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1052 Could… Could You Take Care Of My Wounds First?

A thought crossed her mind. Perhaps, the same thing had happened to Di Fuyi as well. She wanted to teleport to him to make sure he was alright.

Previously, her injuries would not affect her teleportation ability, but this time it was different. She was unable to teleport, and could not even use her spiritual power to treat her injuries. The only thing she could do was to take one step back at a time from the both of them...

Perhaps, Long Siye already knew that she was going to die since she had been severely injured. He did not chase after her but only gazed at her coldly. He watched as the blood gushed out from both of her wounds and turned her light purple dress maroon.

Ye Hongfeng was indeed a ruthless woman. "Brother Long Xi, kill her! Kill her! We can't let her survive!"

When she knew that Long Siye would not do anything else, she struggled out of his arms and attacked Gu Xijiu with a sword!

Gu Xijiu was aware of the danger. As the sword was about to pierce her, she quickly spun her body to avoid it, and the sword barely missed her waist!

Ye Hongfeng could not believe that Gu Xijiu had managed to avoid her attack even though she was severely injured. She laughed coldly. "Let's see how long you can run!" Again, Ye Hongfeng used the sword to attack Gu Xijiu, but this time she aimed for her neck. If she succeeded, Gu Xijiu's head would be separated from her shoulders.

Gu Xijiu was at her limit and had used all of her energy to avoid the last attack. She had no more energy to escape and felt hopeless. Thus, she decided to close her eyes as she saw the sword coming toward her.

Long Siye raised his hand as though he was going to do something. However, he did not.

Suddenly, a white ray shot from the sky and immediately struck Ye Hongfeng's sword! A high pitch sound pierced their ears as Ye Hongfeng's sword immediately shattered into pieces.

Ye Hongfeng felt a chronic pain in her chest due to the vibration, and her body was blown away as though a thin paper had been blown away by the wind. She would have crashed into a big tree and been severely injured if Long Siye had not rescued her...

Gu Xijiu had disappeared by the time Long Siye and Ye Hongfeng could check their surroundings. Someone had rescued her!

No one was unable to identify who was it who had saved Gu Xijiu... Long Siye was stunned and just stood there. His white robe was fluttering in the wind. What was left around him were broken trees and branches from when he fought with the Silver Fairy Beast earlier. Behind him laid a dead Silver Fairy Beast and the sky looked orangey as it was almost nightfall.

Although Ye Hongfeng was safe, her body was numb due to the injuries, and she was bleeding. Apparently, she had been severely injured!

"Brother Long Xi… Who saved her? Why… Why aren't you going after her…? We can't let her… survive." Ye Hongfeng wanted so badly for Gu Xijiu to die.

Long Siye did not seem to have heard what she said. He took the knife with the tube which had been filled with Gu Xijiu's blood and applied the blood on his hands. He then squatted down and began to pull the muscles out from the Silver Fairy Beast. He looked calm, but his fingers were trembling...

"Brother Long Xi, I'm injured. Could… could you take care of my wounds first and then only take the muscles?" Ye Hongfeng started to feel numb. Shortly after, she began to feel pain again, and her muscles and blood vessels felt as though they were detaching from her body. She felt dizzy and weak as though her soul was soon going to depart from her body!