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944 It Was The Moment Of Desperate Straits

When Qian Lingyu finally reunited with Yan Chen, only one of out of the six soldiers were still alive. He died shortly after, as one of the zombies had caught him while they were fleeing.

Qian Lingyu was injured too. His arm had been torn away, and the zombies had wounded him. His leg was also broken. All this time, Yan Chen had to carry him on his back just so that the zombies would not catch him.

Yan Chen was the strongest and the eldest among them, so they always looked up to him for directions. However, at this very moment, even he was feeling a little despair.

While they were fleeing for their lives, they had tried many different ways to break the formation, but the town was still standing firmly in place. There was no way they could leave the area.

They had even tried to release fireworks into the sky, in the hope that they could signal the others about their current location. The fireworks managed to fly into the sky, but was somehow blocked by a barrier at a certain height and dropped back down. They could not even send out their only distress signal.

All of them practiced Wind Power, so they could easily lift themselves several hundred feet into the sky. Yan Chen was able to lift himself by a few thousand feet but was blocked by a layer of thick, invisible barrier when he reached about 350 feet high. He had no clue what type of evil spell had made the barrier. His hands immediately got stuck to the sticky surface when he touched it. There was no way to break through it.

Yan Chen spent a lot of effort trying to escape from the sticky surface, and almost got his skin peeled off from his palm in the process.
It was a desperate moment for them.

Being the senior of the group, Yan Chen was already feeling a little despair. Little Fox was next to him. She was a very timid person, and could not even kill a chicken when she first arrived at Tianju Hall. After being trained by Gu Xijiu, she finally gained enough confidence to fight. However, she never had any real experience of fighting a war. She saw how one of the injured soldiers was captured and torn apart by the two zombies.

She was shocked. She could not hold her tears back, and her body felt weak. If it were not for Yan Chen who had been bravely protecting her, she would most probably be torn into pieces as well.

The zombies had forced six of them to move to higher ground. Although the zombies were fast, their limbs were too stiff for them to reach higher grounds. When they arrived on the higher ground, they saw a flagpole as big as the mouth of a bowl and stood about 150 feet tall. They could not figure out the material which was used to build the flagpole as its surface was smooth and glossy.

There were also some weird patterns engraved at the base of the flagpole. Even though it was snowing badly, the patterns had not been covered by the snow.

They saw the area when they were running, but did not venture into the area to look for a hideout as they felt that something was wrong with the place. As the zombies drew closer and closer, they had no choice but to retreat into the area.

Based on their Kung Fu abilities, it was easy for them to climb the flagpole. Le Zixing, Le Qingxing, and Zhang Chuchu took turns to climb the flagpole without facing any trouble.

Little Fox's face was pale, and her legs were shaking. She tried her best to climb the pole, and almost fell due to her weak limbs. Luckily, Yan Chen managed to grab her in time while he ascended with Qian Lingyu on his back. Six of them locked themselves to the flagpole like they were lizards.

Lan Waihu tried to stop herself from trembling. She looked up and was startled to see the condition of Qian Lingyu who was hanging onto Yan Chen.

Qian Lingyu's face had turned pale with dark circles around his eyes,
and even his lips had turned black, too. His fingernails, which were around Yan Chen's neck had started to turn green. The wound on his arm had been loosely wrapped, and black blood began to exude through his torn skin.

She moved closer and realized that he looked somewhat the same as the zombies below them. Qian Lingyu was still conscious. He did not feel like there was anything wrong, and was only guilty for being a burden to his friends.