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1068 Could Die Anytime!

Mu Lei answered, "Not yet. They haven't come out since they went in. Ye Hongfeng was injured, perhaps Long Siye is treating her wounds?"

"Keep an eye on them; I'll be there soon! Before my arrival, report anything you see to me. Even if you see a fly come out from the lab!"

"Yes, My Lord!"

Di Fuyi took a breath and returned to the cave. Gu Xijiu was still lying there and looking at the ceiling as though she was thinking about something.

Her gaze immediately switched to him as he came in.

Di Fuyi asked caringly as he looked at her, "How are you feeling?"

Gu Xijiu slightly nodded while Di Fuyi sighed. "Ye Hongfeng…"

Gu Xijiu's fingers were stiff, and she narrowed her eyes.

Di Fuyi continued, "Ye Hongfeng had rubbed a poison on the blade which could magnify the pain on your wounds. Although I've removed some of the poison with the medicines provided by Celestial Master Zuo, there was a portion of it that remained in your body. Thus, we need to use another method to clear the poison if you want to recover fully."

Gu Xijiu looked at him with many questions in her head.

Di Fuyi continued, "However, you should expect a little pain, so I hope you try to endure when I help you to clear the poison."

Gu Xijiu's whole body was stiff, and she was sweating. She had experienced enough pain, and she continued shaking her head.

Apparently, Di Fuyi did not get her body language and said as he smiled, "You mean you're not afraid of pain and want to recover as soon as possible? I know you're a tough girl; you didn't even make a sound earlier even though it was so painful."

Gu Xijiu was speechless, and she stopped shaking her head.

Di Fuyi pulled a big piece of crystal rock over and sat opposite her. He comforted her as he looked at her gently. "Bear with it for a speedy recovery, alright?"

His palms slowly had a white glow between them, and it shone on top if Gu Xijiu's head. Gu Xijiu's expression changed instantly as her body shrunk. She hissed again as her movement hurts her wounds.

At the moment, the white glow was shining on top of her head, and it was as though a sharp ray penetrating her heart! Gu Xijiu felt so much pain! It was as though a very long nail had penetrated her skull and was now going deep into her brain. It felt like the nail was wandering in her brain and wherever it went, she felt she was being torn apart!

Although she had gone through so many different pieces of training, she had never experienced that kind of pain! Nothing could be compared to this pain.

Her face was pale. 

Initially, she could bear the pain, but she began to cry out of pain after 30 seconds and tears could not stop rolling down from her cheeks.

"It hurts… It hurts… Please… Don't…" Her voice was hoarse, but he could hear her trying to speak. She wanted to struggle and escape, but the glow had also immobilized her.

The feeling was probably even worse than traveling down to the 18th level of the hell (only Chinese believe in this concept where hell is made up of 18 different levels of punishments).

That was completely different from the 'slight pain' that Di Fuyi mentioned earlier. She felt as though she could die anytime!

Di Fuyi looked at her as he comforted her. "Look, although it's slightly painful, you can finally speak. It's obviously very effective."

Gu Xijiu almost fainted from the pain! Her soul just could not wait to detach from her body!