in her previous life.

The heavy lid of the coffin was ajar in just a few minutes after a series of knocking and Gu Xijiu immediately jumped out of the coffin.

She did not feel comfortable as she was wearing an extra long dress and almost tripped when she jumped out. She then lifted the dress and also its sleeves so that she could move more freely.

Her actions were both fast and smooth. Her first thought was to teleport as soon as she came out of the coffin. However, there seemed to be something restricting her from doing so, and she almost crashed into the door!

She frowned as she took a few steps back and her hand subconsciously stretched to her waist as though she wanted to retrieve her gun. However, she found nothing, again. She frowned and softly cursed as she took a few steps back again. She wanted to pull the door to see if it would open but it looked to be closed tightly.

Suddenly, the door opened sideways even before her fingers could reach the handle and two black shadows rushed towards her!

Gu Xijiu quickly retreated and dodged their attacks. "Who the h*ll are you?!"

Both of them did not answer but attacked fiercely. Gu Xijiu decided not to speak and welcomed their attacks with a counter attack!

She was fast and flexible; she was accurate and smart. The unique martial arts she was using made her look like a butterfly which was flying in between their attacks! In the blink of an eye, she had smashed the head of one of her attackers. Meanwhile, the other person's arm had also been broken, and he was now being subdued on the floor.

She stepped on the man's back and asked with an icy tone, "Who are you? Who is your leader!? What is this place?"

The man made a strange sound but did not speak. Gu Xijiu opened his mouth and realized that he had no tongue. 

She then broke the man's backbone which caused him to faint. She took a deep breath and rushed out of the room. Suddenly, someone appeared and blocked her way.

When she was ready to launch another attack, she quickly took a step back to look at the man, and her eyes narrowed. "Long… Long Xi!?"
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