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976 What Was Wrong With His Master Recently?

Using the love bracelet, he could sense that she was okay and that she was not in any danger. He heard the sound of people fighting intensely somewhere far away in the distance. He put his hand on the kiosk to take a look. He saw that Gu Xijiu was luring the two beasts to attack the lady who was riding on the dragon… He knew that she could teleport and so she was safe from any life-threatening danger. He did not need to bother himself rescuing her.

He softly sighed as he felt that she had always treated him coldly regardless of how enthusiastic he was towards her. Regardless of what identity he used to get close to her, she would never place him first in her heart. He felt that even Lan Waihu was more important to her than him.

Even if Ying Yannuo disappeared from the world, she would not be bothered about it. Therefore he felt that there was no need for him to go and see her anymore. It was better if he went back home to train seriously. He could not get himself to confront anyone with this look!
He sensed that something was strange about his body.

Earlier on, he had consumed too much of his spiritual power to the extent that when he jumped on the tree, he felt exhausted. Strangely enough, after his body had turned smaller, he found that the spiritual power in his body had become stronger than it was before. His strength had significantly improved, and he was not so exhausted anymore.

He was deep in thought when suddenly he sensed something. He glanced at a tree which was not far away from him and casually said, "Mu Yun, come out!"
The branches of the tree shook a bit, and suddenly a shadow appeared on one of the tree branches. It was Mu Yun, the most handsome and romantic messenger among the four messengers. He opened his eyes widely like a doubtful fox and stuttered, "My… My Lord?"

Ying Yannuo was, in fact, Di Fuyi. He folded both of his tiny hands and glanced at Mu Yun smiling, "Mu Yun, you are late by 15 minutes."

Even his voice had changed to that of a kid. Though his voice was soft, Mu Yun shuddered when he heard him. He jumped down from the tree and kowtowed to Di Fuyi, "My Lord, I am so sorry that I am late! Please punish me!"

Gosh, why had his master turn into a kid? He must be severely injured! It was his fault. He should have arrived earlier… Mu Yun was feeling very guilty. He knelt down and did not dare to look up at his master.

"Where are the rest of them?" Ying Yannuo asked lazily.

"My Lord, Mu Dian is currently tracking Elder Long. He should be bringing us some news very soon. Mu Yun is on his way now. He has brought the herbs along with him. Mu Dian has informed Headmaster Gu and the rest of them too. They should be here soon…" Mu Yun dutifully reported it.

Di Fuyi nodded his head slightly, "What about my ride?"

Mu Yun immediately answered, "I will summon it now." He stood up and whistled. After a while, a white carriage descended from the sky. It was being pulled by a unicorn.

"My Lord, let me help you up." Mu Yun reluctantly stepped forward though deep down he could not help looking at Di Fuyi again. He felt guilty and sympathized with his master. What was wrong with his master recently? He kept shrinking in size…

Di Fuyi was now sitting on the tree. One of his legs was supporting his hand while another leg was swinging. He was also looking at Mu Yun. When both of them looked at each other, Mu Yun could sense through his master's eyes that he was smiling deep down inside.

Mu Yun shivered, and he quickly looked down. When his master smiled like this, it meant that someone was going to be in trouble… Although his master had shrunk in size, his intelligence was not affected. When he wanted to scheme, someone, it would not be a simple one. Besides, he was very strict when it came to the execution of a task. If he asked someone to arrive at midnight, the person would be punished even if he was only late by a minute. Mu Yun was late by 15 minutes this time…