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1067 I’ll Be Right Back

It was common for one to feel mierable upon waking up from a high fever. However, it was rare to see such a strange expression on Gu Xijiu's face! Nevertheless, Di Fuyi smiled and spoke gently, "You must be thirsty. Would you like to drink some water?" He then took a glass of honey water and fed her.

It was very easy to be thirsty after recovering from a high fever. Thus, Gu Xijiu opened her mouth slightly to let the sweet honey water slide down her throat. Suddenly, she choked! All of the water gushed out from her mouth and spilled onto Di Fuyi's face! She started coughing vigorously as well.

Di Fuyi was calm. He put down the water and held her hand as he used his spiritual power to help soothe her throat. If she were choked before she was injured, she would be fine after a gentle pat on her back. However, she had to lie down for healing. Hence, Di Fuyi could only soothe her coughing with his spiritual power.

Finally, she has stopped coughing, but her wounds were in pain due to her vigorous movements earlier. She was apparently in pain, and her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat again.

Di Fuyi held her hand and paused. "Xijiu?"

Gu Xijiu gasped and looked at him again. Her mouth was moving, but there was not a sound coming out from her mouth.

Di Fuyi's heart sank. "Is your throat uncomfortable?"

Gu Xijiu opened her mouth again but still did not manage to speak. She seemed to realize that something was wrong as her trembling hand was stretching slowly toward her neck. She was sweating again although it was such a simple movement.

Di Fuyi could tell that she was scared. Her eyes were looking into his eyes with endless mystery. Was she mute due to her high fever? Or...? 

Di Fuyi comforted her as he looked at her. "Don't worry, it's probably because of the fever. Having speaking difficulties after a high fever is normal. I'll help you. What are you trying to say? You can write it down."

He took out a brush and a paper and then passed it to her.

Gu Xijiu held the brush reluctantly, and her fingers were trembling. She could not write anything even though she tried very hard. She was panicked and teary. Her tears streamed down from the ends of her eyes.

Di Fuyi sighed as he looked at her tears. "Let's take some rest first since you can't write at the moment. It's normal to feel weak after a high fever. Let me get some herbs, alright?"

He comforted her as he gently patted her little hand. Suddenly, he seemed to recall something when he was ready to leave. "Oh right, you're severely injured Xijiu. I've just roughly helped to clean your wounds and we still need to wait for Celestial Master Zuo if you want to be fully recovered. I'll bring you to see him when you feel better."

Gu Xijiu's eyes were sparkling as she nodded.

Di Fuyi felt numbness in his limbs!

He then looked at her again. "Rest well; I'll be right back." This time, he just walked out the cave.

Mu Feng was guarding the cave and was highly alert. He wanted to report something to Di Fuyi as he saw him come out from the cave. Di Fuyi quickly sent him a directed audio. "Don't mention my identity! Call me Yannuo."

Mu Feng was stunned. He was unsure what was on Di Fuyi's mind.

Di Fuyi sent him another directed audio. "Quickly call Mu Dian back, I have something for him to do."

The Lord hardly used the word 'quickly'. Apparently, he needed Mu Dian for a very urgent task! Therefore, Mu Feng quickly fulfilled his request.

Di Fuyi left the cave and then contacted Mu Lei who was still spying on the Tianwen Mountain. "Have Long Siye and Ye Hongfeng come out from the lab?"